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The 2019 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) has been held on 20-24 May 2019 in Montreal, Canada. The ICRA 2019 is a flagship IEEE Robotics & Automation Society conference and will feature a premiere international venue for international robotics researchers.

This list is edited by PaopaoRobot, the Chinese academic nonprofit organization. Recently we will classify these papers by topics. Welcome to follow our github and our WeChat Public Platform Account ( paopaorobot_slam ).

index paper title
0007 High-Fidelity Grasping in Virtual Reality Using Glove-Based System
0008 Self-Supervised Incremental Learning for Sound Source Localization in Complex Indoor Environment
0016 Unsupervised Out-Of-Context Action Understanding
0031 Aided Inertial Navigation - Unified Feature Representations and Observability Analysis
0036 Learning Wheel Odometry and IMU Errors for Localization
0038 Balance Map Analysis As a Measure of Walking Balance Based on Pendulum-Like Leg Movements
0039 A New Approach for an Adaptive Linear Quadratic Regulated Motion Cueing Algorithm for an 8 DoF Full Motion Driving Simulator
0041 MH-iSAM2 - Multi-Hypothesis iSAM Using Bayes Tree and Hypo-Tree
0047 Singularity of Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with Sagging Cables - Preliminary Investigation
0049 On the Combination of Gamification and Crowd Computation in Industrial Automation and Robotics Applications
0055 Locomotion Dynamics of a Miniature Wave-Like Robot Modeling and Experiments
0060 Deep Reinforcement Learning of Navigation in a Complex and Crowded Environment with a Limited Field of View
0070 Lifelong Learning for Heterogeneous Multi-Modal Tasks
0073 Trajectory Planning for a Tractor with Multiple Trailers in Extremely Narrow Environments - A Unified Approach
0075 Detection-By-Localization - Maintenance-Free Change Object Detector
0078 Living with a Mobile Companion Robot in Your Own Apartment - Final Implementation and Results of a 20-Weeks Field Study
0082 Improving Data Efficiency of Self-Supervised Learning for Robotic Grasping
0085 Design of a Modular Continuum Robot Segment for Use in a General Purpose Manipulator
0090 Linear Heterogeneous Reconfiguration of Cubic Modular Robots Via Simultaneous Tunneling and Permutation
0095 Visual SLAM - Why Bundle Adjust
0109 Analytic Collision Risk Calculation for Autonomos Vehicle Navigation
0111 Oriented Point Sampling for Plane Detection in Unorganized Point Clouds
0114 1-Actuator 3-DoF Manipulation Using an Underactuated Mechanism with Multiple Nonparallel and Viscoelastic Passive Joints
0116 Critically Fast Pick-And-Place with Suction Cups
0118 Project AutoVision - Localization and 3D Scene Perception for an Autonomous Vehicle with a Multi-Camera System
0120 A Kalman Filter-Based Algorithm for Simultaneous Time Synchronization and Localization in UWB Networks
0122 Pose Graph Optimization for Unsupervised Monocular Visual Odometry
0123 3D Printed Soft Pneumatic Actuators with Intent Sensing for Hand Rehabilitative Exoskeletons
0124 Dual Refinement Network for Single-Shot Object Detection
0126 DeltaMag - An Electromagnetic Manipulation System with Parallel Mobile Coils
0128 Interactive Open-Ended Object Affordance and Grasp Learning for Robotic Manipulation
0129 Eagle Shoal - A New Designed Modular Tactile Sensing Dexterous Hand for Domestic Service Robots
0131 Uncertainty-Aware Path Planning for Navigation on Road Networks Using Augmented MDPs
0143 Dynamically-consistent Generalized Hierarchical Control
0144 Multi-Modal Geometric Learning for Grasping and Manipulation
0148 Online Continuous Mapping Using Gaussian Process Implicit Surfaces
0150 A Compliant and Precise Pneumatic Rotary Drive Using Pneumatic Artificial Muscles in a Swash Plate Design
0151 Team-Based Robot Righting via Pushing and Shell Design
0152 Autonomous Latching System for Self-driving Robotic Boats
0153 Reshaping Particle Configurations by Collisions with Rigid Objects
0155 Learning to Capture a Film-Look Video with a Camera Drone
0156 Chance Constrained Motion Planning for High-Dimensional Robots
0163 Design and Experimental Validation of a 2DOF Sidestick Powered by Hyper-Redundant Magnetorheological Actuators Providing Active Feedback
0165 Robotic Endoscopy System (easyEndo) with a Robotic Arm Mountable on a Conventional Endoscope
0170 RoPose-Real - Real World Dataset Acquisition for Data-Driven Industrial Robot Arm Pose Estimation
0174 Analyzing Electromagnetic Actuator Based on Force Analysis
0175 Stiffness-Tuneable Limb Segment with Flexible Spine for Malleable Robots
0179 Door Opening and Traversal with an Industrial Cartesian Impedance Controlled Mobile Robot
0180 Improving Dual-Arm Assembly by Master-Slave Compliance
0181 Design and Testing of a New Cell Microinjector with Embedded Soft Force Sensor
0185 Design and Control of a Passively Morphing Quadcopter
0190 Closing the Sim-To-Real Loop - Adapting Simulation Randomization with Real World Experience
0193 Learning Ad-Hoc Compact Representations from Salient Landmarks for Visual Place Recognition in Underwater Environments
0196 An Actively Controlled Variable Stiffness Structure Via Layer Jamming and Pneumatic Actuation
0204 High-Speed Ring Insertion by Dynamic Observable Contact Hand
0206 Sensorless Force Control of Automated GrindingDeburring Using an Adjustable Force Regulation Mechanism
0212 A Variational Observation Model of 3D Object for Probabilistic Semantic SLAM
0214 Trust Regions for Safe Sampling-Based Model Predictive Control
0215 Velocity Constrained Trajectory Generation for a Collinear Mecanum Wheeled Robot
0216 Exploiting a Human-Aware World Model for Dynamic Task Allocation in Flexible Human-Robot Teams
0222 Automatic Labeled LiDAR Data Generation Based on Precise Human Model
0226 eRTIS - A Fully Embedded Real Time 3D Imaging Sonar Sensor for Robotic Applications
0233 Personalized Online Learning and Classification of Whole-Body Motions Using Multiple Inertial Measurement Units
0235 Improving Incremental Planning Performance through Overlapping Replanning and Execution
0239 Tightly Coupled 3D Lidar Inertial Odometry and Mapping
0243 Vibration Control for Manipulators on a Translationally Flexible Base
0245 Towards Learning Abstract Representations for Locomotion Planning in High-Dimensional State Spaces
0246 Online Object and Task Learning Via Human Robot Interaction
0248 I Can See Clearly Now - Image Restoration Via De-Raining
0250 Robots Learn Social Skills - End-To-End Learning of Co-Speech Gesture Generation for Humanoid Robots
0251 Fast Stochastic Functional Path Planning in Occupancy Maps
0253 Active Constraints for Tool-Shaft Collision Avoidance in Minimally Invasive Surgery
0254 A Defect Identification Approach of Operations for the Driving Element of Multi-Duty Parallel Manipulators
0255 Reconfigurable Network for Efficient Inferencing in Autonomous Vehicles
0257 A Linear-Complexity EKF for Visual-Inertial Navigation with Loop Closures
0264 Cannot Avoid Penalty Lets Minimize
0268 Streamlines for Motion Planning in Underwater Currents
0274 A Novel Reconfigurable Revolute Joint with Adjustable Stiffness
0276 Multi-Modal Generative Models for Learning Epistemic Active Sensing
0280 Generation of Stealth Walking Gait on Low-Friction Road Surface
0284 Improving Drone Localisation Around Wind Turbines Using Monocular Model-Based Tracking
0286 Hierarchical Depthwise Graph Convolutional Neural Network for 3D Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds
0288 Methodology of Designing Multi-Agent Robot Control Systems Utilising Hierarchical Petri Nets
0291 Scanning the Internet for ROS - A View of Security in Robotics Research
0297 Robotic Orientation Control of Deformable Cells
0299 Expectation-Maximization for Adaptive Mixture Models in Graph Optimization
0306 FMD Stereo SLAM - Fusing MVG and Direct Formulation towards Accurate and Fast Stereo SLAM
0307 Self-Supervised Surgical Tool Segmentation Using Kinematic Information
0310 Design and Formal Verification of a Safe Stop Supervisor for an Automated Vehicle
0314 Modeling and Planning Manipulation in Dynamic Environments
0317 Lidar Measurement Bias Estimation Via Return Waveform Modelling in a Context of 3D Mapping
0320 Fast Radar Motion Estimation with a Learnt Focus of Attention Using Weak Supervision
0322 Probably Unknown - Deep Inverse Sensor Modelling in Radar
0326 Rorg - Service Robot Software Management with Linux Containers
0327 Augmented Reality Assisted Instrument Insertion and Tool Manipulation for the First Assistant in Robotic Surgery
0329 Sim-To-Real Transfer Learning Using Robustified Controllers in Robotic Tasks Involving Complex Dynamics
0331 Kinematically Redundant (63)-Dof Hybrid Parallel Robot with Large Orientational Workspace and Remotely Operated Gripper
0334 The Robust Canadian Traveler Problem Applied to Robot Routing
0335 Trajectory-Based Probabilistic Policy Gradient for Learning Locomotion Behaviors
0336 Localization with Sliding Window Factor Graphs on Third-Party Maps for Automated Driving
0337 LineRanger Analysis and Field Testing of an Innovative Robot for Efficient Assessment of Bundled High-Voltage Powerlines
0340 DeepSignals - Predicting Intent of Drivers through Visual Attributes
0341 Structured Domain Randomization - Bridging the Reality Gap by Context-Aware Synthetic Data
0343 Nonlinear System Identification of Soft Robot Dynamics Using Koopman Operator Theory
0345 Visual Diver Recognition for Underwater Human-Robot Collaboration
0352 Dynamic Period-Two Gait Generation in a Hexapod Robot Based on the Fixed-Point Motion of a Reduced-Order Model
0353 Sensor-Failure-Resilient Multi-IMU Visual-Inertial Navigation
0354 Learning To Grasp Under Uncertainty Using POMDPs
0355 Enabling Identity-Aware Tracking Via Fusion of Visual and Inertial Features
0357 Autonomous Tissue Manipulation via Surgical Robot Using Learning Based Model Predictive Control
0359 Flying STAR a Hybrid Crawling and Flying Sprawl Tuned Robot
0362 A New Approach to Local Navigation for Autonomous Driving Vehicles Based on the Curvature Velocity Method
0364 Risk Averse Robust Adversarial Reinforcement Learning
0366 Predicting Vehicle Behaviors Over an Extended Horizon Using Behavior Interaction Network
0367 Who Takes What - Using RGB-D Camera and Inertial Sensor for Unmanned Monitor
0368 Radar-only ego-motion estimation in difficult settings via graph matching
0371 LookUP - Vision-Only Real-Time Precise Underground Localisation for Autonomous Mining Vehicles
0373 Efficient Obstacle Rearrangement for Object Manipulation Tasks in Cluttered Environments
0374 Bounded Collision Force by the Sobolev Norm
0376 Distortion-free Robotic Surface-drawing using Conformal Mapping
0378 Uncertainty Estimation for Projecting Lidar Points Onto Camera Images for Moving Platforms
0380 Surgical Instrument Segmentation for Endoscopic Vision with Data Fusion of CNN Prediction and Kinematic Pose
0383 Pneumatically Actuated Deployable Tissue Distension Device for NOTES for Colon
0389 Efficient Integrity Monitoring for KF-Based Localization
0390 SweepNet - Wide-Baseline Omnidirectional Depth Estimation
0393 Inkjet Printable Actuators and Sensors for Soft-bodied Crawling Robots
0394 Guaranteed Active Constraints Enforcement on Point Cloud-Approximated Regions for Surgical Applications
0395 3D Surface Reconstruction Using a Two-Step Stereo Matching Method Assisted with Five Projected Patterns
0397 Learning from Extrapolated Corrections
0399 A New Robot Skating on Water Surface Intimating Water Striders Based on Flexible Driving Mechanism
0405 Assembly of Multilayered Hepatic Lobule-Like Vascular Network by Using Heptapole Magnetic Tweezer
0408 Dynamic Manipulation of Flexible Objects with Torque Sequence Using a Deep Neural Network
0409 Distant Vehicle Detection Using Radar and Vision
0412 Point Cloud Compression for 3D LiDAR Sensor Using Recurrent Neural Network with Residual Blocks
0413 Graduated Fidelity Lattices for Motion Planning under Uncertainty
0417 Multimodal Policy Search Using Overlapping Mixtures of Sparse Gaussian Process Prior
0420 Goal-Driven Navigation for Non-Holonomic Multi-Robot System by Learning Collision
0421 Designing an Accurate and Customizable Epidural Anaesthesia Haptic Simulator
0423 Asymmetric Local Metric Learning with PSD Constraint for Person Re-Identification
0424 Active Multi-Contact Continuous Tactile Exploration with Gaussian Process Differential Entropy
0427 Multi-View Picking - Next-Best-View Reaching for Improved Grasping in Clutter
0428 Exploiting Human and Robot Muscle Synergies for Human-In-The-Loop Optimization of EMG-Based Assistive Strategies
0431 Road Detection through CRF based LiDAR-Camera Fusion
0434 Real-Time Model Based Path Planning for Wheeled Vehicles
0435 Leveraging Temporal Reasoning for Policy Selection in Learning from Demonstration
0442 CartesIO - A ROS Based Real-Time Capable Cartesian Control Framework
0445 Incorporating End-To-End Speech Recognition Models for Sentiment Analysis
0446 Self-Modifying Morphology Experiments with DyRET - Dynamic Robot for Embodied Testing
0447 Probabilistic Active Filtering for Object Search in Clutter
0448 Improving Keypoint Matching Using a Landmark-Based Image Representation
0450 Resolved Viscoelasticity Control Considering Singularity for Knee-Stretched Walking of a Humanoid
0451 Multimodal Spatio-Temporal Information in End-To-End Networks for Automotive Steering Prediction
0452 Online Multilayered Motion Planning with Dynamic Constraints for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
0456 Robust 3D Object Classification by Combining Point Pair Features and Graph Convolution
0465 Visual Repetition Sampling for Robot Manipulation Planning
0467 Adding Cues to Binary Feature Descriptors for Visual Place Recognition
0468 Autonomous Cooperative Flight of Rigidly Attached Quadcopters
0469 A Novel Force Sensor with Zero Stiffness at Contact Transition Based on Optical Line Generation
0475 Performance Metrics for a Robotic Actuation System Using Static and Mobile Electromagnets
0476 Merging Position and Orientation Motion Primitives
0477 A Fast and Robust 3D Person Detector and Posture Estimator for Mobile Robotic Applications
0481 Energy Budget Transaction Protocol for Distributed Robotic Systems
0485 Position Control of Medical Cable-Driven Flexible Instruments by Combining Machine Learning and Kinematic Analysis
0486 Robot Localization Based on Aerial Images for Precision Agriculture Tasks in Crop Fields
0487 A Bio-Robotic Remora Disc with Attachment and Detachment Capabilities for Reversible Underwater Hitchhiking
0494 Disturbance Compensation Based Control for an Indoor Blimp Robot
0499 Automated Models of Human Everyday Activity Based on Game and Virtual Reality Technology
0501 Factored Contextual Policy Search with Bayesian Optimization
0502 Fabrication and Characterization of Muscle Rings Using Circular Mould and Rotary Electrical Stimulation for Bio-Syncretic Robots
0504 Learning Haptic Exploration Schemes for Adaptive Task Execution
0506 Every Hop Is an Opportunity - Quickly Classifying and Adapting to Terrain During Targeted Hopping
0508 Fast and Robust Initialization for Visual-Inertial SLAM
0510 Hydraulically-Actuated Compliant Revolute Joint for Medical Robotic Systems Based on Multimaterial Additive Manufacturing
0520 Bonnet - An Open-Source Training and Deployment Framework for Semantic Segmentation in Robotics using CNNs
0521 Robotic Control of a Multi-Modal Rigid Endoscope Combining Optical Imaging with All-Optical Ultrasound
0522 ScalableFusion - High-Resolution Mesh-Based Real-Time 3D Reconstruction
0523 EasyLabel - A Semi-Automatic Pixel-Wise Object Annotation Tool for Creating Robotic RGB-D Datasets
0525 Cell Injection Microrobot Development and Evaluation in Microfluidic Chip
0527 One-Shot Learning of Multi-Step Tasks from Observation Via Activity Localization in Auxiliary Video
0531 A Flexible Low-Cost Biologically Inspired Sonar Sensor Platform for Robotic Applications
0532 Tele-Echography Using a Two-Layer Teleoperation Algorithm with Energy Scaling
0535 Discontinuity-Sensitive Optimal Control Learning by Mixture of Experts
0538 Sliding Mode Momentum Observers for Estimation of External Torques and Joint Acceleration
0540 Enabling Technology for Safe Robot-Assisted Retinal Surgery - Early Warning for Unsafe Scleral Force
0547 Real-Time Intent Prediction of Pedestrians for Autonomous Ground Vehicles Via Spatio-Temporal DenseNet
0549 High-Precision Localization Using Ground Texture
0551 Approximate Probabilistic Security for Networked Multi-Robot Systems
0552 Actively Improving Robot Navigation on Different Terrains Using Gaussian Process Mixture Models
0554 State Estimation in Contact-Rich Manipulation
0555 On Parameter Estimation of Space Manipulator Systems with Flexible Joints Using the Energy Balance
0556 Needle Localization for Robot-Assisted Subretinal Injection Based on Deep Learning
0561 KO-Fusion - Dense Visual SLAM with Tightly-Coupled Kinematic and Odometric Tracking
0563 Deep Multi-Sensory Object Category Recognition Using Interactive Behavioral Exploration
0564 Online Adaptation of Uncertain Models Using Neural Network Priors and Partially Observable Planning
0570 A Parallel Low-Impedance Sensing Approach for Highly Responsive Physical Human-Robot Interaction
0575 Feasible Coordination of Multiple Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Mobile Vehicles with Various Constraints
0576 Deformation-based shape control with a multirobot system
0579 Kinematic Analysis of a 4-DOF Parallel Mechanism with Large Translational and Orientational Workspace
0580 ClusterNav - Learning-Based Robust Navigation Operating in Cluttered Environments
0582 Experimental Assessment of Plume Mapping Using Point Measurements from Unmanned Vehicles
0584 A New Overloading Fatigue Model for Ergonomic Risk Assessment with Application to Human-Robot Collaboration
0587 Safe Human Robot Cooperation in Task Performed on the Shared Load
0588 Studies on Positioning Manipulators Actuated by Solid Media Transmissions
0589 Learning Scene Geometry for Visual Localization in Challenging Conditions
0591 Robotic Joint Control System based on Analogue Spiking Neural Networks and SMA Actuators
0593 Robust Generalized Point Set Registration Using Inhomogeneous Hybrid Mixture Models Via Expectation Maximization
0595 CNN-SVO - Improving the Mapping in Semi-Direct Visual Odometry Using Single-Image Depth Prediction
0598 Model Based in Situ Calibration with Temperature Compensation of 6 Axis Force Torque Sensors
0600 Learning Robust Manipulation Skills with Guided Policy Search Via Generative Motor Reflexes
0601 Development of a Strain Gauge Based Disturbance Estimation and Compensation Technique for a Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Robot
0602 Group Surfing - A Pedestrian-Based Approach to Sidewalk Robot Navigation
0604 Semiparametrical Gaussian Processes Learning of Forward Dynamical Models for Navigating in a Circular Maze
0605 A Lightweight Force-Controllable Wearable Arm Based on Magnetorheological-Hydrostatic Actuators
0606 Robotic Bronchoscopy Drive Mode of the Auris Monarch Platform
0609 Multi-Task Template Matching for Object Detection Segmentation and Pose Estimation Using Depth Images
0611 Synthesis of Real-Time Observers from Past-Time Linear Temporal Logic and Timed Specification
0612 Laparoscopy Instrument Tracking for Single View Camera and Skill Assessment
0613 Learning Action Representations for Self-supervised Visual Exploration
0614 Human-Inspired Balance Model to Account for Foot-Beam Interaction Mechanics
0617 A Practical Approach to Insertion with Variable Socket Position Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
0619 A Simple Adaptive Tracker with Reminiscences
0620 Ascento - A Two-Wheeled Jumping Robot
0621 EMG-Controlled Non-Anthropomorphic Hand Teleoperation Using a Continuous Teleoperation Subspace
0622 Non-Parametric Imitation Learning of Robot Motor Skills
0623 Data-Driven Gait Segmentation for Walking Assistance in a Lower-Limb Assistive Device
0634 Robustness to Out-Of-Distribution Inputs Via Task-Aware Generative Uncertainty
0636 Robust Object-Based SLAM for High-Speed Autonomous Navigation
0637 Intent-Uncertainty-Aware Grasp Planning for Robust Robot Assistance in Telemanipulation
0638 Design and Evaluation of an Energy-Saving Drive for a Versatile Robotic Gripper
0641 Controller Synthesis for Discrete-Time Hybrid Polynomial Systems Via Occupation Measures
0644 Recursive Bayesian Classi64257cation for Perception of Evolving Targets Using a Gaussian Toroid Prediction Model
0646 Support Surface Estimation for Legged Robots
0647 Fault-tolerant Flight Control of a VTOL Tailsitter UAV
0648 Recursive Integrity Monitoring for Mobile Robot Localization Safety
0649 A Four-Magnet System for 2D Wireless Open-Loop Control of Microrobots
0651 SpaceBok - A Dynamic Legged Robot for Space Exploration
0652 Characterizing the Effects of Reduced Gravity on Rover Wheel-Soil Interactions Using Computer Vision Techniques
0654 Learning-driven Coarse-to-Fine Articulated Robot Tracking
0658 A Scalable Framework For Real-Time Multi-Robot Multi-Human Collision Avoidance
0660 SuperDepth - Self-Supervised Super-Resolved Monocular Depth Estimation
0661 Dynamic Stepping on Unknown Obstacles with Upper-Body Compliance and Angular Momentum Damping from the Reaction Null-Space
0663 Generalized Controllers in POMDP Decision-Making
0665 A Heuristic for Task Allocation and Routing of Heterogeneous Robots while Minimizing Maximum Travel Cost
0666 Safe and Complete Real-Time Planning and Exploration in Unknown Environments
0667 Learning Primitive Skills for Mobile Robots
0668 Sound-Indicated Visual Object Detection for Robotic Exploration
0669 Visual Representations for Semantic Target Driven Navigation
0670 Online Learning for Proactive Obstacle Avoidance with Powered Transfemoral Prostheses
0674 Visual-Inertial Navigation - A Concise Review
0677 Improved A-Search Guided Tree Construction for Kinodynamic Planning
0678 Constrained Feedback Control by Prioritized Multi-Objective Optimization
0679 Uncertainty-Aware Data Aggregation for Deep Imitation Learning
0681 A GPU Based Parallel Genetic Algorithm for the Orientation Optimization Problem in 3D Printing
0682 Customizing Object Detectors for Indoor Robots
0684 Visual Guidance and Automatic Control for Robotic Personalized Stent Graft Manufacturing
0685 Deep Learning Based Motion Prediction for Exoskeleton Robot Control in Upper Limb Rehabilitation
0689 Algorithmic Resolution of Multiple Impacts in Nonsmooth Mechanical Systems with Switching Constraints
0691 Finding Divers with SCUBANet
0693 Non-Parametric Informed Exploration for Sampling-Based Motion Planning
0694 Coordinating Multi-Robot Systems through Environment Partitioning for Adaptive Informative Sampling
0695 Interaction-Aware Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Agents with Individual Goals
0697 Uncertainty-Aware Occupancy Map Prediction Using Generative Networks for Robot Navigation
0699 Real-Time Joint Semantic Segmentation and Depth Estimation Using Asymmetric Annotations
0700 Illumination Robust Monocular Direct Visual Odometry for Outdoor Environment Mapping
0702 Experimental Validation of High-Efficiency Hydraulic Direct-Drive System for a Biped Humanoid Roboti 12 Comparison with Valve-Based Control System
0703 OffsetNet - Deep Learning for Localization in the Lung Using Rendered Images
0704 Optimal Path Planning for W-Regular Objectives with Abstraction-Refinement
0705 Semantic Predictive Control for Interpretable and Efficient Policy Learning
0708 Mini Cheetah - A Platform for Pushing the Limits of Dynamic Quadruped Control
0716 Orienting Oocytes Using Vibrations for In-Vitro Fertilization Procedures
0717 GEN-SLAM - Generative Modeling for Monocular Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
0720 Adaptive Variance for Changing Sparse-Reward Environments
0722 Uncertainty Aware Learning from Demonstrations in Multiple Contexts using Bayesian Neural Networks
0728 Model Reference Adaptive Control of a Two-Wheeled Mobile Robot
0730 Learning Robust Manipulation Strategies with Multimodal State Transition Models and Recovery Heuristics
0739 Passive Dynamic Object Locomotion by Rocking and Walking Manipulation
0742 Informed Information Theoretic Model Predictive Control
0743 Exploiting Trademark Databases for Robotic Object Fetching
0745 Data Driven Inverse Kinematics of Soft Robots Using Local Models
0746 Integrity Risk-Based Model Predictive Control for Mobile Robots
0747 Online Estimation of Ocean Current from Sparse GPS Data for Underwater Vehicles
0750 Model-free Online Motion Adaptation for Optimal Range and Endurance of Multicopters
0753 The Importance of Metric Learning for Robotic Vision - Open Set Recognition and Active Learning
0754 Build Your Own Hybrid thermalEO Camera for Autonomous Vehicle
0762 Dynamic Obstacles Detection for Robotic Soil Explorations
0764 Reactive Walking Based on Upper-Body Manipulability - An Application to Intention Detection and Reaction
0780 Liability Ethics and Culture-Aware Behavior Specification Using Rulebooks
0782 A Comparison of CNN-Based and Hand-Crafted Keypoint Descriptors
0783 IN2LAMA - INertial Lidar Localisation and MApping
0789 Fast Instance and Semantic Segmentation Exploiting Local Connectivity Metric Learning and One-Shot Detection for Robotics
0798 Accurate Direct Visual-Laser Odometry with Explicit Occlusion Handling and Plane Detection
0801 Automated Cell Patterning System with a Microchip Using Dielectrophoresis
0803 Discrete Rotation Equivariance for Point Cloud Recognition
0808 Coverage Path Planning in Belief Space
0816 The Doctor will See You Now - Could a Robot Be a medical Receptionist
0817 Large-Scale Object Mining for Object Discovery from Unlabeled Video
0821 Flight Testing Boustrophedon Coverage Path Planning for Fixed Wing UAVs in Wind
0822 Mixed-Granularity Human-Swarm Interaction
0824 Handling Robot Constraints within a Set-Based Multi-Task Priority Inverse Kinematics Framework
0826 Generalization through Simulation - Integrating Simulated and Real Data into Deep Reinforcement Learning for Vision-Based Autonomous Flight
0827 Improved Proximity Contact and Force Sensing Via Optimization of Elastomer-Air Interface Geometry
0836 Detect in RGB Optimize in Edge - Accurate 6D Pose Estimation for Texture-Less Industrial Parts
0840 A Reconfigurable Variable Stiffness Manipulator by a Sliding Layer Mechanism
0841 Echinoderm Inspired Variable Stiffness Soft Actuator with Connected Ossicle Structure
0844 A Friction-Based Kinematic Model for Skid-Steer Wheeled Mobile Robots
0846 Robust Object Grasping in Clutter Via Singulation
0850 OmniDRL - Robust Pedestrian Detection Using Deep Reinforcement Learning on Omnidirectional Cameras
0851 Safe Teleoperation of a Laparoscope Holder with Dynamic Precision but Low Stiffness
0856 Empty Cities - Image Inpainting for a Dynamic-Object-Invariant Space
0857 Spatiotemporal and Kinetic Gait Analysis System Based on Multisensor Fusion of Laser Range Sensor and Instrumented Insoles
0860 Semantic Mapping for View-Invariant Relocalization
0862 Robotic Forceps without Position Sensors Using Visual SLAM
0864 Manipulation Using Microrobot Driven by Optothermally Generated Surface Bubble
0867 Environment Driven Underwater Camera-IMU Calibration for Monocular Visual-Inertial SLAM
0868 Improving Collective Decision Accuracy Via Time-Varying Cross-Inhibition
0871 BLVD - Building a Large-Scale 5D Semantics Benchmark for Autonomous Driving
0873 Path Following Controller for Differentially Driven Planar Robots with Limited Torques and Uncertain and Changing Dynamics
0875 Solving Methods for Multi-Robot Missions Planning with Energy Capacity Consideration
0878 Improved Optical Flow for Gesture-Based Human Robot Interaction
0879 Plug-And-Play - Improve Depth Prediction Via Sparse Data Propagation
0883 Customized Object Recognition and Segmentation by One Shot Learning with Human Robot Interaction
0887 Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Super Twisting Controller for Position and Altitude Tracking of the Quadrotor
0888 Continuous Value Iteration (CVI) Reinforcement Learning and Imaginary Experience Replay (IER) for Learning Multi-Goal Continuous Action and State Space Controllers
0890 Gaussian Processes Model-Based Control of Underactuated Balance Robots
0892 Set-Based Inverse Kinematics Control of an Anthropomorphic Dual Arm Aerial Manipulator
0893 Optimization-Based Terrain Analysis and Path Planning in Unstructured Environments
0894 Designing a Personality-Driven Robot for a Human-Robot Interaction Scenario
0897 Dense 3D Visual Mapping Via Semantic Simplification
0900 Mobile Robotic Painting of Texture
0903 Redundant Perception and State Estimation for Reliable Autonomous Racing
0904 Diffraction-Aware Sound Localization for a Non-Line-Of-Sight Source
0905 Incremental Learning of Spatial-Temporal Features in Human Motion Patterns with Mixture Model for Planning Motion of a Collaborative Robot in
0907 Semi Supervised Deep Quick Instance Detection and Segmentation
0908 DFNet - Semantic Segmentation on Panoramic Images with Dynamic Loss Weights and Residual Fusion Block
0911 MoveIt Task Constructor for Task-Level Motion Planning
0914 Efficient Exact Collision Detection between Ellipsoids and Superquadrics via Closed-form Minkowski Sums
0916 SEG-VoxelNet for 3D Vehicle Detection from RGB and LiDAR Data
0918 Deep N-Shot Transfer Learning for Tactile Material Classification with a Flexible Pressure-Sensitive Skin
0921 Realizing Learned Quadruped Locomotion Behaviors through Kinematic Motion Primitives
0923 Sampling-Based Polytopic Trees for Approximate Optimal Control of Piecewise Affine Systems
0926 A New Soft Fingertip Based on Electroactive Hydrogels
0931 Active Damping of Parallel Robots Driven by Flexible Cables Using Cold-Gas Thrusters
0932 Experiments with Human-inspired Behaviors in a Humanoid Robot - Quasi-static Balancing using Toe-off Motion and Stretched Knees
0939 Controllability Pre-Verification of Silicon Soft Robots Based on Finite-Element Method
0946 Passivity Based Control of Antagonistic Tendon-Driven Mechanism
0947 Experimental Demonstration of High-Performance Robotic Balancing
0949 Predicting the Layout of Partially Observed Rooms from Grid Maps
0951 Development of Informative Path Planning for Inspection of the Hanford Tank Farm
0953 Lazy Evaluation of Goal Specifications Guided by Motion Planning
0954 Semantic Mapping Extension for OpenStreetMap Applied to Indoor Robot Navigation
0955 Learning Discriminative Embeddings for Object Recognition On-The-Fly
0956 Spatio-Temporal Representation for Long-Term Anticipation of Human Presence in Service Robotics
0957 Adaptive H8734 Controller for Precise Manoeuvring of a Space Robot
0959 Vision-Based Teleoperation of Shadow Dexterous Hand Using End-To-End Deep Neural Network
0963 A Fleet of Miniature Cars for Experiments in Cooperative Driving
0966 Design and Analysis of a Miniature Two-Wheg Climbing Robot with Robust Internal and External Transitioning Capabilities
0968 Multirotor Dynamics Based Online Scale Estimation for Monocular SLAM
0970 UWBLiDAR Fusion for Cooperative Range-Only SLAM
0973 A Motion Planning Scheme for Cooperative Loading Using Heterogeneous Robotic Agents
0975 Energy Optimal Control Allocation in a Redundantly Actuated Omnidirectional UAV
0977 Versatile Reactive Bipedal Locomotion Planning through Hierarchical Optimization
0979 A Supervised Approach to Predicting Noise in Depth Images
0991 Practical Guide to Solve the Minimum-Effort Problem with Geometric Algorithms and B-Splines
0996 Learning from Transferable Mechanics Models - Generalizable Online Mode Detection in Underactuated Dexterous Manipulation
0999 Dynamic Hilbert Maps - Real-Time Occupancy Predictions in Changing Environments
1001 Soft Hands with Embodied Constraints - The Soft ScoopGripper
1003 Robot Communication Via Motion - Closing the Human-Robot Interaction Loop Underwater
1006 Streaming Scene Maps for Co-Robotic Exploration in Bandwidth Limited Environments
1007 Design and Implementation of Computer Vision Based In-Row Weeding System
1008 Learning Monocular Visual Odometry through Geometry-Aware Curriculum Learning
1009 Designing Worm-Inspired Neural Networks for Interpretable Robotic Control
1011 POSEAMM - A Unified Framework for Solving Pose Problems Using an Alternating Minimization Method
1012 A Novel Robotic Suturing System for Flexible Endoscopic Surgery
1018 Diagonally-Decoupled Direct Visual Servoing
1019 Formal Policy Learning from Demonstrations for Reachability Properties
1020 Knowledge Is Never Enough - Towards Web Aided Deep Open World Recognition
1021 Model-Based On-Line Estimation of Time-Varying Nonlinear Joint Stiffness on an E-Series Universal Robots Manipulator
1026 A Novel Multi-Layer Framework for Tiny Obstacle Discovery
1027 Using Deep Reinforcement Learning to Learn High-Level Policies on the ATRIAS Biped
1030 Adaptive Critic Based Optimal Kinematic Control for a Robot Manipulator
1036 A Unified Framework for Mutual Improvement of SLAM and Semantic Segmentation
1038 Online Deep Learning for Improved Trajectory Tracking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Expert Knowledge
1043 Orientation-Aware Motion Planning in Complex Workspaces Using Adaptive Harmonic Potential Fields
1045 Leveraging Structural Regularity of Atlanta World for Monocular SLAM
1046 Adaptive Gait Planning for Walking Assistance Lower Limb Exoskeletons in Slope Scenarios
1050 Sleeve Pneumatic Artificial Muscles for Antagonistically Actuated Joints
1061 Manipulability Optimization Control of a Serial Redundant Robot for Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
1065 2D3D-MatchNet - Learning to Match Keypoints across 2D Image and 3D Point Cloud
1066 An Integrated Approach to Navigation and Control in Micro Underwater Robotics using Radio-Frequency Localization
1070 LSTM-Based Network for Human Gait Stability Prediction in an Intelligent Robotic Rollator
1071 An Extrinsic Calibration Tool for Radar Camera and Lidar
1072 Improving the Robustness of Visual-Inertial Extended Kalman Filtering
1073 ATLAS FaST - Fast and Simple Scheduled TDOA for Reliable Ultra-Wideband Localization
1074 Modal Dynamics and Analysis of a Vertical Stretch-Retractable Continuum Manipulator with Large Deflection
1076 Whole-Body Active Compliance Control for Humanoid Robots with Robot Skin
1079 Drift-Free Roll and Pitch Estimation for High-Acceleration Hopping
1080 Exploiting Environment Contacts of Serial Manipulators
1081 LVIS - Learning from Value Function Intervals for Contact-Aware Robot Controllers
1086 Visual Appearance Analysis of Forest Scenes for Monocular SLAM
1088 Decentralized Collaborative Transport of Fabrics Using Micro-UAVs
1090 Closed-Loop MPC with Dense Visual SLAM - Stability through Reactive Stepping
1092 Pedestrian Dominance Modeling for Socially-Aware Robot Navigation
1094 Robust Link Position Tracking Control for Robot Manipulators with Series Elastic Actuators Using Time-Delay Estimation
1097 Efficient Symbolic Reactive Synthesis for Finite-Horizon Tasks
1099 Optimal Leg Sequencing for a Hexapod Subject to External Forces and Slopes
1100 A Decentralized Heterogeneous Control Strategy for a Class of Infinitesimally Shape-Similar Formations
1101 Leveraging Contact Forces for Learning to Grasp
1104 One-To-Many Bipartite Matching Based Coalition Formation for Multi-Robot Task Allocation
1105 Energy-Aware Temporal Logic Motion Planning for Mobile Robots
1113 A Fault Diagnosis Framework for MAVLink-Enabled UAVs Using Structural Analysis
1114 SMT-Based Control and Feedback for Social Navigation
1116 Making Sense of Vision and Touch - Self-Supervised Learning of Multimodal Representations for Contact-Rich Tasks
1117 Four-Wheeled Dead-Reckoning Model Calibration Using RTS Smoothing
1119 A Multi-Modal Sensor Array for Safe Human-Robot Interaction and Mapping
1126 Real-Time Dense Mapping for Self-Driving Vehicles Using Fisheye Cameras
1128 Mechanical Fourier Transform Using an Array of Additively Manufactured Soft Whisker-Like Sensors
1129 RESLAM - A Real-Time Robust Edge-Based SLAM System
1131 Autonomous Sheet Pile Driving Robots for Soil Stabilization
1133 Search-Based 3D Planning and Trajectory Optimization for Safe Micro Aerial Vehicle Flight under Sensor Visibility Constraints
1134 Estimating Loads Along Elastic Rods
1136 Turning a Corner with a Dubins Car
1138 Design and Experiments for MultI-Section-Transformable (MIST) UAV
1139 Generating Adversarial Driving Scenarios in High-Fidelity Simulators
1143 Dense Surface Reconstruction from Monocular Vision and LiDAR
1144 A Distributed Predictive Control Approach for Cooperative Manipulation of Multiple Underwater Vehicle Manipulator Systems
1145 Goal-Oriented Object Importance Estimation in On-Road Driving Videos
1147 Estimating the Localizability in Tunnel-like Environments using LiDAR and UWB
1148 Networked Operation of a UAV Using Gaussian Process-Based Delay Compensation and Model Predictive Control
1150 Part Segmentation for Highly Accurate Deformable Tracking in Occlusions Via Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
1151 Dynamics Consensus between Centroidal and Whole-Body Models in Locomotion of Legged Robots
1152 Analysis of Robust Functions for Registration Algorithms
1153 Combined Task and Motion Planning under Partial Observability - An Optimization-Based Approach
1156 The Mechanics and Control of Leaning to Lift Heavy Objects with a Dynamically Stable Mobile Robot
1157 Asynchronous Network Formation in Unknown Unbounded Environments
1158 Improving Haptic Adjective Recognition with Unsupervised Feature Learning
1168 Modeling and Analysis of Motion Data from Dynamically Positioned Vessels for Sea State Estimation
1169 Prediction Maps for Real-Time 3D Footstep Planning in Dynamic Environments
1173 Depth Completion with Deep Geometry and Context Guidance
1174 Energy Optimization for a Robust and Flexible Interaction Control
1176 Learned Map Prediction for Enhanced Mobile Robot Exploration
1180 See and Be Seen -- Rapid and Likeable High-Definition Camera-Eye for Anthropomorphic Robots
1184 Coordinated Control of a Reconfigurable Multi-Vessel Platform - Robust Control Approach
1185 Real-time Teleoperation of Flexible Beveled-tip Needle Insertion using Haptic Force Feedback and 3D Ultrasound Guidance
1186 Detection and Tracking of Small Objects in Sparse 3D Laser Range Data
1192 A Miniature Suction-Gripper with Passive and Active Microneedle Arrays to Manipulate Peripheral Nerves
1193 Object Detection Approach for Robot Grasp Detection
1198 Internal Array Electrodes Improve the Spatial Resolution of Soft Tactile Sensors Based on Electrical Resistance Tomography
1199 Augmenting Action Model Learning by Non-Geometric Features
1202 How Shall I Drive Interaction Modeling and Motion Planning towards Empathetic and Socially-Graceful Driving
1203 Wormhole Learning
1204 DeepFusion - Real-Time Dense 3D Reconstruction for Monocular SLAM Using Single-View Depth and Gradient Predictions
1205 CELLO-3D - Estimating the Covariance of ICP in the Real World
1207 Quantum Computation in Robotic Science and Applications
1209 Safe 3D Bipedal Walking through Linear MPC with 3D Capturability
1210 Object Transfer Point Estimation for Fluent Human-Robot Handovers
1211 Real Time Dense Depth Estimation by Fusing Stereo with Sparse Depth Measurements
1213 Ambient Light Based Depth Control of Underwater Robotic Unit AMussel
1223 GPS-Denied UAV Localization Using Pre-Existing Satellite Imagery
1224 Night-To-Day Image Translation for Retrieval-Based Localization
1225 Coordinated Multi-Robot Planning While Preserving Individual Privacy
1226 Removing Leaking Corners to Reduce Dimensionality in Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability
1230 Crowd-Robot Interaction - Crowd-Aware Robot Navigation with Attention-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning
1233 Multi-View Reconstruction of Wires Using a Catenary Model
1235 Inferring Compact Representations for Efficient Natural Language Understanding of Robot Instructions
1237 Accurate and Efficient Self-Localization on Roads Using Basic Geometric Primitives
1238 Using Comanipulation with Active Force Feedback to Undistort Stiffness Perception in Laparoscopy
1240 ChainQueen - A Real-Time Differentiable Physical Simulator for Soft Robotics
1245 Adapting Everyday Manipulation Skills to Varied Scenarios
1247 Towards Fully Dense Direct Filter-Based Monocular Visual-Inertial Odometry
1248 A Cane-Based Low Cost Sensor to Implement Attention Mechanisms in Telecare Robots
1249 Object Classification Based on Unsupervised Learned Multi-Modal Features for Overcoming Sensor Failures
1251 Magnetic-Field-Inspired Navigation for Quadcopter Robot in Unknown Environments
1254 Positioning Uncertainty Reduction of Magnetically Guided Actuation on Planar Surfaces
1256 Real-Time Minimum Snap Trajectory Generation for Quadcopters - Algorithm Speed-Up through Machine Learning
1257 Energy Tank-Based WrenchImpedance Control of a Fully-Actuated Hexarotor - A Geometric Port-Hamiltonian Approach
1259 Enhancing the Force Transparency of Time Domain Passivity Approach - Observer-Based Gradient Controller
1262 Combining Physical Simulators and Object-Based Networks for Control
1264 Effects of Foot Stiffness and Damping on Walking Robot Performance
1265 Adaptive Bingham Distribution Based Filter for SE(3) Estimation
1267 MID-Fusion - Octree-Based Object-Level Multi-Instance Dynamic SLAM
1269 Tactile Mapping and Localization from High-Resolution Tactile Imprints
1278 Autonomous Exploration Reconstruction and Surveillance of 3D Environments Aided by Deep Learning
1280 A Clustering Approach to Categorizing 7 Degree-Of-Freedom Arm Motions During Activities of Daily Living
1281 CARA System Architecture - a Click and Assemble Robotic Assembly System
1282 IX-BSP - Belief Space Planning through Incremental Expectation
1288 Unsupervised Gait Phase Estimation for Humanoid Robot Walking
1289 Towards an Integrated Autonomous Data-Driven Grasping System with a Mobile Manipulator
1291 Towards Effective Tactile Identification of Textures Using a Hybrid Touch Approach
1295 An Energy-Shared Two-Layer Approach for Multi-Master-Multi-Slave Bilateral Teleoperation Systems
1296 Adaptive Motor Control and Learning in a Spiking Neural Network Realised on a Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic Processor
1298 Using Variable Natural Environment Brain-Computer Interface Stimuli for Real-Time Humanoid Robot Navigation
1299 Deep Object-Centric Policies for Autonomous Driving
1303 Mitigating Energy Loss in a Robot Hopping on a Physically Emulated Dissipative Substrate
1306 Single-Shot Foothold Selection and Constraint Evaluation for Quadruped Locomotion
1309 Global Localization with Object-Level Semantics and Topology
1311 A Simple Electric Soft Robotic Gripper with High-Deformation Haptic Feedback
1312 Learning Latent Space Dynamics for Tactile Servoing
1314 Reconfigurable Motion Planning and Control in Obstacle Cluttered Environments under Timed Temporal Tasks
1317 Skill Acquisition Via Automated Multi-Coordinate Cost Balancing
1318 Robust Learning of Tactile Force Estimation through Robot Interaction
1322 Speeding up Iterative Closest Point Using Stochastic Gradient Descent
1324 Building a Winning Self-Driving Car in Six Months
1327 Obstacle-Aware Adaptive Informative Path Planning for UAV-Based Target Search
1330 Balancing Global Exploration and Local-Connectivity Exploitation with Rapidly-exploring Random Disjointed-Trees
1333 Neural Autonomous Navigation with Riemannian Motion Policy
1334 Dynamic Friction Model with Thermal and Load Dependency - Modeling Compensation and External Force Estimation
1335 HG-DAgger - Interactive Imitation Learning with Human Experts
1336 Generalized Orientation Learning in Robot Task Space
1338 Soft Robotic Glove with Integrated Sensing for Intuitive Grasping Assistance Post Spinal Cord Injury
1339 Development of a Low Inertia Parallel Actuated Shoulder Exoskeleton Robot for the Characterization of Neuromuscular Property During Static Posture and Dynamic Movement
1340 OVPC Mesh - 3D Free-Space Representation for Local Ground VehicleNavigation
1342 Coverage Control for Multiple Event Types with Heterogeneous Robots
1343 Feedback Motion Planning of Legged Robots by Composing Orbital Lyapunov Functions Using Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees
1344 Teaching Robots to Draw
1347 What Am I Touching Learning to Classify Terrain Via Haptic Sensing
1348 Egocentric Vision-Based Future Vehicle Localization for Intelligent Driving Assistance Systems
1350 Active Perception in Adversarial Scenarios Using Maximum Entropy Deep Reinforcement Learning
1351 3D Control of Rotating Millimeter-Scale Swimmers through Obstacles
1352 Compound Micromachines Powered by Acoustic Streaming
1356 Contact-Driven Posture Behavior for Safe and Interactive Robot Operation
1357 Variable Damping Control of the Robotic Ankle Joint to Improve Trade-Off between Performance and Stability
1358 Multi-Robot Informative Path Planning with Continuous Connectivity Constraints
1359 UAV Pose Estimation Using Cross-View Geolocalization with Satellite Imagery
1361 Underwater Communication Using Full-Body Gestures and Optimal Variable-Length Prefix Codes
1362 Nonlinear Tire Cornering Stiffness Observer for a Double Steering Off-Road Mobile Robot
1365 Look No Deeper - Recognizing Places from Opposing Viewpoints under Varying Scene Appearance Using Single-View Depth Estimation
1367 Formalized Task Characterization for Human-Robot Autonomy Allocation
1369 A Self-Modulated Impedance Multimodal Interaction Framework for Human-Robot Collaboration
1370 Air-To-Ground Surveillance Using Predictive Pursuit
1371 Acting Is Seeing - Navigating Tight Space Using Flapping Wings
1375 Attention-Based Lane Change Prediction
1376 Modeling and Control of a Passively-Coupled Tilt-Rotor Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft
1380 GANVO - Unsupervised Deep Monocular Visual Odometry and Depth Estimation with Generative Adversarial Networks
1381 Efficient Constellation-Based Map-Merging for Semantic SLAM
1382 Generative Deformation - Procedural Perforation for Elastic Structures
1383 Multimodal Semantic SLAM with Probabilistic Data Association
1385 Motion Scaling Solutions for Improved Performance in High Delay Surgical Teleoperation
1386 PointNetGPD - Detecting Grasp Configurations from Point Sets
1389 Design of Versatile and Low-Cost Shaft Sensor for Health Monitoring
1395 Complete and Near-Optimal Path Planning for Simultaneous Sensor-Based Inspection and Footprint Coverage in Robotic Crack Filling
1399 A Benchmarking Framework for Systematic Evaluation of Robotic Pick-And-Place Systems in an Industrial Grocery Setting
1400 A Generic Optimization Based Cartesian Controller for Robotic Mobile Manipulation
1401 A Multi-Sensor Next-Best-View Framework for Geometric Model-Based Robotics Applications
1406 Design Principles and Optimization of a Planar Underactuated Hand for Caging Grasps
1407 Compliant Limb Sensing and Control for Safe Human-Robot Interactions
1408 Visual Recognition in the Wild by Sampling Deep Similarity Functions
1409 Localization and Tracking of Uncontrollable Underwater Agents - Particle Filter Based Fusion of On-Body IMUs and Stationary Cameras
1410 Urban Swarms - A New Approach for Autonomous Waste Management
1412 Visual Localization at Intersections with Digital Maps
1414 Using Local Experiences for Global Motion Planning
1415 WISDOM - WIreless Sensing-Assisted Distributed Offline Mapping
1419 Tool Macgyvering - Tool Construction Using Geometric Reasoning
1422 Surfel-Based Dense RGB-D Reconstruction with Global and Local Consistency
1423 Voluntary Retreat for Decentralized Interference Reduction in Robot Swarms
1426 Working towards Adaptive Sensing for Terrain-Aided Navigation
1428 Locomotion Planning through a Hybrid Bayesian Trajectory Optimization
1429 ALMA - Articulated Locomotion and Manipulation for a Torque-Controllable Robot
1430 Shape Sensing of Variable Stiffness Soft Robots Using Electrical Impedance Tomography
1431 Dynamic Walking on Slippery Surfaces - Demonstrating Stable Bipedal Gaits with Planned Ground Slippage
1434 Robotics Education and Research at Scale - A Remotely Accessible Robotics Development Platform
1438 Automated Seedling Height Assessment for Tree Nurseries Using Point Cloud Processing
1439 Effort Estimation in Robot-Aided Training with a Neural Network
1444 An Algorithm for Odor Source Localization based on Source Term Estimation
1445 Multi-Object Search Using Object-Oriented POMDPs
1447 Simulated Annealing-Optimized Trajectory Planning within Non-Collision Nominal Intervals for Highway Autonomous Driving
1448 3D Keypoint Repeatability for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot SLAM
1455 Inferring Robot Morphology from Observation of Unscripted Movement
1458 Characterizing Visual Localization and Mapping Datasets
1459 Automated Aortic Pressure Regulation in Ex Vivo Heart Perfusion
1460 Real-Time Robot-Assisted Ergonomics
1461 The Open Vision Computer - An Integrated Sensing and Compute System for Mobile Robots
1462 Sensor Coverage Control Using Robots Constrained to a Curve
1466 Controlling AeroBot - Development of a Motion Planner for an Actively Articulated Wheeled Humanoid Robot
1467 Efficient Humanoid Contact Planning Using Learned Centroidal Dynamics Prediction
1473 Distributed Multi-Robot Formation Splitting and Merging in Dynamic Environments
1475 Exploiting Bistability for High Force Density Reflexive Gripping
1476 Fabric Soft Poly-Limbs for Physical Assistance of Daily Living Tasks
1486 Multi-Agent Synchronization Using Online Model-Free Action Dependent Dual Heuristic Dynamic Programming Approach
1487 OpenRoACH - A Durable Open-Source Hexapedal Platform with Onboard Robot Operating System (ROS)
1490 Exact Modal Characterization of the Non Conservative Non Linear Radial Mass Spring System
1491 Evaluating Merging Strategies for Sampling-Based Uncertainty Techniques in Object Detection
1494 MVX-Net - Multimodal VoxelNet for 3D Object Detection
1495 Online Estimation of Geometric and Inertia Parameters for Multirotor Aerial Vehicles
1496 Dentronics - Review First Concepts and Pilot Study of a New Application Domain for Collaborative Robots in Dental Assistance
1497 A Framework for Self-Training Perceptual Agents in Simulated Photorealistic Environments
1510 Robust Execution of Contact-Rich Motion Plans by Hybrid Force-Velocity Control
1514 Discrete Layer Jamming for Safe Co-Robots
1515 3D Path Planning from a Single 2D Fluoroscopic Image for Robot Assisted Fenestrated Endovascular Aortic Repair
1516 Torque and Velocity Controllers to Perform Jumps with a Humanoid Robot - Theory and Implementation on the iCub Robot
1517 Continuous Control for High-Dimensional State Spaces - An Interactive Learning Approach
1518 Decentralized Formation Coordination of Multiple Quadcopters under Communication Constraints
1519 Stair Climbing Stabilization of the HRP-4 Humanoid Robot Using Whole-Body Admittance Control
1521 End-User Robot Programming Using Mixed Reality
1527 Multimodal Trajectory Predictions for Autonomous Driving Using Deep Convolutional Networks
1529 Adaptive Genomic Evolution of Neural Network Topologies (AGENT) for State-To-Action Mapping in Autonomous Agents
1530 Non-Gaussian SLAM Utilizing Synthetic Aperture Sonar
1532 Transfer Learning for Surgical Task Segmentation
1535 Admittance Control for Human-Robot Interaction Using an Industrial Robot Equipped with a FT Sensor
1538 Exploitation of Environment Support Contacts for Manipulation Effort Reduction of a Robot Arm
1539 Learning from Demonstration in the Wild
1542 Improving Grounded Natural Language Understanding through Human-Robot Dialog
1545 Design and Characterization of a Novel Robotic Surface for Application to Compressed Physical Environments
1547 External Wrench Estimation for Multilink Aerial Robot by Center of Mass Estimator Based on Distributed IMU System
1549 A-SLAM - Human-In-The-Loop Augmented SLAM
1550 Fast and Precise Detection of Object Grasping Positions with Eigenvalue Templates
1551 Steering Co-Centered and Co-Directional Optical and Acoustic Beams with a Water-Immersible MEMS Scanning Mirror for Underwater Ranging and Communication
1552 Mechanical Search - Multi-Step Retrieval of a Target Object Occluded by Clutter
1554 Unsupervised Learning of Assistive Camera Views by an Aerial Co-Robot in Augmented Reality Multitasking Environments
1555 Dynamic Channel - A Planning Framework for Crowd Navigation
1557 Maintaining Grasps within Slipping Bounds by Monitoring Incipient Slip
1560 2D LiDAR Map Prediction Via Estimating Motion Flow with GRU
1565 Multi-Task Sensorization of Soft Actuators Using Prior Knowledge
1567 Efficient 2D-3D Matching for Multi-Camera Visual Localization
1569 Detecting Invasive Insects with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
1570 Robotic Detection of Marine Litter Using Deep Visual Detection Models
1572 Memory Efficient Experience Replay for Streaming Learning
1574 Shape Memory Structures - Automated Design of Monolithic Soft Robot Structures with Pre-defined End Poses
1576 Learning Object Localization and 6D Pose Estimation from Simulation and Weakly Labeled Real Images
1580 Real-Time Planning with Multi-Fidelity Models for Agile Flights in Unknown Environments
1582 Safe Adaptive Switching among Dynamical Movement Primitives - Application to 3D Limit-Cycle Walkers
1584 A Simple but Robust Impedance Controller for Series Elastic Actuators
1585 Learning Motion Trajectories from Phase Space Analysis of the Demonstration
1587 Adaptive Control of Sclera Force and Insertion Depth for Safe Robot-Assisted Retinal Surgery
1590 A Rolling Flexure Mechanism for Progressive Stiffness Actuators
1593 Where Should We Place LiDARs on the Autonomous Vehicle - An Optimal Design Approach
1594 A Robust Tracking Controller for Robot Manipulators - Embedding Internal Model of Disturbances
1596 Adaptive Probabilistic Vehicle Trajectory Prediction through Physically Feasible Bayesian Recurrent Neural Network
1597 A Deployable Soft Robotic Arm with Stiffness Modulation for Assistive Living Applications
1599 Efficient Trajectory Planning for High Speed Flight in Unknown Environments
1602 Robust 3D Distributed Formation Control with Collision Avoidance and Application to Multirotor Aerial Vehicles
1604 Learning Probabilistic Multi-Modal Actor Models for Vision-Based Robotic Grasping
1605 What Lies in the Shadows Safe and Computation-Aware Motion Planning for Autonomous Vehicles Using Intent-Aware Dynamic Shadow Regions
1607 Visual-Odometric Localization and Mapping for Ground Vehicles Using SE(2)-XYZ Constraints
1608 A Coordinate-Based Approach for Static Balancing and Walking Control of Compliantly Actuated Legged Robots
1609 UWStereoNet - Unsupervised Learning for Depth Estimation and Color Correction of Underwater Stereo Imagery
1612 A Competitive Algorithm for Online Multi-Robot Exploration of a Translating Plume
1613 Prospection - Interpretable Plans from Language by Predicting the Future
1615 Julia for Robotics - Simulation and Real-Time Control in a High-Level Programming Language
1616 Learning Quickly to Plan Quickly Using Modular Meta-Learning
1620 A Validated Physical Model for Real-Time Simulation of Soft Robotic Snakes
1625 Inverse Reinforcement Learning of Interaction Dynamics from Demonstrations
1626 A Unified Closed-Loop Motion Planning Approach for an I-AUV in Cluttered Environment with Localization Uncertainty
1627 A Data-Driven Predictive Model of Individual-Specific Effects of FES on Human Gait Dynamics
1629 A Framework for Robot Manipulation - Skill Formalism Meta Learning and Adaptive Control
1630 A Fuzzy Based Accessibility Model for Disaster Environment
1631 Approximate Stability Analysis for Drystacked Structures
1632 SqueezeSegV2 - Improved Model Structure and Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Road-Object Segmentation from a LiDAR Point Cloud
1634 Video Object Segmentation Using Teacher-Student Adaptation in a Human Robot Interaction (HRI) Setting
1636 Depth Generation Network - Estimating Real World Depth from Stereo and Depth Images
1638 Vision-Based Control of a Quadrotor in User Proximity - Mediated vs End-To-End Learning Approaches
1639 Classifying Pedestrian Actions in Advance Using Predicted Video Of Urban Driving Scenes
1640 Turn-Minimizing Multirobot Coverage
1641 RoboCSE - Robot Common Sense Embedding
1642 Experimental Learning of a Lift-Maximizing Central Pattern Generator for a Flapping Robotic Wing
1644 Easily Deployable Underwater Acoustic Navigation System for Multi-Vehicle Environmental Sampling Applications
1645 Learning to Predict the Wind for Safe Aerial Vehicle Planning
1646 Residual Reinforcement Learning for Robot Control
1648 Stability Optimization of Two-Fingered Anthropomorphic Hands for Precision Grasping with a Single Actuator
1649 Open-Loop Collective Assembly Using a Light Field to Power and Control a Phototaxic Mini-Robot Swarm
1650 HD Map Change Detection with a Boosted Particle Filter
1651 Characterizing Architectures of Soft Pneumatic Actuators for a Cable-Driven Shoulder Exoskeleton
1655 Saltyi 12 A Domain Specific Language for GR(1) Specifications and Designs
1657 Online Walking Pattern Generation for Humanoid Robot with Compliant Motion Control
1659 A Novel Development of Robots with Cooperative Strategy for Long-Term and Close-Proximity Autonomous Transmission-Line Inspection
1663 Three-Dimensionally Maneuverable Robotic Fish Enabled by Servo Motor and Water Electrolyser
1664 Online Planning for Target Object Search in Clutter under Partial Observability
1665 The H3D Dataset for Full-Surround 3D Multi-Object Detection and Tracking in Crowded Urban Scenes
1667 Beauty and the Beast - Optimal Methods Meet Learning for Drone Racing
1668 Flappy Hummingbird - An Open Source Dynamic Simulation of Flapping Wing Robots and Animals
1670 Power-Minimizing Control of a Variable-Pitch Propulsion System for Versatile Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
1675 Robotic Cutting - Mechanics and Control of Knife Motion
1677 Quantifying the Reality Gap in Robotic Manipulation Tasks
1680 Modeling and State Estimation of a Micro Ball-Balancing Robot Using a High Yaw-Rate Dynamic Model and an Extended Kalman Filter
1681 Decentralization of Multiagent Policies by Learning What to Communicate
1682 Yaw Torque Authority for a Flapping-Wing Micro-Aerial Vehicle
1683 Persistent Multi-Robot Mapping in an Uncertain Environment
1684 On the Role of Wearable Haptics for Force Feedback in Teleimpedance Control for Dual-Arm Robotic Teleoperation
1685 Optimized Jumping on the MIT Cheetah 3 Robot
1686 Spline Based Curve Path Following of Underactuated Snake Robots
1688 Localizing Discriminative Visual Landmarks for Place Recognition
1690 Energy Gradient-Based Graphs for Planning Within-Hand Caging Manipulation
1692 A Data-Efficient Framework for Training and Sim-To-Real Transfer of Navigation Policies
1693 Dynamic Risk Density for Autonomous Navigation in Cluttered Environments without Object Detection
1694 Robot Eye-Hand Coordination Learning by Watching Human Demonstrations - A Task Function Approximation Approach
1697 ROVO - Robust Omnidirectional Visual Odometry for Wide-Baseline Wide-FOV Camera Systems
1698 Uncertainty-Aware Driver Trajectory Prediction at Urban Intersections
1699 FSMI - Fast Computation of Shannon Mutual Information for Information-Theoretic Mapping
1700 Adaptive View Planning for Aerial 3D Reconstruction
1701 Energy Efficient Navigation for Running Legged Robots
1702 A Constrained Control-Planning Strategy for Redundant Manipulators
1704 A Noninvasive Approach to Recovering the Lost Force Feedback for a Robotic-Assisted Insertable Laparoscopic Surgical Camera
1705 Analysis of 3D Position Control for a Multi-Agent System of Self-Propelled Agents Steered by a Shared Global Control Input
1710 Priority Maps for Surveillance and Intervention of Wildfires and Other Spreading Processes
1712 High-Bandwidth Control of Twisted String Actuators
1715 Parity-Based Diagnosis in UAVs - Detectability and Robustness Analyses
1717 Gaze-Based Context-Aware Robotic System for Assisted Reaching and Grasping
1721 Receding horizon estimation and control with structured noise blocking for mobile robot slip compensation
1722 Detection and Reconstruction of Wires Using Cameras for Aircraft Safety Systems
1724 Design of a Soft Ankle-Foot Orthosis Exosuit for Foot Drop Assistance
1726 Touching to See and Seeing to Feel - Robotic Cross-Modal Sensory Data Generation for Visual-Tactile Perception
1728 A Predictive Reward Function for Human-Like Driving Based on a Transition Model of Surrounding Environment
1729 Real-Time Multisensory Affordance-Based Control for Adaptive Object Manipulation
1730 Dense Tactile Force Estimation Using GelSlim and Inverse FEM
1738 Dynamic Traffic Scene Classification with Space-Time Coherence
1739 DMP Based Trajectory Tracking for a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot with Automatic Goal Adaptation and Obstacle Avoidance
1742 Design and Fabrication of Transformable Head Structures for Endoscopic Catheters
1743 Factored Pose Estimation of Articulated Objects Using Efficient Nonparametric Belief Propagation
1745 Open Loop Position Control of Soft Continuum Arm Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
1746 A Novel Robotic System for Finishing of Freeform Surfaces
1747 Learning Extreme Hummingbird Maneuvers on Flapping Wing Robots
1748 Proximity Human-Robot Interaction Using Pointing Gestures and a Wrist-Mounted IMU
1750 Distributed Radiation Field Estimation and Informative Path Planning for Nuclear Environment Characterization
1751 Non-Parametric Error Modeling for Ultra-Wideband Localization Networks
1755 Modeling Variable Curvature Parallel Continuum Robots Using Euler Curves
1756 Efficient Kinodynamic Multi-Robot Replanning in Known Workspaces
1757 Development of SAM - cable-Suspended Aerial Manipulator
1758 Safe Reinforcement Learning with Model Uncertainty Estimates
1760 RCM-SLAM - Visual Localisation and Mapping under Remote Centre of Motion Constraints
1762 Improved Coverage Path Planning Using a Virtual Sensor Footprint - A Case Study on Demining
1763 Stanford Doggo - An Open-Source Quasi-Direct-Drive Quadruped
1765 Optimization-Based Human-In-The-Loop Manipulation Using Joint Space Polytopes
1767 Mixed Frame-Event-Driven Fast Pedestrian Detection
1768 Joint Learning of Instance and Semantic Segmentation for Robotic Pick-And-Place with Heavy Occlusions in Clutter
1769 Activity recognition in manufacturing: The roles of motion capture and sEMG+inertial wearables in detecting fine vs. gross motion
1772 Learning Motion Planning Policies in Uncertain Environments through Repeated Task Executions
1774 ModQuad-Vi - A Vision-Based Self-Assembling Modular Quadrotor
1775 Belief Space Planning for Reducing Terrain Relative Localization Uncertainty in Noisy Elevation Maps
1778 Feedback Control and 3D Motion of Heterogeneous Janus Particles
1780 The (Sensorized) Hand Is Quicker Than the Eye - Restoring Grasping Speed and Confidence for Amputees with Tactile Reflexes
1782 Hierarchical Optimization for Whole-Body Control of Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Humanoids
1784 Multi-Camera Visual-Inertial Navigation with Online Intrinsic and Extrinsic Calibration
1786 Stampede - A Discrete-Optimization Method for Solving Pathwise-Inverse Kinematics
1787 User-Guided Offline Synthesis of Robot Arm Motion from 6-DoF Paths
1789 Pose and Posture Estimation of Aerial Skeleton Systems for Outdoor Flying
1790 Domain Randomization for Active Pose Estimation
1792 Composition of Local Potential Functions with Reflection
1793 Context-Dependent Compensation Scheme to Reduce Trajectory Execution Errors for Industrial Manipulators
1795 Early Failure Detection of Deep End-To-End Control Policy by Reinforcement Learning
1796 The Phoenix Drone - An Open-Source Dual-Rotor Tail-Sitter Platform for Research and Education
1797 Effect of Mechanical Resistance on Cognitive Conflict in Physical Human-Robot Collaboration
1799 TREE - A Variable Topology Branching Continuum Robot
1804 Adjustable Power Modulation for a Leg Mechanism Suitable for Running
1806 A Rolling-Tip Flexible Instrument for Minimally Invasive Surgery
1807 Model-Free Optimal Estimation and Sensor Placement Framework for Elastic Kinematic Chain
1808 CoLo - A Performance Evaluation System for Multi-Robot Cooperative Localization Algorithms
1810 Real-Time Optimal Planning and Model Predictive Control of a Multi-Rotor with a Suspended Load
1814 Generation of Synchronized Configuration Space Trajectories of Multi-Robot Systems
1815 Contact-Implicit Trajectory Optimization Based on a Variable Smooth Contact Model and Successive Convexification
1821 Joint Kinematic Configuration Influence on the Passivity of an Impedance-Controlled Robotic Leg
1822 Deep Visuo-Tactile Learning - Estimation of Tactile Properties from Images
1823 Gesture Recognition Via Flexible Capacitive Touch Electrodes
1825 Visual Coverage Control for Teams of Quadcopters via Control Barrier Functions
1826 GuSTO - Guaranteed Sequential Trajectory Optimization Via Sequential Convex Programming
1827 Variational End-To-End Navigation and Localization
1828 Data-Driven Contact Clustering for Robot Simulation
1830 Improving Underwater Obstacle Detection Using Semantic Image Segmentation
1832 Identifying Feasible Workpiece Placement with Respect to Redundant Manipulator for Complex Manufacturing Tasks
1834 Offline Policy Iteration Based Reinforcement Learning Controller for Online Robotic Knee Prosthesis Parameter Tuning
1837 Adsorption Pad using capillary force for Uneven Surface
1841 Efficient Computation of Feedback Control for Equality-Constrained LQR
1844 Optimizing Vehicle Distributions and Fleet Sizes for Shared Mobility-On-Demand
1849 A Classification-Based Approach for Approximate Reachability
1853 Self-Supervised Learning for Single View Depth and Surface Normal Estimation
1855 Online Utility-Optimal Trajectory Design for Time-Varying Ocean Environments
1856 Interaction-Aware Multi-Agent Tracking and Probabilistic Behavior Prediction Via Adversarial Learning
1858 Design and Implementation of the CCRobot-II - A Palm-Based Cable Climbing Robot for Inspection on the Cable-Stayed Bridge
1860 Bioinspired Direct Visual Estimation of Attitude Rates with Very Low Resolution Images Using Deep Networks
1862 Reinforcement Learning on Variable Impedance Controller for High-Precision Robotic Assembly
1867 A Learning Framework for High Precision Industrial Assembly
1869 Propagation Networks for Model-Based Control under Partial Observation
1870 SLAMBench 3.0: Systematic Automated Reproducible Evaluation of SLAM Systems for Robot Vision Challenges and Scene Understanding
1871 Panthera - Design of a Reconfigurable Pavement Sweeping Robot
1873 Automatic Targeting of Plant Cells via Cell Segmentation and Robust Scene-Adaptive Tracking
1874 Workspace CPG with Body Pose Control for Stable Directed Vision During Omnidirectional Locomotion
1879 Rigid Body Motion Prediction with Planar Non-Convex Contact Patch
1883 Guaranteed Globally Optimal Planar Pose Graph and Landmark SLAM Via Sparse-Bounded Sums-Of-Squares Programming
1885 Weakly Supervised Recognition of Surgical Gestures
1886 WheeLeR - Wheel-Leg Reconfigurable Mechanism with Passive Gears for Mobile Robot Applications
1887 A Vacuum-Driven Origami Magic-Ball Soft Gripper
1888 A Dual-Bladder Buoyancy Engine for a Cephalopod-Inspired AUV
1890 Pavilion - Bridging Photo-Realism and Robotics
1891 Real-Time Monocular Object-Model Aware Sparse SLAM
1895 Development of a Multi-Level Stiffness Soft Robotics Module with Force Haptic Feedback for Endoscopic Applications
1900 Learning Behavior Trees from Demonstration
1901 Reinforcement Learning Meets Hybrid Zero Dynamics - A Case Study for RABBIT
1903 Rapid Inertial Reorientation of an Aerial Insect-Sized Robot Using a Piezo-Actuated Tail
1905 Visual Robot Task Planning
1906 Lift Your Leg - Mechanics of Running through Fluids
1910 Contact-based Navigation Path Planning for Aerial Robots
1911 Automatic Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging of Stationary and Moving Eyes with a Robotically-Aligned Scanner
1913 Steering a Multi-Armed Robotic Sheath Using Eccentric Precurved Tubes
1914 A Depth Camera-Based Soft Fingertip Device for Contact Region Estimation and Perception-Action Coupling
1918 Consolidated Control Framework to Control a Powered Transfemoral Prosthesis Over Inclined Terrain Conditions
1919 Control of Delayed Bilateral Teleoperation System for Robotic Tele-Echography
1920 Multi-Robot Region-Of-Interest Reconstruction with Dec-MCTS
1921 A Robotic Cell for Multi-Resolution Additive Manufacturing
1923 Learning Deep Visuomotor Policies for Dexterous Hand Manipulation
1924 Comparing Physical and Simulated Performance of a Deterministic and a Bio-Inspired Stochastic Foraging Strategy for Robot Swarms
1925 Bayesian Optimization of Soft Exosuits Using a Metabolic Estimator Stopping Process
1929 A Fog Robotic System for Dynamic Visual Servoing
1932 GraspFusion - Realizing Complex Motion by Learning and Fusing Grasp Modalities with Instance Segmentation
1933 Towards Semi-Autonomous and Soft-Robotics Enabled Upper-Limb Exoprosthetics - First Concepts and Robot-Based Emulation Prototype
1935 A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Control of a Nature-Inspired Aerial Vehicle
1937 Tightly-Coupled Aided Inertial Navigation with Point and Plane Features
1939 Accounting for Part Pose Estimation Uncertainties During Trajectory Generation for Part Pick-Up Using Mobile Manipulators
1942 RaD-VIO - Rangefinder-aided Downward Visual-Inertial Odometry
1946 Beyond Point Clouds - Fisher Information Field for Active Visual Localization
1947 Underwater Terrain Reconstruction from Forward-Looking Sonar Imagery
1950 Investigating Design Elements of Companion Robots for Older Adults
1953 Flight Camera Action Using Natural Language and Mixed Reality to Control a Drone
1954 Deep Local Trajectory Replanning and Control for Robot Navigation
1956 Acquisition of Word-Object Associations from Human-Robot and Human-Human Dialogues
1960 Large-Scale Multi-Object Rearrangement
1962 Data-Efficient Learning of Morphology and Controller for a Microrobot
1966 Fast and in Sync - Periodic Swarm Patterns for Quadrotors
1968 Switched Topology for Resilient Consensus Using Wi-Fi Signals
1969 Learning Recursive Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling of Moving Targets Via Mobile Decentralized Sensors
1971 Priming Deep Pedestrian Detection with Geometric Context
1972 BaRC - Backward Reachability Curriculum for Robotic Reinforcement Learning
1973 Anytime Stereo Image Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices
1977 FastDepth - Fast Monocular Depth Estimation on Embedded Systems
1978 Predictive Collision Avoidance for the Dynamic Window Approach
1979 Simulating Emergent Properties of Human Driving Behavior Using Multi-Agent Reward Augmented Imitation Learning
1980 A Real-Time Interactive Augmented Reality Depth Estimation Technique for Surgical Robotics
1981 Vision-Based Automated Sorting of C. Elegans on a Microfluidic Device
1987 ChevBot i 12 an Untethered Microrobot Powered by Laser for Microfactory Applications
1989 Integral Backstepping Position Control for Quadrotors in Tunnel-Like Confined Environments
1991 A Floating-Piston Hydrostatic Linear Actuator and Remote-Direct-Drive 2-DOF Gripper
1995 An Approach for Semantic Segmentation of Tree-Like Vegetation
1996 Improved Generalization of Heading Direction Estimation for Aerial Filming Using Semi-Supervised Regression
1998 Neural Lander - Stable Drone Landing Control Using Learned Dynamics
2000 Interactive Trajectory Prediction for Autonomous Driving Via Recurrent Meta Induction Neural Network
2003 Are We Ready for Autonomous Drone Racing The UZH-FPV Drone Racing Dataset
2005 Force-Controllable Quadruped Robot System with Capacitive-Type Joint Torque Sensor
2006 Probabilistic Projective Association and Semantic Guided Relocalization for Dense Reconstruction
2007 Automatic Real-Time Anomaly Detection for Autonomous Aerial Vehicles
2009 Kinematic Constraints Based Bi-Directional RRT (KB-RRT) with Parameterized Trajectories for Robot Path Planning in Cluttered Environment
2010 Development of a Soft Power Suit for Lower Back Assistance
2011 Joint Inference of Physics-Based Tracking andForce Estimation in Planar Pushing
2012 Morphology-Specific Convolutional Neural Networks for Tactile Object Recognition with a Multi-Fingered Hand
2013 Hunting Drones with Other Drones - Tracking a Moving Radio Target
2014 Segmenting Unknown 3D Objects from Real Depth Images Using Mask R-CNN Trained on Synthetic Point Clouds
2015 A Pipe-Climbing Soft Robot
2023 UAVUGV Autonomous Cooperation - UAV Assists UGV to Climb a Cliff by Attaching a Tether
2025 A Multimodal Aerial Underwater Vehicle with Extended Endurance and Capabilities
2030 Hierarchical Game-Theoretic Planning for Autonomous Vehicles
2036 Soil Displacement Terramechanics for Wheel-Based Trenching with a Planetary Rover
2038 Sharing the Load - Human-Robot Team Lifting Using Muscle Activity
2039 Robot Object Referencing through Situated Legible Projections
2040 IceVisionSet - lossless video dataset collected on Russian winter roads with traffic sign annotations
2044 MRS-VPR - A Multi-Resolution Sampling Based Visual Place Recognition Method
2045 Integrated UWB-Vision Approach for Autonomous Docking of UAVs in GPS-Denied Environments
2046 Nitinol Living Hinges for Millimeter-Sized Robots and Medical Devices
2051 Real-Time Model Predictive Control for Versatile Dynamic Motions in Quadrupedal Robots
2052 Safe and Fast Path Planning in Cluttered Environment Using Contiguous Free-Space Partitioning
2055 Automatic Leg Regeneration for Robot Mobility Recovery
2057 Geometric Search Based Inverse Kinematics of 7-DoF Redundant Manipulator with Multiple Joint Offsets
2058 Model-Based Estimation of the Gravity-Loaded Shape and Scene Depth for a Slim 3-Actuator Continuum Robot with Monocular Visual Feedback
2059 Active Sampling Based Safe Identification of Dynamical Systems Using Extreme Learning Machines and Barrier Certificates
2064 Robust Area Coverage with Connectivity Maintenance
2065 REPLAB - A Reproducible Low-Cost Arm Benchmark for Robotic Learning
2067 An Interactive Scene Generation Using Natural Language
2068 Capillary Ionic Transistor and Precise Transport Control for Nano Manipulation
2069 Spatial Coverage without Computation
2071 A Fog Robotics Approach to Deep Robot Learning - Application to Object Recognition and Grasp Planning in Surface Decluttering
2073 Towards Robust Product Packing with a Minimalistic End-Effector
2076 Continuous Occupancy Map Fusion with Fast Bayesian Hilbert Maps
2083 Distributional Deep Reinforcement Learning with a Mixture of Gaussians
2084 Bridging Hamilton-Jacobi Safety Analysis and Reinforcement Learning
2087 Multi-Vehicle Trajectory Optimisation on Road Networks
2088 Task-Driven Estimation and Control Via Information Bottlenecks
2090 Compliant Bistable Gripper for Aerial Perching and Grasping
2095 Model Predictive Control of Ride-Sharing Autonomous Mobility-On-Demand Systems
2098 Cargo Transportation Strategy Using T3-Multirotor UAV
2099 Design and Experiments of a Squid-Like Aquatic-Aerial Vehicle with Soft Morphing Fins and Arms
2100 Using Geometric Features to Represent Near-Contact Behavior in Robotic Grasping
2102 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Perspective Aware Planning with Panoramas
2103 Nonlinear Orientation Controller for a Compliant Robotic Fish Based on Asymmetric Actuation
2106 User Centric Device Registration for Streamlined Workflows in Surgical Navigation Systems
2108 Lightweight Contrast Modeling for Attention-Aware Visual Localization
2111 Keyframe-Based Direct Thermali 12 Inertial Odometry
2119 Learning to Identify Object Instances by Touch - Tactile Recognition Via Multimodal Matching
2120 Manipulation by Feel - Touch-Based Control with Deep Predictive Models
2121 Feasibility Study of Robotic Needles with a Rotational Tip-Joint and Notch Patterns
2125 Development of a Novel Gait Rehabilitation Device with Hip Interaction and a Single DOF Mechanism
2128 Sensing Shear Forces During Food Manipulation - Resolving the Trade-Off Between Range and Sensitivity
2139 Self-Supervised Sparse-To-Dense - Self-Supervised Depth Completion from LiDAR and Monocular Camera
2141 Neural Network Pile Loading Controller Trained by Demonstration
2143 A Multi-Domain Feature Learning Method for Visual Place Recognition
2150 Learning to Write Anywhere with Spatial Transformer Image-To-Motion Encoder-Decoder Networks
2154 Human-Care Rounds Robot with Contactless Breathing Measurement
2159 Motion Planning for High-DOF Manipulation Using Hierarchical System Identification
2161 Beyond Photometric Loss for Self-Supervised Ego-Motion Estimation
2162 Real-Time Scalable Dense Surfel Mapping
2167 Azimuthal Shear Deformation of a Novel Soft Fiber-Reinforced Rotary Pneumatic Actuator
2176 In-Hand Object Scanning Via RGB-D Video Segmentation
2178 DSNet - Joint Learning for Scene Segmentation and Disparity Estimation
2180 Coverage of an Environment Using Energy-Constrained Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
2181 ADAPS - Autonomous Driving Via Principled Simulations
2183 Navigating Dynamically Unknown Environments Leveraging past Experience
2186 Global Vision-Based Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Road Surfaces Using Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter
2189 Online Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Using Policy Anticipation Network and Optimization-Based Context Reasoning
2192 Transferring Grasp Configurations Using Active Learning and Local Replanning
2195 A Hierarchical Framework for Coordinating Large-Scale Robot Networks
2197 A Data-Driven Approach for Fast Simulation of Robot Locomotion on Granular Media
2198 Planning Coordinated Event Observation for Structured Narratives
2199 Autonomous Laparoscopic Robotic Suturing with a Novel Actuated Suturing Tool and 3D Endoscope
2201 Motion Planning Templates - A Motion Planning Framework for Robots with Low-Power CPUs
2203 Using DP towards a Shortest Path Problem-Related Application
2204 DoS-Resilient Multi-Robot Temporal Logic Motion Planning
2206 Toward Lateral Aerial Grasping Manipulation Using Scalable Suction
2207 An Autonomous Loop-Closure Approach for Simultaneous Exploration and Coverage of Unknown Infrastructure Using MAVs
2208 Security-Aware Synthesis of Human-UAV Protocols
2209 Efficient Generation of Motion Plans from Attribute-Based Natural Language Instructions Using Dynamic Constraint Mapping
2210 Using Data-Driven Domain Randomization to Transfer Robust Control Policies to Mobile Robots
2211 Real-Time Vehicle Detection from Short-Range Aerial Image with Compressed MobileNet
2219 Online Plan Repair in Multi-Robot Coordination with Disturbances
2223 A Novel Laser Scalpel System for Computer-Assisted Laser Surgery
2225 Stable Bin Packing of Non-Convex 3D Objects with a Robot Manipulator
2230 Fast and Efficient Aerial Climbing of Vertical Surfaces Using Fixed-Wing UAVs
2312 Automated Abstraction of Manipulation Domains for Cost-Based Reactive Synthesis
2317 Geometric Interpretation of the General POE Model for a Serial-Link Robot Via Conversion into D-H Parameterization
2321 Spatial Change Detection Using Voxel Classification by Normal Distributions Transform
2322 The Foldable Drone - A Morphing Quadrotor that can Squeeze and Fly
2334 Probabilistic Appearance-Based Place Recognition Through Bag of Tracked Words
2335 Robust Pose-Graph SLAM Using Absolute Orientation Sensing
2340 Deconfliction of Motion Paths with Traffic Inspired Rules in Roboti 12 Robot and Humani 12 Robot Interactions
2343 Shallow-Depth Insertion - Peg in Shallow Hole through Robotic In-Hand Manipulation
2344 High-Speed Small-Deformation Catching of Soft Objects Based on Active Vision and Proximity Sensing
2347 Design Guarantees for Resilient Robot Formations on Lattices
2348 Resilient Active Target Tracking with Multiple Robots
2349 Self-Assembly Magnetic Chain Unit for Bulk Biomaterial Actuation
2354 Monocular Semantic Occupancy Grid Mapping with Convolutional Variational Encoder-Decoder Networks
2355 Effects of Different Hand-Grounding Locations on Haptic Performance with a Wearable Kinesthetic Haptic Device
2358 Sparse2Dense - From Direct Sparse Odometry to Dense 3D Reconstruction
2359 Robust low-overlap 3-D point cloud registration for outlier rejection
2363 Nanoliter Fluid Handling for Microbiology via Levitated Magnetic Microrobots
2364 Unified Representation and Registration of Heterogeneous Sets of Geometric Primitives
2365 Through-Water Stereo SLAM with Refraction Correction for AUV Localization
2367 CENTAURO - A Hybrid Locomotion and High Power Resilient Manipulation Platform
2368 Motion Planning Networks
2372 Towards Robot Interaction Autonomy - Explore Identify and Interact
2373 Hybrid Nonsmooth Barrier Functions with Applications to Provably Safe and Composable Collision Avoidance for Robotic Systems
2375 Design Optimisation of Sparse Sensing Array for Extended Aerial Robot Navigation in Deep Hazardous Tunnels
2377 Thermal Recovery of Multi-Limbed Robots with Electric Actuators
2381 Local Descriptor for Robust Place Recognition Using LiDAR Intensity
2384 It Would Make Me Happy If You Used My Guess - Comparing Robot Persuasive Strategies in Social Human-Robot Interaction
2386 Specifying Dual-Arm Robot Planning Problems through Natural Language and Demonstration
2387 Distributed Motion Tomography for Reconstruction of Flow Fields
2388 Adaptive Sampling and Reduced Order Modeling of Dynamic Processes by Robot Teams
2389 Safe and Efficient High Dimensional Motion Planning in Space-Time with Time Parameterized Prediction
2390 Decentralized Full Coverage of Unknown Areas by Multiple Robots with Limited Visibility Sensing
2392 Automated Laser Ablation of Motile Sperm for Immobilization
2393 Context-Aware Depth and Pose Estimation for Bronchoscopic Navigation
2394 Enhancing V-SLAM Keyframe Selection with an Efficient ConvNet for Semantic Analysis
2400 Dexterous Manipulation with Deep Reinforcement Learning - Efficient General and Low-Cost
2401 Learning to Drive from Simulation without Real World Labels
2405 Inertial Yaw-Independent Velocity and Attitude Estimation for High Speed Quadrotor Flight
2408 Regeneration of Normal Distributions Transform for Target Lattice Based on Fusion of Truncated Gaussian Components
2410 Loosely-Coupled Semi-Direct Monocular SLAM
2413 End-Effector Pose Correction for Versatile Large-Scale Multi-Robotic Systems
2414 A Novel Efficient Big Data Processing Scheme for Feature Extraction in Electrical Discharge Machining
2416 End to End Learning of a Multi-Layered SNN Based on R-STDP for a Target Tracking Snake-Like Robot
2418 Go with the Flow - Exploration and Mapping of Pedestrian Flow Patterns from Partial Observations
2419 Energy-Aware Optimal Control of Variable Stiffness Actuated Robots
2424 A Gradual Refreshing Scheme to Improve Tool Utilization
2425 MetaGrasp - Data Efficient Grasping by Affordance Interpreter Network
2426 Field Deployment of a Plume Monitoring UAV Flock
2428 Chance-Constrained Collision Avoidance for MAVs in Dynamic Environments
2429 Toward Fingertip Non-Contact Material Recognition and Near-Distance Ranging for Robotic Grasping
2431 Trajectory Generation for Multiagent Point-To-Point Transitions Via Distributed Model Predictive Control
2432 PRIMAL - Pathfinding Via Reinforcement and Imitation Multi-Agent Learning
2436 Persistent and Robust Execution of MAPF Schedules in Warehouses
2440 Video-Based Prediction of Hand-Grasp Preshaping with Application to Prosthesis Control
2441 Color-Coded Fiber-Optic Tactile Sensor for an Elastomeric Robot Skin
2442 Shear-invariant Sliding Contact Perception with a Soft Tactile Sensor
2444 A White-Noise-On-Jerk Motion Prior for Continuous-Time Trajectory Estimation on SE(3)
2449 Design of a Miniature Series Elastic Actuator for Bilateral Teleoperations Requiring Accurate Torque Sensing and Control
2452 Real-Time Surface Shape Sensing for Soft and Flexible Structures Using Fiber Bragg Gratings
2456 Application of a Redundant Haptic Interface in Enhancing Soft-Tissue Stiffness Discrimination
2457 Autonomous Parallelization of Resource-Aware Robotic Task Nodes
2461 Dense-ArthroSLAM - Dense Intra-Articular 3D Reconstruction with Robust Localization Prior for Arthroscopy
2463 A Unified Framework for the Teleoperation of Surgical Robots in Constrained Workspaces
2464 Cable-Less Magnetically-Driven Forceps for Minimally Invasive Surgery
2468 A Hand-Held Robot for Precise and Safe Pivc
2469 On the Development of Adaptive Tendon-Driven Wearable Exo-Gloves for Grasping Capabilities Enhancement
2471 A Variational Approach to Minimum Jerk Trajectories for Psychological Safety in Collaborative Assembly Stations
2474 The Role of Closed-Loop Hand Control in Handshaking Interactions
2475 Improved Human-Robot Collaborative Control of Redundant Robot for Teleoperated Minimally Invasive Surgery
2476 Object Centered Teleoperation of Mobile Manipulators with Remote Center of Motion Constraint
2484 3D Image Reconstruction of Biological Organelles with a Robot-Aided Microscopy System for Intracellular Surgery
2485 Context-Aware Modelling for Augmented Reality Display Behaviour
2486 Optical Force Sensing in Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery
2487 Contactless Robotic Micromanipulation in Air Using a Magneto-Acoustic System
2488 A Self-Adaptive Motion Scaling Framework for Surgical Robot Remote Control
2489 An Improved Control-Oriented Modeling of the Magnetic Field
2492 The Oxford Multimotion Dataset - Multiple SE(3) Motions with Ground Truth
2493 Asynchronous Spatial Image Convolutions for Event Cameras
2496 Learning to Predict Ego-Vehicle Poses for Sampling-Based Nonholonomic Motion Planning
2498 Pre-Grasp Sliding Manipulation of Thin Objects Using Soft Compliant or Underactuated Hands
2499 A Hand Combining Two Simple Grippers to Pick up and Arrange Objects for Assembly
2502 A Magnetically Steered Endolaser Probe for Automated Panretinal Photocoagulation
2504 Focal Loss in 3D Object Detection
2505 Towards Blended Reactive Planning and Acting Using Behavior Trees
2506 Design of a Compliant Mechanical Device for Upper-Leg Rehabilitation
2508 Autonomous Data-Driven Manipulation of Unknown Anisotropic Deformable Tissues Using Unmodelled Continuum Manipulators
2510 Tetherless Mobile Micro-Surgical Scissors Using Magnetic Actuation
2512 A Lightweight and Efficient Fully-Powered Knee Prosthesis with Actively Variable Transmission
2515 Capturing the Frictional State of a Soft Tactile Sensor Via Subtractive Color Mixing
2516 Mechanical Framework Design with Experimental Verification of a Wearable Exoskeleton Chair
2517 Vision-Based Online Learning Kinematic Control for Soft Robots Using Local Gaussian Process Regression
2518 Towards Robot-Assisted Photoacoustic Imaging - Implementation Using the da Vinci Research Kit and Virtual Fixtures
2523 Disturbance-Observer-Based Compliance Control of Electro-Hydraulic Actuators with Backdrivability
2525 Long-Stroke Rolling Diaphragm Actuators for Haptic Display of Forces in Teleoperation
2526 Fluidic Elastomer Actuators for Haptic Interactions in Virtual Reality
2530 Design and Implementation of a Two-DOF Robotic System with an Adjustable Force Limiting Mechanism for Ankle Rehabilitation
2531 An Autonomous Exoskeleton for Ankle Plantarflexion Assistance
2533 Unsupervised Learning of Monocular Depth and Ego-Motion Using Multiple Masks
2534 A Microrobotic System for Simultaneous Measurement of Turgor Pressure and Cell-Wall Elasticity of Individual Growing Plant Cells
2535 On the Similarities and Differences among Contact Models in Robot Simulation
2537 Light-Weight Whiskers for Contact Pre-Contact and Fluid Velocity Sensing
2538 Rendezvous Planning for Multiple AUVs with Mobile Charging Stations in Dynamic Currents
2539 UVDAR System for Visual Relative Localization with Application to Leader-Follower Formations of Multirotor UAVs
2540 On-Line 3D Active Pose-Graph SLAM Based on Key Poses Using Graph Topology and Sub-Maps
2541 Event-Based Direct Camera Tracking from a Photometric 3D Map Using Nonlinear Optimization
2545 Low-Latency Visual SLAM with Appearance-Enhanced Local Map Building
2552 Experimental Comparison of Visual-Aided Odometry Methods for Rail Vehicles
2554 Iteratively Reweighted Midpoint Method for Fast Multiple View Triangulation
2555 Sizing the Aortic Annulus with a Robotised Commercially Available Soft Balloon Catheter - In Vitro Study on Idealised Phantoms
2558 Endoscope Force Generation and Intrinsic Sensing with Environmental Scaffolding
2559 Unified Motion-Based Calibration of Mobile Multi-Sensor Platforms with Time Delay Estimation
2561 Towards Robotic Feeding - Role of Haptics in Fork-based Food Manipulation
2562 Near-Optimal Path Planning for a Car-Like Robot Visiting a Set of Waypoints with Field of View Constraints
2563 Optimal Proactive Path Planning for Collaborative Robots in Industrial Contexts
2564 Vision-Based Control and Stability Analysis of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot
2565 A Novel Skin-Stretch Haptic Device for Intuitive Control of Robotic Prostheses and Avatars
2568 Passive Task-Prioritized Shared-Control Teleoperation with Haptic Guidance
2570 Robot-Based Training for People with Mild Cognitive Impairment
2571 Data-Driven Haptic Modeling of Normal Interactions on Viscoelastic Deformable Objects Using a Random Forest
2573 Degenerate Motion Analysis for Aided INS with Online Spatial and Temporal Sensor Calibration
2574 Sparse Optimization of Contact Forces for Balancing Control of Multi-Legged Humanoids
2579 Efficient Micro Waveguide Coupling Based on Microrobotic Positioning
2580 Coordinated control of spacecrafts attitude and end-effector for space robots
2581 Theres No Place Like Home - Visual Teach and Repeat for Emergency Return of Multirotor UAVs During GPS Failure
2583 Towards a Generic Diver-Following Algorithm - Balancing Robustness and Efficiency in Deep Visual Detection
2584 Haptic Inspection of Planetary Soils with Legged Robots
2585 Central Pattern Generators Control of Momentum Driven Compliant Structures
2586 Rover-IRL - Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Soft Value Iteration Networks for Planetary Rover Path Planning
2587 Experimental Evaluation of Teleoperation Interfaces for Cutting of Satellite Insulation
2588 A Truly Redundant Aerial Manipulator System with Application to Push-And-Slide Inspection in Industrial Plants
2589 Human Gaze-Driven Spatial Tasking of an Autonomous MAV
2594 3-PSR Mechanism Design Parameter Optimization and Low-Cost Method for Replicating Wave and Boat Motion
2596 Avoidance of Convex and Concave Obstacles with Convergence Ensured through Contraction
2597 An Adaptive Walking Robot with Reconfigurable Mechanisms using Shape Morphing Joints
2601 Learning Affordance Segmentation for Real-World Robotic Manipulation Via Synthetic Images
2602 Cloth Manipulation Using Random-Forest-Based Imitation Learning
2606 Modeling Grasp Type Improves Learning-Based Grasp Planning
2609 A Novel Rotating Beam Link for Variable Stiffness Robotic Arms
2610 Design and Fabrication of a 3D Printed Metallic Flexible Joint for Snake-Like Surgical Robot
2611 A Large-Deflection FBG Bending Sensor for SMA Bending Modules for Steerable Surgical Robots
2612 Differentially-Clutched Series Elastic Actuator for Robot-Aided Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
2613 Combining a Bio-Inspired Reflexive Neuromuscular Controller with a Trajectory Controller for Active Lower-Extremity Gait-Assistive Devices
2614 Autonomous Flexible Endoscope for Minimally Invasive Surgery with Enhanced Safety
2616 Using Augmentation to Improve the Robustness to Rotation of Deep Learning Segmentation in Robotic-Assisted Surgical Data
2618 Pneumatically Attachable Flexible Rails for Track-Guided Ultrasound Scanning in Robotic-Assisted Partial Nephrectomy i 12 A Preliminary Design Study
2620 Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes - Validation of Adaptive Recovery in Robotic Space Operations
2622 Collision Detection for Industrial Collaborative Robots - A Deep Learning Approach
2623 Dynamic Primitives in Human Manipulation of Non-Rigid Objects
2629 Quasi-Direct Drive for Low-Cost Compliant Robotic Manipulation
2631 Getting Robots Unfrozen and Unlost in Dense Pedestrian Crowds
2634 Direct Relative Edge Optimization a Robust Alternative for Pose Graph Optimization
2635 Learning to See the Wood for the Trees - Deep Laser Localization in Urban and Natural Environments on a CPU
2637 Modeling Perceptual Aliasing in SLAM Via Discrete-Continuous Graphical Models
2642 New Automated Guided Vehicle System Using Real-Time Holonic Scheduling for Warehouse Picking
2643 Efficient Autonomous Exploration Planning of Large Scale 3D-Environments
2645 Deep Reinforcement Learning Robot for Search and Rescue Applications - Exploration in Unknown Cluttered Environments
2647 Acausal Approach to Motion Cueing
2648 A Robotic Microscope System to Examine TCR Quality against Tumor Neoantigens - A New Tool for Cancer Immunotherapy Research
2649 A Multi-Vehicle Trajectories Generator to Simulate Vehicle-To-Vehicle Encountering Scenarios
2652 Explicit Model Predictive Control of a Magnetic Tethered Capsule
2653 A Sense of Touch for the Shadow Modular Grasper
2654 Super Dragon - A 10-m-long Coupled Tendon-driven Articulated Manipulator
2655 Bundled Wire Drive - Proposal and Feasibility Study of a Novel Tendon-Driven Mechanism Using Synthetic Fiber Ropes
2656 Soft Tactile Sensing - Retrieving Force Torque and Contact Point Information from Deformable Surfaces
2657 Robot Co-Design - Beyond the Monotone Case
2660 Optimal Stochastic Vehicle Path Planning Using Covariance Steering
2664 A Constraint Programming Approach to Simultaneous Task Allocation and Motion Scheduling for Industrial Dual-Arm Manipulation Tasks
2668 Safe Navigation with Human Instructions in Complex Scenes
2670 ConFusion - Sensor Fusion for Complex Robotic Systems Using Nonlinear Optimization
2675 Task-Based Design of Ad-Hoc Modular Manipulators
2683 Flexible Collaborative Transportation by a Team of Rotorcraft
2685 Integrated Mapping and Path Planning for Very Large-Scale Robotic (VLSR) Systems
2687 A Comparison between Decentralized Local and Global Methods for Connectivity Maintenance of Multi-Robot Networks
2689 High-Bandwidth 3D Multi-Trap Actuation Technique for 6-DoF Real-Time Control of Optical Robots
2690 IPMC Monolithic Thin Film Robots Fabricated through a Multi-Layer Casting Process
2691 Caterpillar-Inspired Crawling Robot Using Both Compression and Bending Deformations
2693 AgriColMap - Aerial-Ground Collaborative 3D Mapping for Precision Farming
2699 Force-Based Heterogeneous Traffic Simulation for Autonomous Vehicle Testing
2700 Thermal Image Based Navigation System for Skid-Steering Mobile Robots in Sugarcane Crops
2703 Geometric Relation Distribution for Place Recognition
2705 Proprioceptive Localization Assisted by Magnetoreception - A Minimalist Intermittent Heading-Based Approach
2706 Incremental Visual-Inertial 3D Mesh Generation with Structural Regularities
2709 Hybrid Open-Loop Closed-Loop Control of Coupled Human-Robot Balance During Assisted Stance Transition with Extra Robotic Legs
2710 Shape Locking Mechanism of Flexible Joint Using Mechanical Latch with Electromagnetic Force
2711 Grasping Interface with Wet Adhesion and Patterned Morphology - Case of Thin Shell
2713 Comparison of Modeling Approaches for a Tendon Actuated Continuum Robot with Three Extensible Segments
2714 Contact-Event-Triggered Mode Estimation for Dynamic Rigid Body Impedance-Controlled Capture
2715 Relative Autonomy and Navigation for Command and Control of Low-Cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
2717 Communication-Efficient Planning and Mapping for Multi-Robot Exploration in Large Environments
2718 Minimum-Time Trajectory Planning under Intermittent Measurements
2719 Compensation of Measurement Noise and Bias in Geometric Attitude Estimation
2722 Optimal Trajectory Generation for Quadrotor Teach-And-Repeat
2723 Interaction Force Estimation Using Extended State Observers - An Application to Impedance Based Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics
2724 Autonomous Navigation for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles - Real-Time Experiments Using Computer Vision
2726 Optimization-Based Non-Impact Rolling Locomotion of a Variable Geometry Truss
2728 Multi-Rate Tracking Control for a Space Robot on a Controlled Satellite - A Passivity-Based Strategy
2730 Development of Performance System with Musical Dynamics Expression on Humanoid Saxophonist Robot
2731 Non-Destructive Robotic Assessment of Mango Ripeness Via Multi-Point Soft Haptics
2732 Control and Configuration Planning of an Aerial Cable Towed System
2738 Active Localization of Gas Leaks Using Fluid Simulation
2744 Capacitive Sensing for a Gripper with Gecko-Inspired Adhesive Film
2745 Classification of Household Materials Via Spectroscopy
2747 Precision Stationary Flight of a Robotic Hummingbird
2751 Four Wings - A New Insect-Sized Aerial Robot with Steering ability and Payload Capacity for Autonomy
2752 Benchmarking Resilience of Artificial Hands
2754 Circular and Concentric Formation of Kinematic Unicycles
2755 Point-Based Policy Synthesis for POMDPs with Boolean and Quantitative Objectives
2757 Dynamic Manipulation of Gear Ratio and Ride Height for a Novel Compliant Wheel Using Pneumatic Actuators
2758 CHiMP - A Contact Based Hilbert Map Planner
2759 From Pixels to Percepts - Highly Robust Perception and Exploration Using Deep Learning and an Optical Biomimetic Tactile Sensor
2760 Control from the Cloud - Edge Computing Services and Digital Shadow for Automation Technologies
2761 Learning to Serve - An Experimental Study for a New Learning from Demonstrations Framework
2762 Imitating Human Search Strategies for Assembly
2764 Bayesian Active Learning for Collaborative Task Specification Using Equivalence Regions
2765 Combining Imitation Learning with Constraint-Based Task Specification and Control
2772 Compliant Four Degree-Of-Freedom Manipulator with Locally Deformable Elastic Elements for Minimally Invasive Surgery
2773 Modular FBG Bending Sensor for Continuum Neurosurgical Robot
2774 Motion Control of Cable-Driven Continuum Catheter Robot through Contacts
2775 Ways to Learn a Therapists Patient-Specific Intervention - Robotics vs Telerobotics-Mediated Hands-On Teaching
2783 Vision-Based High Speed Driving with a Deep Dynamic Observer
2790 Accelerated Inference in Markov Random Fields Via Smooth Riemannian Optimization
2793 Reinforcement Learning in Topology-Based Representation for Human Body Movement with Whole Arm Manipulation
2795 DispSegNet - Leveraging Semantics for End-To-End Learning of Disparity Estimation from Stereo Imagery
2800 Long-Term Occupancy Grid Prediction Using Recurrent Neural Networks
2801 Deep Metadata Fusion for Traffic Light to Lane Assignment
2803 Modeling Design and Test-Bench Validation of a Semi-Active Propulsive Ankle Prosthesis with a Clutched Series Elastic Actuator
2804 Torque-Based Balancing for a Humanoid Robot Performing High-Force Interaction Tasks
2806 Design of Anti-Skid Foot with Passive Slip Detection Mechanism for Conditional Utilization of Heterogeneous Foot Pads
2807 Humanoid Robot HRP-5P - an Electrically Actuated Humanoid Robot with High Power and Wide Range Joints
2810 Learning from humans how to grasp - a data-driven architecture for autonomous grasping with anthropomorphic soft hands
2811 Robot Self-Calibration Using Multiple Kinematic Chains - A Simulation Study on the iCub Humanoid Robot
2812 Online Gait Transitions and Disturbance Recovery for Legged Robots via the Feasible Impulse Set
2815 Frequency-Aware Model Predictive Control
2817 Trajectory Optimization for Wheeled-Legged Quadrupedal Robots Using Linearized ZMP Constraints
2819 Demonstration-Guided Deep Reinforcement Learning of Control Policies for Dexterous Human-Robot Interaction
2820 Where Should I Walk Predicting Terrain Properties from Images Via Self-Supervised Learning
2821 Jointly Learning to Construct and Control Agents Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
2823 Compensation of Environmental Influences on Sensorized-Forceps for Practical Surgical Tasks
2826 Miniaturization of Multistage High Dynamic Range Six-Axis Force Sensor Composed of Resin Material
2827 Towards the Design of Robotic Drivers for Full-Scale Self-Driving Racing Cars
2830 Fast Online Segmentation of Activities from Partial Trajectories
2833 Reconstructing Human Hand Pose and Configuration using a Fixed-Base Exoskeleton
2834 Activity Recognition for Ergonomics Assessment of Industrial Tasks with Automatic Feature Selection
2835 Augmented Reality Predictive Displays to Help Mitigate the Effects of Delayed Telesurgery
2838 Development of a Novel Force Sensing System to Measure the Ground Reaction Force of Rats with Complete Spinal Cord Injury
2839 Miniature Robotic Tubes with Rotational Tip-Joints As a Medical Delivery Platform
2840 Swarm Aggregation without Communication and Global Positioning
2842 Body Lift and Drag for a Legged Millirobot in Compliant Beam Environment
2844 Retrieval of Magnetic Medical Microrobots from the Bloodstream
2845 Reconsidering Six-degree-of-freedom Magnetic Actuation Across Scales
2846 Dynamic Modeling and Gait Analysis for Miniature Robots in the Absence of Foot Placement Control
2847 RoboScallop - A Bivalve Inspired Swimming Robot
2849 Exploiting Symmetries in Reinforcement Learning of Bimanual Robotic Tasks
2850 Multimodal Bin Picking System with Compliant Tactile Sensor Arrays for Flexible Part Handling
2852 Tightly-Coupled Visual-Inertial Localization and 3D Rigid-Body Target Tracking
2858 Tree Search Techniques for Minimizing Detectability and Maximizing Visibility
2861 Training a Binary Weight Object Detector by Knowledge Transfer for Autonomous Driving
2864 Learning to Drive in a Day
2866 Iteratively Refined Feasibility Checks in Robotic Assembly Sequence Planning
2867 INFORA - A Novel Inflatable Origami-Based Actuator
2869 Toward Grasping against the Environment - Locking Polygonal Objects against a Wall Using Two-Finger Robot Hands
2873 Multi-Process Fusion - Visual Place Recognition Using Multiple Image Processing Methods
2874 A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Extract Finite Planes from 3-D Laser Scans
2877 Geo-Supervised Visual Depth Prediction
2879 Two-Stage Transfer Learning for Heterogeneous Robot Detection and 3D Joint Position Estimation in a 2D Camera Image Using CNN
2881 Fully Automated Annotation with Noise-Masked Visual Markers for Deep Learning-Based Object Detection
2882 PedX - Benchmark Dataset for Metric 3D Pose Estimation of Pedestrians in Complex Urban Intersections
2883 Learning Pose Estimation for High-Precision Robotic Assembly Using Simulated Depth Images
2885 Distinguishing Refracted Features Using Light Field Cameras with Application to Structure From Motion
2886 Effective Visual Place Recognition Using Multi-Sequence Maps
2888 Inferring 3D Shapes of Unknown Rigid Objects in Clutter through Inverse Physics Reasoning
2890 Bi-Directional Value Learning for Risk-Aware Planning under Uncertainty
2891 Collision Avoidance of Arbitrarily Shaped Deforming Objects Using Collision Cones
2893 A Hybrid Approach of Learning and Model-Based Channel Prediction for Communication Relay UAVs in Dynamic Urban Environments
2894 Probabilistic Completeness of RRT for Geometric and Kinodynamic Planning with Forward Propagation
2897 On the Impact of Uncertainty for Path Planning
2900 Learning Navigation Behaviors End to End with AutoRL
2901 Multi-Robot Motion Planning with Dynamics Via Coordinated Sampling-Based Expansion Guided by Multi-Agent Search
2903 Multi-Vehicle Close Enough Orienteering Problem with BA(c)zier Curves and Multi-Rotor Aerial Vehicles
2905 Fast Heuristics for the 3D Multi-Goal Path Planning based on the Generalized Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods
2906 Contact-Implicit Trajectory Optimization Using Orthogonal Collocation
2909 Continuous Signed Distance Computation for Polygonal Robots in 3D
2910 Mid-Air Conflict Avoidance and Recovery - An Acceleration-Based Approach for Unmanned Aircraft
2911 Energy-Efficient Coverage Path Planning for General Terrain Surfaces
2916 On-Policy Dataset Synthesis for Learning Robot Grasping Policies Using Fully Convolutional Deep Networks
2917 A Model-Free Extremum-Seeking Approach to Autonomous Excavator Control Based on Output Power Maximization
2919 Comparing Task Simplifications to Learn Closed-Loop Object Picking Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
2920 Position Estimation of Multiple Robots - Provable Practical Approximation Algorithm
2922 Vision-Based Dynamic Control of Car-Like Mobile Robots
2924 Autonomous Exploration of Complex Underwater Environments Using a Probabilistic Next-Best-View Planner
2926 Learning Long-Range Perception Using Self-Supervision from Short-Range Sensors and Odometry
2927 Play Me Back - A Unified Training Platform for Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery
2928 Designing Prototyping and Testing a Flexible Suturing Robot for Transanal Endoscopic Micro-Surgery
2929 A Compact Dental Robotic System Using Soft Bracing Technique
2930 Simultaneous Localization and Layout Model Selection in Manhattan Worlds
2932 Improving the Performance of Auxiliary Null Space Tasks via Time Scaling-Based Relaxation of the Primary Task
2935 General Hand-Eye Calibration Based on Reprojection Error Minimization
2938 Continuous Task Transition Approach for Robot Controller Based on Hierarchical Quadratic Programming
2939 Feasibility Analysis for Constrained Model Predictive Control Based Motion Cueing Algorithm
2940 Low-Cost Continuously Variable Strain Wave TransmissionUsing Gecko-Inspired Adhesives
2942 Magnetic Levitation for Soft-Tethered Capsule Colonoscopy Actuated with a Single Permanent Magnet - A Dynamic Control Approach
2943 VUNet - Dynamic Scene View Synthesis for Traversability Estimation Using an RGB Camera
2944 A Framework for On-Line Learning of Underwater Vehicles Dynamic Models
2946 Data Information Fusion from Multiple Access Points for WiFi-Based Self-Localization
2948 Robust Attitude Estimation Using an Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter
2949 Adapting Semantic Segmentation Models for Changes in Illumination and Camera Perspective
2950 Accurate and Efficient Seafloor Observations with Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles - Theory and Experiments in a Hydrothermal Vent Field
2953 Task-Based Control and Design of a BLDC Actuator for Robotics
2954 Pedestrian Motion Model Using Non-Parametric Trajectory Clustering and Discrete Transition Points
2956 Overpressure Compensation for Hydraulic Hybrid Servo Booster Applied to Hydraulic Manipulator
2957 Learning a State Transition Model of an Underactuated Adaptive Hand
2959 The SlothBot - A Novel Design for a Wire-Traversing Robot
2960 Task-Specific Manipulator Design and Trajectory Synthesis
2961 Adaptive Control of Aerobatic Quadrotor Maneuvers in the Presence of Propeller-Aerodynamic-Coefficient and Torque-Latency Time-Variations
2965 Development and Experimental Validation of Aerial Vehicle with Passive Rotating Shell on Each Rotor
2967 High-Performance Continuous Hydraulic Motor for MR Safe Robotic Teleoperation
2969 Incorporating Safety into Parametric Dynamic Movement Primitives
2970 Learn Fast Forget Slow - Safe Predictive Learning Control for Systems with Unknown and Changing Dynamics Performing Repetitive Tasks
2971 VPE - Variational Policy Embedding for Transfer Reinforcement Learning
2974 Fast and Continuous Foothold Adaptation for Dynamic Locomotion through CNNs
2977 Using Human Attention to Address Human-Robot Motion
2978 Bayesian Optimization for Whole-Body Control of High Degrees of Freedom Robots through Reduction of Dimensionality
2980 Keep Rollini 12 i 12 Whole-Body Motion Control and Planning for Wheeled Quadrupedal Robots
2981 Practical Resolution Methods for MDPs in Robotics Exemplified with Disassembly Planning
2985 1-Day Learning 1-Year Localization - Long-Term LiDAR Localization Using Scan Context Image
2988 Walking Posture Adaptation for Legged Robot Navigation in Confined Spaces
2992 Robust Global Structure from Motion Pipeline with Parallax on Manifold Bundle Adjustment and Initialization
2995 Stable Torque Optimization for Redundant Robots Using a Short Preview
2996 Decoupled Control of Position and or Force of Tendon Driven Fingers
2997 Enabling Robots to Infer how End-Users Teach and Learn through Human-Robot Interaction
2999 Relationship between the Order for Motor Skill Transfer and Motion Complexity in Reinforcement Learning
3005 Scalable Closed-Form Trajectories for Periodic and Non-Periodic Human-Like Walking
3007 Wrinkled Soft Sensor with Variable Afferent Morphology
3009 Pellicular Morphing Surfaces for Soft Robots
3013 Resilient Task Planning and Execution for Reactive Soft Robots
3014 A Novel Variable Stiffness Actuator Based on Pneumatic Actuation and Supercoiled Polymer Artificial Muscles
3016 Feedforward Control of the Rate-Dependent Viscoelastic Hysteresis Nonlinearity in Dielectric Elastomer Actuators
3017 Design and Analysis of Pneumatic 2-DoF Soft Haptic Devices for Shear Display
3018 3D Printed Ferrofluid Based Soft Actuators
3019 Morphing Robots Using Robotic Skins That Sculpt Clay
3020 Dynamic Morphological Computation through Damping Design of Soft Material Robots - Application to Under-Actuated Grippers
3021 Pre-Charged Pneumatic Soft Gripper with Close Loop Control
3022 Adaptive Update of Reference Capacitances in Conductive Fabric Based Robotic Skin
3025 A Novel Iterative Learning Model Predictive Control Method for Soft Bending Actuators
3027 Bio-Inspired Terrestrial Motion of Magnetic Soft Millirobots
3030 Calibration and External Force Sensing for Soft Robots Using an RGB-D Camera
3031 A Simple Tripod Mobile Robot Using Soft Membrane Vibration Actuators
3033 Soft Electrically Actuated Quadruped (SEAQ) i 12 Integrating a Flex Circuit Board and Elastomeric Limbs for Versatile Mobility
3034 Stiffness Control of Deformable Robots Using Finite Element Modeling
3036 Expanding Foam As the Material for Fabrication Prototyping and Experimental Assessment of Low Cost Soft Robots with Embedded Sensing
3043 Humani 12 Robot Collaborative Site Inspection under Resource Constraints
3044 Symmetric Subspace Motion Generators
3045 Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Closed-Loop Dynamic Control of Soft Robotic Manipulators
3046 Navigation Functions with Time-Varying Destination Manifolds in Star Worlds
3047 Continuous-Phase Control of a Powered Kneei 12 Ankle Prosthesis - Amputee Experiments across Speeds and Inclines
3048 Dynamic Point-To-Point Trajectory Planning Beyond the Static Workspace for Six-DOF Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots
3049 Periodic Trajectory Planning Beyond the Static Workspace for 6-DOF Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots
3050 Geometric Calibration of Continuum Robots - Joint Space and Equilibrium Shape Deviations
3051 Multimodal Sensorimotor Integration for Expert-In-The-Loop Telerobotic Surgical Training
3052 Cable-Based Robotic Crane (CBRC) - Design and Implementation of Overhead Traveling Cranes Based on Variable Radius Drums
3053 Multirobot Reconnection on Graphs - Problem Complexity and Algorithms
3054 Computational Design of Robotic Devices from High-Level Motion Specifications
3055 A New Approach to Time-Optimal Path Parameterization Based on Reachability Analysis
3056 Force Impedance and Trajectory Learning for Contact Tooling and Haptic Identification
3057 Fundamental Actuation Properties of Multirotors - Force-Moment Decoupling and Fail-Safe Robustness
3058 Toward Controllable Hydraulic Coupling of Joints in a Wearable Robot
3059 An Analytical Loading Model for N-Tendon Continuum Robots
3060 A Biomimetic Radar System for Autonomous Navigation
3061 Decentralized Trajectory Tracking Control for Soft Robots Interacting with the Environment
3062 Tactile-Based Whole-Body Compliance with Force Propagation for Mobile Manipulators
3063 Efficient and Stable Locomotion for Impulse-Actuated Robots Using Strictly Convex Foot Shapes
3064 Continuum Robot Stiffness under External Loads and Prescribed Tendon Displacements
3065 Geometric Construction-Based Realization of Spatial Elastic Behaviors in Parallel and Serial Manipulators
3066 Fast Generic and Reliable Control and Simulation of Soft Robots Using Model Order Reduction
3067 Learning Task Priorities from Demonstrations
3068 Humanoid Dynamic Synchronization through Whole-Body Bilateral Feedback Teleoperation
3069 A Mechanics-Based Model for 3-D Steering of Programmable Bevel-Tip Needles
3070 On Optimal Pursuit Trajectories for Visibility-Based Target-Tracking Game
3073 VIKINGS - An Autonomous Inspection Robot for the ARGOS Challenge
3074 Coordinated Control of a Dual-Arm Space Robot
3075 Working with Walt - How a Cobot Was Developed and Inserted on an Auto Assembly Line
3076 The Task Motion Kit
3077 An Empirical Evaluation of Ten Depth Cameras for Indoor Environments
3078 Intuitive Physical Human-Robot Interaction Using a Passive Parallel Mechanism
3079 SMErobotics - Smart Robots for Flexible Manufacturing
3080 A Soft Modular End-Effector for Underwater Manipulation
3081 Radiological Monitoring of Nuclear Facilities Using the Continuous Autonomous Radiation Monitoring Assistance (CARMA) Robot
3082 Robot Foraging - Autonomous Sample Return in a Large Outdoor Environment
3083 Multimodal Aerial Locomotion - An Approach to Active Tool Handling
3084 The Playful Software Platform - Reactive Programming for Orchestrating Robotic Behavior
3085 Tele-MAGMaS - An Aerial-Ground Co-Manipulator System
3086 Pictobot - A Cooperative Painting Robot for Interior Finishing of Industrial Developments
3087 Better Teaming Through Visual Cues - How Projecting Imagery in a Workspace Can Improve Human-Robot Collaboration
3088 A Lower-Back Robotic Exoskeleton - Industrial Handling Augmentation Used to Provide Spinal Support
3089 A Smart Companion Robot for Heavy Payload Transport and Manipulation in Automotive Assembly
3090 Walking and Running with Passive Compliance - Lessons from Engineering a Live Demonstration of the ATRIAS Biped
3091 Teleoperated In-Situ Repair of an Aeroengine
3092 Online Multilayered Motion Planning with Dynamic Constraints for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
3102 LineRanger Analysis and Field Testing of an Innovative Robot for Efficient Assessment of Bundled High-Voltage Powerlines
3103 Adjustable Power Modulation for a Leg Mechanism Suitable for Running
3104 Development and Experimental Validation of Aerial Vehicle with Passive Rotating Shell on Each Rotor
3105 Robotic Orientation Control of Deformable Cells
3106 Towards Robust Product Packing with a Minimalistic End-Effector
3107 Contactless Robotic Micromanipulation in Air Using a Magneto-Acoustic System
3108 Gesture Recognition Via Flexible Capacitive Touch Electrodes
3109 Deconfliction of Motion Paths with Traffic Inspired Rules in Roboti 12 Robot and Humani 12 Robot Interactions
3110 The Role of Closed-Loop Hand Control in Handshaking Interactions
3111 Soft Robotic Glove with Integrated Sensing for Intuitive Grasping Assistance Post Spinal Cord Injury
3112 Shape Sensing of Variable Stiffness Soft Robots Using Electrical Impedance Tomography
3113 Adaptive Control of Sclera Force and Insertion Depth for Safe Robot-Assisted Retinal Surgery
3114 Eagle Shoal - A New Designed Modular Tactile Sensing Dexterous Hand for Domestic Service Robots
3115 Classification of Household Materials Via Spectroscopy
3116 Multi-Robot Region-Of-Interest Reconstruction with Dec-MCTS
3117 Learning Scene Geometry for Visual Localization in Challenging Conditions
3118 Geo-Supervised Visual Depth Prediction
3119 Efficient Symbolic Reactive Synthesis for Finite-Horizon Tasks
3120 Combined Task and Motion Planning under Partial Observability - An Optimization-Based Approach
3121 Making Sense of Vision and Touch - Self-Supervised Learning of Multimodal Representations for Contact-Rich Tasks
3122 Deep Visuo-Tactile Learning - Estimation of Tactile Properties from Images
3123 Variational End-To-End Navigation and Localization
3124 Closing the Sim-To-Real Loop - Adapting Simulation Randomization with Real World Experience
3125 Drift-Free Roll and Pitch Estimation for High-Acceleration Hopping
3126 Robust Learning of Tactile Force Estimation through Robot Interaction
3127 Shallow-Depth Insertion - Peg in Shallow Hole through Robotic In-Hand Manipulation
3128 Pre-Grasp Sliding Manipulation of Thin Objects Using Soft Compliant or Underactuated Hands
3129 Design and Control of a Passively Morphing Quadcopter
3130 Search-Based 3D Planning and Trajectory Optimization for Safe Micro Aerial Vehicle Flight under Sensor Visibility Constraints
3131 Fast and in Sync - Periodic Swarm Patterns for Quadrotors
3132 Distributed Multi-Robot Formation Splitting and Merging in Dynamic Environments
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