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In this example, we have a Meson C++ project which consumes gst-editing-services and various plugin packages.

Before running the example, it is necessary to create the conan packages first. For example:

# From the root folder of this repo:
./gst-conan create --rev 1.14.4 --version 1.14.4 --build_type Debug --user my_conan_user --channel my_conan_channel

The values in the command above must match the values at the top of the in this folder.

# Top of for consume-ges-meson

To build the example:

cd examples/consume-ges-meson
mkdir meson-build-debug
cd meson-build-debug
rm -rf *
conan install .. -s build_type=Debug
conan build ..

Once the example is built, you should be able to execute the program that you just built.


You should see that GES has initialized successfully.

Lack of IDE support for Meson

You will find a lack of IDE support for debugging Meson projects. You might want to look at CMake instead.

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