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The 2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2019) has been held on November 4 – 8, 2019 in The Venetian Macao, Macau, China. IROS is one of the largest and most impacting robotics research conferences worldwide. It brings an international community of researchers, educators and practitioners to explore the frontier of science and technology in intelligent robots and systems, and discuss the latest advancements in this fast growing and exciting field.

This list is edited by PaopaoRobot, 泡泡机器人 , the Chinese academic nonprofit organization. Recently we will classify these papers by topics. Welcome to follow our github and our WeChat Public Platform Account ( paopaorobot_slam ). Of course, you could contact with Yvon Shong.

title index
Outlier-Robust Manifold Pre-Integration for INS/GPS Fusion 0688
Autonomous Steering of Concentric Tube Robots for Enhanced Force/Velocity Manipulability 0813
A 2-piece six-axis force/torque sensor capable of measuring loads applied to tools of complex shapes 1744
Autonomous Hybrid Ground/Aerial Mobility in Unknown Environments 2028
A Hybrid Active/Passive Wrist Approach for Increasing Virtual Fixture Stiffness in Comanipulated Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery 2255
6-Axis Hybrid Sensing and Estimation of Tip Forces/Torques on a Hyper-Redundant Robotic Surgical Instrument 2324
Hybrid Force/Motion Control and Implementation of an Aerial Manipulator towards Sustained Contact Operations 2586
XL-laser: Large-Scale Cable-Driven Laser Cutting/Engraving Robot 2742
2D Contour Following with an Unmanned Aerial Manipulator: Towards Tactile-Based Aerial Navigation 1391
2-DOF Transformable Wheel Design for Various Sized Stair and Step Climbing 2643
2-Entity RANSAC for Robust Visual Localization in Changing Environment 0982
3D Canonical Pose Estimation and Abnormal Gait Recognition with a Single RGB-D Camera 2323
3D Deformable Object Manipulation Using Deep Neural Networks 2307
3D LiDAR and Stereo Fusion Using Stereo Matching Network with Conditional Cost Volume Normalization 1026
3D Micromanipulation of Particle Swarm Using a Hexapole Magnetic Tweezer 1134
3D Move to See: Multi-Perspective Visual Servoing towards the Next Best View within Unstructured and Occluded Environments 1719
3-DOF Gravity Compensation Mechanism for Robot Waists with the Variations of Center of Mass 0992
3-DOF Manipulator Design for a Slender-Shaped Wide End-Effector 2630
3D Point Cloud Data Acquisition Using a Synchronized In-Air Imaging Sonar Sensor Network 0969
3D Printed Single Incision Laparoscopic Manipulator System Adapted to the Required Forces in Laparoscopic Surgery 0964
3D Reconstruction by Single Camera Omnidirectional Multi-Stereo System 0095
3D Shape Control of Linear Deformable Objects by Robot Manipulator 2664
A 3D Static Modeling Method and Experimental Verification of Continuum Robots Based on Pseudo-Rigid Body Theory 1362
A Behavior Driven Approach for Sampling Rare-Event Situations for Autonomous Vehicles 0265
A Behavior Tree Cognitive Assistant System for Emergency Medical Services 0449
A Benchmark for Visual-Inertial Odometry Systems Employing Onboard Illumination 1770
A Bi-Directional Multiple Timescales LSTM Model for Grounding of Actions and Verbs 0344
Absolute Localization through Orbital Maps and Surface Perspective Imagery: A Synthetic Lunar Dataset and Neural Network Approach 1712
A Capability-Aware Role Allocation Approach to Industrial Assembly Tasks 2472
Accelerated Visual Inertial Navigation Via Fragmented Structure Updates 0363
Accelerating the Construction of Boundaries of Feasibility in Three Classes of Robot Design Problems 1434
Accurate Pouring Using Model Predictive Control Enabled by Recurrent Neural Network 1981
A Challenge of Deformation Control for Cloth Actuators 2740
Achievement of Online Agile Manipulation Task for Aerial Transformable Multilink Robot 1396
A Compact Laser-Steering End-Effector for Transoral Robotic Surgery 1804
A Compact Soft Articulated Parallel Wrist for Grasping in Narrow Spaces 2170
A Comparative Analysis on the Use of Autoencoders for Robot Security Anomaly Detection 0417
A Comparison of Action Spaces for Learning Manipulation Tasks 1513
A Comparison of Visual Servoing from Features Velocity and Acceleration Interaction Models 0827
A Convex-Combinatorial Model for Planar Caging 0896
A Convolutional Network for Joint Deraining and Dehazing from A Single Image for Autonomous Driving in Rain 0696
A Convolutional Neural Network Feature Detection Approach to Autonomous Quadrotor Indoor Navigation 1540
Acoustic Length Sensor for Soft Extensible Pneumatic Actuators with a Frequency Characteristics Model 2535
Action Recognition Based on 3D Skeleton and RGB Frame Fusion 1903
Active Incremental Learning of a Contextual Skill Model 0480
Active Infrared Coded Target Design and Pose Estimation for Multiple Objects 0310
Active Inverse Model Learning with Error and Reachable Set Estimates 1235
Active Learning of Reward Dynamics from Hierarchical Queries 1879
Active SLAM Using Connectivity Graphs As Priors 0630
Active Whisker Placement and Exploration for Rapid Object Recognition 1329
Actuation and Stiffening in Fluid-Driven Soft Robots Using Low-Melting-Point Material 0489
Adapting Weed Growth Predictions for Mechanical Weeding Agbots 2616
Adaptive Adversarial Videos on Roadside Billboards: Dynamically Modifying Trajectories of Autonomous Vehicles 1939
Adaptive Assist-As-Needed Control Based on Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning 1191
Adaptive Deep Path: Efficient Coverage of a Known Environment under Various Configurations 1142
Adaptive Dynamic Control for Magnetically Actuated Medical Robots 2435
Adaptive Leader-Follower Formation Control and Obstacle Avoidance Via Deep Reinforcement Learning 1241
Adaptive Loss Balancing for Multitask Learning of Object Instance Recognition and 3D Pose Estimation 0698
Adaptive Navigation Scheme for Optimal Deep-Sea Localization Using Multimodal Perception Cues 1565
Adaptive Neural Admittance Control for Collision Avoidance in Human-Robot Collaborative Tasks 0510
Adaptive Outcome Selection for Planning with Reduced Models 1181
Adaptive Risk-Based Replanning for Human-Aware Multi-Robot Task Allocation with Local Perception 2188
Adaptive Swept Volumes Generation for Human-Robot Coexistence Using Gaussian Processes 0789
Adaptive Trajectory Planning and Optimization at Limits of Handling 1698
Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter-Based Disturbance Rejection with Application to High Precision Hydraulic Robotic Control 0817
Adaptive Vision-Based Control for Rope-Climbing Robot Manipulator 0712
A Data-Driven Framework for Learning Dexterous Manipulation of Unknown Objects 1014
A Deep Learning Approach for Multi-View Engagement Estimation of Children in a Child-Robot Joint Attention Task 0522
A Deep Learning Approach for Probabilistic Security in Multi-Robot Teams 2576
A Deep Learning Approach for Robust Corridor Following 1158
A Density Map Estimation Model with DropBlock Regularization for Clustered-Fruit Counting 1774
A Development of Inertial-2D LiDAR SLAM on Manifolds towards AGV 2764
A Distributed Reconfiguration Planning Algorithm for SMORES-EP, a Modular Robot 2565
Adjusting Weight of Action Decision in Exploration for Logistics Warehouse Picking Learning 0213
Admittance Control Based on Stiffness Ellipse for Collision Force Control of Object Manipulation 2758
Advanced Autonomy on a Low-Cost Educational Drone Platform 1806
Advection and Diffusion Effects towards a Bio-Inspired Artificial Pheromone System 2626
A Dynamic Optimization Approach for Sloshing Free Transport of Liquid Filled Containers Using an Industrial Robot 1405
Aerial Animal Biometrics: Individual Friesian Cattle Recovery and Visual Identification Via an Autonomous UAV with Onboard Deep Inference 0851
Aerial Robot Control in Close Proximity to Ceiling: A Force Estimation-Based Nonlinear MPC 0450
Aerial Robots with Advanced Manipulation Capabilities for Inspection and Maintenance: The AEROARMS Project 2610
Aerodynamic Model Identification of a Quadrotor Subject to Rotor Failures in the High-Speed Flight Regime 2433
A-EXP4: Online Social Policy Learning for Adaptive Robot-Pedestrian Interaction 0034
A Fast Free-Viewpoint Video Synthesis Algorithm for Sports Scenes 0318
A Fast Heuristic Path Planning Algorithm for Mobile Robots 2747
A fast online frequency adaptation mechanism for CPG-based robot motion control 2346
Affordance Learning for End-To-End Visuomotor Robot Control 1257
A Flexible Sensor for Suture Training 2545
A Force-Controlled Robotic Wrist Module for the Macro-Micro Manipulation of Industrial Robots 2707
A Framework for Depth Estimation and Relative Localization of Ground Robots Using Computer Vision 0115
A Fully-Integrated Sensing and Control System for High-Accuracy Mobile Robotic Building Construction 1219
A Gear-Driven Prosthetic Hand with Major Grasp Functions for Toddlers 1869
A Generative Model of Underwater Images for Active Landmark Detection and Docking 0113
Agent Prioritization for Autonomous Navigation 0560
Agile Standing-Up Control of Humanoids: Energy-Based Reactive Contact Wrench Optimization with Strict Dynamic Consistency 1646
A GPS-Aided Omnidirectional Visual-Inertial State Estimator in Ubiquitous Environments 2174
A Handheld Master Controller for Robot-Assisted Microsurgery 1992
Air to Ground Collaboration for Energy-Efficient Path Planing for Ground Robots 1520
A Joint Optimization Approach of LiDAR-Camera Fusion for Accurate Dense 3D Reconstructions 2268
A Kernelized Approach for Learning and Adapting Symmetric Positive Definite Profiles 2684
A Learning-Based Inverse Kinematics Solver for Two-Segment Continuum Robot Models 2750
A Linear Series Elastic Actuator for Accurate Force and Impedance Control with High Torque-To-Rotor-Inertia Ratios 2724
ALTRO: A Fast Solver for Constrained Trajectory Optimization 1603
A Magnetically Transduced Whisker for Angular Displacement and Moment Sensing 2105
Ambiguity Poses Estimation for Objects with Symmetry 2773
A Mechanical Approach to Suppress the Oscillation of a Long Continuum Robot Flying with Water Jets 2564
A Method for Designing Low-Profile Compliant Transmission Mechanisms 2463
A Method for Guiding a Person Combining Robot Movement and Projection 0155
A Methodology for Formulating and Exploiting Innovative Technologies for Collaborative Robots in a Manufacturing Setting 2683
A Mobile Extendable Robot Arm: Singularity Analysis and Design 1526
A Model-Based Human Activity Recognition for Human-Robot Collaboration 0569
A Model for Simulating the Robotic Pushing of Dirt 0860
A Multi-Channel Embedded DSP Closed-Loop Control System for Musical Robots 0096
A Multiclass EEG Signal Classification Model Using Spatial Feature Extraction and XGBoost Algorithm 0926
A Multi-DOF Human-Powered Robot Using Regenerative Clutches and Constant-Force Springs 0914
A Multimodal Human-Robot Interaction Manager for Assistive Robots 1728
A Multimodal Soft Crawling-Climbing Robot with the Controllable Horizontal Plane to Slope Transition 1676
A Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network for Autonomous Robotic Grasping in Object Stacking Scenes 0395
A Multi-Trainee Architecture for Haptic Hands-On Training 0762
An Adaptive Velocity Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for Autonomous Surface Vehicles 0979
Analysis and Exploitation of Synchronized Parallel Executions in Behavior Trees 0845
Analysis of Ground Effect for Small-Scale UAVs in Forward Flight 2392
Analyzing Liquid Pouring Sequences Via Audio-Visual Neural Networks 0041
An Approach of Facilitated Investigation of Active Self-healing Tension Transmission System Oriented for Legged Robots 1813
An Approximation-Free Simple Control Scheme for Uncertain Quadrotor Systems: Theory and Validations 1074
An Assisted Telemanipulation Approach: Combining Autonomous Grasp Planning with Haptic Cues 0501
An Assistive Low-Vision Platform That Augments Spatial Cognition through Proprioceptive Guidance: Point-To-Tell-And-Touch 1252
An Asynchronous Multi-Body Simulation Framework for Real-Time Dynamics, Haptics and Learning with Application to Surgical Robots 2113
An Augmented Reality Interface for Human-Robot Interaction in Unconstrained Environments 1080
An Automated Learning-Based Procedure for Large-Scale Vehicle Dynamics Modeling on Baidu Apollo Platform 0508
An Autonomous Exploration Algorithm Using Environment-Robot Interacted Traversability Analysis 0723
An Autonomous Quadrotor System for Robust High-Speed Flight through Cluttered Environments without GPS 2166
An Educational Robotic Platform with Multimodal Perception for Teaching Sensor Servoing Controls 2629
An Efficient and Accurate Algorithm for the Perspective-N-Point Problem 1972
An Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for Multi-Robot Task Allocation in Assembling Aircraft Structures 2571
A Neurologically Inspired Sequence Processing Model for Mobile Robot Place Recognition 2115
An Evaluation of Robot-To-Human Handover Configurations for Commercial Robots 0766
A New Time-Varying Feedback RISE Control of PKMs: Theory and Application 0088
An Experimental Study of Parameters Influencing Physical Human-Robot Negotiation in Comanipulative Tracking Task 0224
Angle of Arrival Estimation Based on Channel Impulse Response Measurements 2093
An In-Pipe Inspection Module with an Omnidirectional Bent-Pipe Self-Adaptation Mechanism Using a Joint Torque Control 0551
An Integrated Delta Manipulator for Aerial Repair: A New Aerial Robotic System 2608
An Interactive Indoor Drone Assistant 1038
An Interactive Method for Virtual Fixture Generation in Unstructured Environments 2704
An Interactive Physically-Based Model for Active Suction Phenomenon Simulation 1385
An Intuitive, Affordances Oriented Telemanipulation Framework for a Dual Robot Arm Hand System: On the Execution of Bimanual Tasks 1177
Ankle Torque During Mid-Stance Does Not Lower Energy Requirements of Steady Gaits 1265
An Object Attribute Guided Framework for Robot Learning Manipulations from Human Demonstration Videos 0936
Anonymous Hedonic Game for Task Allocation in a Large-Scale Multiple Agent System 2598
An Open-Source 7-Axis, Robotic Platform to Enable Dexterous Procedures within CT Scanners 1428
An Optimal Algorithm to Solve the Combined Task Allocation and Path Finding Problem 0471
An Optimization Framework for Simulation and Kinematic Control of Constrained Collaborative Mobile Agents (CCMA) System 2393
A Novel 4-DoF Robotic Link Mechanism with E-CoSMo : Kinematics Based Torque Analysis 0775
A Novel Approach for Outlier Detection and Robust Sensory Data Model Learning 0340
A Novel Capabilities of Quadruped Robot Moving through Vertical Ladder without Handrail Support 0329
A Novel Four-Degree-Of-Freedom versus a Conventional Foot Interface for Controlling a Robotic Assistive Arm in Surgery 2658
A novel rescue system using multi-agent SLAM framework 2759
A Novel Robust Approach for Correspondence-Free Extrinsic Calibration 1541
A Novel Semi-Autonomous Control Framework for Retina Confocal Endomicroscopy Scanning 0483
A Novel Small-Scale Turtle-Inspired Amphibious Spherical Robot 1467
ANYexo: A Versatile and Dynamic Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Robot 2123
A Parallel Gripper with a Universal Fingertip Device Using Optical Sensing and Jamming Transition for Maintaining Stable Grasps 1496
A Passive Closing, Tendon Driven, Adaptive Robot Hand for Ultra-Fast, Aerial Grasping and Perching 0015
A Penetration Metric for Deforming Tetrahedra Using Object Norm 0064
Application of Digging Control based on the Center-of-Mass Velocity of the Attachment of a Hydraulic Excavator 0719
Applying the Interaction of Walking-Emotion to an Assistive Device for Rehabilitation and Exercise 0238
Approximating Cfree Space Topology by Constructing Vietoris-Rips Complex 1486
A Pressure Field Model for Fast, Robust Approximation of Net Contact Force and Moment between Nominally Rigid Objects 1597
A Probabilistic Approach to Human-Robot Communication 1359
A Real-Time Dynamic Simulator and an Associated Front-End Representation Format for Simulating Complex Robots and Environments 1766
A Real-Time V2X Enabled Dynamic Path Planning System for Autonomous Vehicles in Road Blockage Test Scenarios 2715
A Reliable Gravity Compensation Control Strategy for dVRK Robotic Arms with Nonlinear Disturbance Forces 2340
Are You Hearing or Listening? the Effect of Task Performance in Verbal Behavior with Smart Speaker 0332
Are You with Me? Determining the Associationof Individuals and the Collective Social Space 0902
Arguing Security of Autonomous Robots 0158
A Ring Network Protocol for Articulated Robots 1955
ARMCL: ARM Contact Point Localization Via Monte Carlo Localization 0132
A Robotic Surgery Approach to Mitochondrial Transfer Amongst Single Cells 0604
A Robust Biped Locomotion Based on Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian Controller and Divergent Component of Motion 0243
A Robust Extrinsic Calibration Framework for Vehicles with Unscaled Sensors 1578
A Robust Laser-Inertial Odometry and Mapping Method for Large-Scale Highway Environments 1670
A Robustness Analysis of Inverse Optimal Control of Bipedal Walking 2583
A Robust Position and Posture Measurement System Using Visual Markers and an Inertia Measurement Unit 0584
A Robust Stereo Semi-Direct SLAM System Based on Hybrid Pyramid 1883
Articulated Multi-Perspective Cameras and Their Application to Truck Motion Estimation 1440
Artificial Intelligent Navigation Technology for a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in an Indoor Environment 2749
Artificial Lateral Line Based Longitudinal Separation Sensing for Two Swimming Robotic Fish with Leader-Follower Formation 0629
A RUGD Dataset for Autonomous Navigation and Visual Perception in Unstructured Outdoor Environments 1126
A Simple Approach on Global Control of a Class of Underactuated Mechanical Robotic Systems 1681
A Soft Exoglove Equipped with a Wearable Muscle-Machine Interface Based on Forcemyography and Electromyography 2234
A Spring-Aided Two-Dimensional Electromechanical Spine Architecture for Bio-Inspired Robots 2000
A Stabilization Analysis of Omni-Mobile Manipulator with 4K Camera 2650
A Study of a Class of Vibration-Driven Robots: Modeling, Analysis, Control and Design of the Brushbot 1866
A Study on the Electric Wheelchair-Humanoid Collaboration for Clothing Assistance of the Elderly 2769
A Sweeping and Grinding Methods Combined Hybrid Sampler for Asteroid Exploration 1759
Asynchronous Behavior Trees with Memory Aimed at Aerial Vehicles with Redundancy in Flight Controller 1485
A Systematic Comparison of Affective Robot Expression Modalities 0607
A Tactile Stimulation System for Robot-Assisted Hand Rehabilitation 2751
A Taxonomy for Characterizing Modes of Interactions in Goal-Driven, Human-Robot Teams 1548
A Teleoperated Hexapod Robot for Imitation Learning Task Training 0454
A Teleoperation Interface for Loco-Manipulation Control of MObile Collaborative Robotic Assistant (MOCA) 2469
A Testbed for Haptic and Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided Percutaneous Needle Biopsy 2479
Atomic force microscope tip localization and tracking through deep learning based vision inside an electron microscope 1025
Attention-Based Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning for Lane Change Behaviors in Autonomous Driving 0397
Attitude- and Cruise Control of a VTOL Tiltwing UAV 2142
A Two-DOF Bipedal Robot Utilizing the Reuleaux Triangle Drive Mechanism 0464
Audio-Visual Sensing from a Quadcopter: Dataset and Baselines for Source Localization and Sound Enhancement 0889
Augmented Reality Controlled Smart Wheelchair Using Dynamic Signifiers for Affordance Representation 0901
Augmenting Knowledge through Statistical, Goal-Oriented Human-Robot Dialog 1182
A Unified Active Assistance Control Framework of Hip Exoskeleton for Walking and Balance Assistance 1816
A Unified Formulation for Visual Odometry 0165
Automated Boxwood Topiary Trimming with a Robotic Arm and Integrated Stereo Vision 1053
Automated Macro-Micro Manipulation for Robotic Microinjection with Computer Vision 0609
Automated Single-Particle Micropatterning System Using Dielectrophoresis 2755
Automated Sorting of Rare Cells Based on Autofocusing Visual Feedback in Fluorescence Microscopy 0599
Automatic Annotation for Semantic Segmentation in Indoor Scenes 0469
Automatic Calibration of Multiple 3D LiDARs in Urban Environments 0822
Automatic Cell Assembly by Two-Fingered Microhand 0726
Automatic Coverage Selection for Surface-Based Visual Localization 2201
Automatic Multi-Sensor Extrinsic Calibration for Mobile Robots 2110
Automatic Spatial Template Generation for Realistic 3D Modeling of Large-Scale Indoor Spaces 1666
Autonomous 3D reconstruction, mapping and exploration of indoor environments with a robotic arm 2383
Autonomous Detection of PV Panels Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 2729
Autonomous Free-Form Trenching Using a Walking Excavator 2171
Autonomous Human-Aware Navigation in Dense Crowds 2673
Autonomous Landing on Pipes Using Soft Gripper for Inspection and Maintenance in Outdoor Environments 1291
Autonomous Mobile Manipulation Framework for Intelligent Home Service Robots 2694
Autonomous Photogrammetry Process for Managing Stockpile Inventory with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 2780
Autonomous Safe Locomotion System for Bipedal Robot Applying Vision and Sole Reaction Force to Footstep Planning 0121
Autonomous Search for Sources of Gamma Radiation 2737
A Variable Stiffness Elbow Joint for Upper Limb Prosthesis 2266
A Video Data-Driven Approach for the Development of Active Guidance in Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgical Training 2791
A Virtual Reality Interface for an Autonomous Spray Painting UAV 2494
Avoiding Obstacles during Push Recovery Using Real-Time Vision Feedback 0628
A VR System for Immersive Teleoperation and Live Exploration with a Mobile Robot 1046
Bag of Semantic Visual Words 2762
Basic Performance of Planar Omnidirectional Crawler During Direction Switching Using Disturbance Degree of Ground Evaluation Method 2461
Bayesian Gaussian Mixture Model for Robotic Policy Imitation 2512
Bayesian Optimization for Policy Search in High-Dimensional Systems Via Automatic Domain Selection 0091
BeBOT: Bernstein Polynomial Toolkit for Trajectory Generation 1490
Bee+: A 95-Mg Four-Winged Insect-Scale Flying Robot Driven by Twinned Unimorph Actuators 2421
Behavior Change Based on Stiffness for Haptic Interface 2679
Belief-Driven Control Policy of a Drone with Microphones for Multiple Sound Source Search 1785
Belief Space Metareasoning for Exception Recovery 0836
Benchmarking and Workload Analysis of Robot Dynamics Algorithms 1641
Better Lost in Transition Than Lost in Space: SLAM State Machine 1450
Bidirectional Heuristic Search for Motion Planning with an Extend Operator 1851
Bi-Modal Hemispherical Sensor: A Unifying Solution for Three Axis Force and Contact Angle Measurement 1523
Biomimetic Wrinkled MXene Pressure Sensors towards Collision-Aware Robots 2781
Biped Robot Pelvis Kinematics Estimation Based on the Touch-Point Updating Method 0364
Black Block Recorder: Immutable Black Box Logging for Robots Via Blockchain 2303
Boosting SLAM: Combining SLAM Methodologies for Robust Localization 2746
Boundary Effect-Aware Visual Tracking for UAV with Online Enhanced Background Learning and Multi-Frame Consensus Verification 0650
Bounded-Error LQR-Trees 1519
BP Neural Network Based On-Board Training for Real-Time Locomotion Mode Recognition in Robotic Transtibial Prostheses 0393
BTEL: A Binary Tree Encoding Approach for Visual Localization 2502
Buckling-Induced Shape Morphing Using Dielectric Elastomer Actuators Patterned with Spatially-Varying Electrodes 1849
Cable-Driven 4-DOF Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot 1599
CALC2.0: Combining Appearance, Semantic and Geometric Information for Robust and Efficient Visual Loop Closure 2006
Camera Exposure Control for Robust Robot Vision with Noise-Aware Image Quality Assessment 2210
Camera Pose Estimation Based on PnL with a Known Vertical Direction 2378
Camera Pose Estimation with Semantic 3D Model 0984
Camera Zoom Control of Integrated Control Platform for Advancement of Performance Shooting System 2651
Can a Robot Become a Movie Director? Learning Artistic Principles for Aerial Cinematography 1472
Can a Robot Hear the Shape and Dimensions of a Room? 1987
Can a Social Robot Encourage Children's Self-Study? 0656
Cannot Avoid Penalty for Fluctuating Order Arrival Rate? Let's Minimize 0071
Can User-Centered Reinforcement Learning Allow a Robot to Attract Passersby without Causing Discomfort? 0691
Capillary Force Gripper for Complex Shaped Micro Objects with Fast Droplet Forming by On-Off Control of a Piston Slider 2169
Carpie: A Soft, Mechanically-Reconfigurable Worm Robot 0195
Cascaded Gaussian Processes for Data-Efficient Robot Dynamics Learning 1399
Centralized Control Architecture for Cooperative Object Transportation Using Multiple Omnidirectional AGVs 0646
Chance-Constrained Trajectory Optimization for Non-Linear Systems with Unknown Stochastic Dynamics 1216
Characterizing Environmental Interactions for Soft Growing Robots 0632
Characterizing Nanoparticle Swarms with Tuneable Concentrations for Enhanced Imaging Contrast 2203
Cheating with Robots: how at ease do they make us feel? 0757
Clock-Torqued Rolling SLIP Model and Its Application to Variable-Speed Running in a Hexapod Robot 2592
Clone Swarms: Learning to Predict and Control Multi-Robot Systems by Imitation 1337
Closed-Form Equations and Experimental Verification for Soft Robot Arm Based on Cosserat Theory 0854
Closed-Loop Force Control of a Pneumatic Gripper Actuated by Two Pressure Regulators 1068
COBRA: COllaborative Bot with multi-Rotor Actuation 0533
Cognitive Robotic Architecture for Semi-Autonomous Execution of Manipulation Tasks in a Surgical Environment 1349
Collaborative Human Augmented SLAM 0359
Collaborative Mapping with Pose Uncertainties using different Radio Frequencies and Communication Modules 0042
Collaborative Needle Insertion with Active Tissue Deformation Control 2038
Collaborative Robot Assistant for the Ergonomic Manipulation of Cumbersome Objects 0169
Collision Detection and Isolation on a Robot Using Joint Torque Sensing 1378
Combined Optimization of Gripper Finger Design and Pose Estimation Processes for Advanced Industrial Assembly 0870
Combined Task and Action Learning from Human Demonstrations for Mobile Manipulation Applications 0406
Combining Spiking Motor Primitives with a Behavior-Based Architecture to Model Locomotion for Six-Legged Robots 0494
Combining Stochastic Optimization and Frontiers for Aerial Multi-Robot Exploration of 3D Terrains 1102
Commercialization of Robot Navigation Technology for a Guidance Service in a Large and Highly-Crowded Airport 2748
Common Dimensional Autoencoder for Learning Redundant Muscle-Posture Mappings of Complex Musculoskeletal Robots 1375
Communication Constrained Cloud-Based Long-Term Visual Localization in Real Time 1016
Compact Reachability Map for Excavator Motion Planning 1922
Comparing Swimming Performances of flexible and Helical Magnetic Swimmers 0058
Comparison of Deep Reinforcement Learning Policies to Formal Methods for Moving Obstacle Avoidance 1823
Complexity Conditioned Goals for Reinforcement Learning Agents 2786
Complex Stiffness Model of Physical Human-Robot Interaction: Implications for Control of Performance Augmentation Exoskeletons 1342
Component Modularized Design of Musculoskeletal Humanoid Platform Musashi to Investigate Learning Control Systems 0124
Computational Design of Statically Balanced Planar Spring Mechanisms 2462
Computationally Efficient MPC for Cable-Driven Robot 2718
Computing 3D From-Region Visibility Using Visibility Integrity 2220
Computing a Minimal Set of T-Spanning Motion Primitives for Lattice Planners 1507
Concept and Validation of a Large-Scale Human-Machine Safety System Based on Real-Time UWB Indoor Localization 0785
Conditional Generative Neural System for Probabilistic Trajectory Prediction 0952
Configuration Modeling of a Soft Robotic Element with Selectable Bending Axes 1287
Configuration Transition Control of a Continuum Surgical Manipulator for Improved Kinematic Performance 2457
Connectivity-Preserving Swarm Teleoperation with a Tree Network 0477
Constrained Heterogeneous Vehicle Path Planning for Large-Area Coverage 1465
Constructing a Highly Interactive Vehicle Motion Dataset 1827
Contact-Based Bridge Inspection Multirotors: Design, Modelling and Control Considering the Ceiling Effect 2390
Contact Distance Estimation by Soft Active Bio-Whisker Sensor Based on Morphological Computation 2612
ContactGrasp: Functional Multi-Finger Grasp Synthesis from Contact 1159
Contact-Implicit Trajectory Optimization for Dynamic Object Manipulation 0803
Contact Skill Imitation Learning for Robot-Independent Assembly Programming 0488
Contamination Detection and Classification for an Automated Façade Cleaning Operation 2631
Context and Intention Aware Planning for Urban Driving 0640
Context-Dependent Search for Generating Paths for Redundant Manipulators in Cluttered Environments 1424
Continuous Close-Range 3D Object Pose Estimation 1380
Continuous Collision Detection for a Robotic Arm Mounted on a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot 1054
Continuous Mechanical Indexing of Single Cell Spheroids Using a Robot Integrated Microfluidic Chip 2204
Continuous Modeling of Affordances in a Symbolic Knowledge Base 1245
Continuous Neural Control Based on Integration of BCI and Adaptive Controller for Steering a Vehicle 2721
Continuous Relaxation of Symbolic Planner for One-Shot Imitation Learning 0565
Continuous-Time Collision Avoidance for Trajectory Optimization in Dynamic Environments 1904
Contour Based Reconstruction of Underwater Structures Using Sonar, Visual, Inertial, and Depth Sensor 1537
Control and Perception Framework for Deep Sea Mining Exploration 0999
Control of Nonprehensile Planar Rolling Manipulation: A Passivity-Based Approach 2607
Convolutional autoencoder for feature extraction in tactile sensing 2519
Cooperative Audio-Visual System for Localizing Micro Aerial Robots 1366
Cooperative Decentralised Circumnavigation with Application to Algalbloom Tracking 0864
Cooperative Range-Only SLAM Based on Sum of Gaussian Filter in Dynamic Environments 0842
Cooperative Schedule-Driven Intersection Control with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 1677
Co-Simulation of Mechanical Systems with Hydraulic Actuators 2743
Coupling Disturbance Compensated MIMO Control of Parallel Ankle Rehabilitation Robot Actuated by Pneumatic Muscles 0745
Covariance Pre-Integration for Delayed Measurements in Multi-Sensor Fusion 1557
Coverage Path Planning Using Path Primitive Sampling and Primitive Coverage Graph for Visual Inspection 0337
Coverage Sampling Planner for UAV-Enabled Environmental Exploration and Field Mapping 1408
Criteria for Maintaining Desired Contacts for Quasi-Static Systems 1558
Crowd-sourced Semantic Edge Mapping for Autonomous Vehicles 1701
CubeSLAM: Monocular 3-D Object SLAM 2611
Curiosity Driven Exploration for Classification in the Dark Using Tactile Sensing 2761
Curved-Voxel Clustering for Accurate Segmentation of 3D LiDAR Point Clouds with Real-Time Performance 1780
Data Association Aware Semantic Mapping and Localization Via a Viewpoint-Dependent Classifier Model 0627
Data-Based Modeling of Contact State in Robotic Assembly 2698
Data-Driven Model Predictive Control for Trajectory Tracking with a Robotic Arm 2403
Data Flow ORB-SLAM for Real-Time Performance on Embedded GPU Boards 0413
Decentralized Control for 3D M-Blocks for Path Following, Line Formation, and Light Gradient Aggregation 1308
Decentralized Pose Control of Modular Reconfigurable Robots Operating in Liquid Environments 1996
Decentralized Visual-Inertial Localization and Mapping on Mobile Devices for Augmented Reality 0461
Decoding the Perceived Difficulty of Communicated Contents by Older People: Toward Conversational Robot-Assistive Elderly Care 2507
DEDUCE: Diverse scEne Detection Methods in Unseen Challenging Environments 0590
DeepControl: Energy-Efficient Control of a Quadrotor Using a Deep Neural Network 1839
Deep Dive into Faces: Pose & Illumination Invariant Multi-Face Emotion Recognition System 0742
Deep Generative Modeling of LiDAR Data 1601
Deep Imitation Learning for Autonomous Driving in Generic Urban Scenarios with Enhanced Safety 1371
Deep Lagrangian Networks for End-To-End Learning of Energy-Based Control for Under-Actuated Systems 1042
Deep Learning-Based Mutual Detection and Collaborative Localization for Mobile Robot Fleets Using Solely 2D LIDAR Sensors 1175
Deep Learning Based Robotic Tool Detection and Articulation Estimation with Spatio-Temporal Layers 2384
Deep Learning of Proprioceptive Models for Robotic Force Estimation 0372
DeepLocNet: Deep Observation Classification and Ranging Bias Regression for Radio Positioning Systems 1961
Deep Multi-Task Learning for Anomalous Driving Detection Using CAN Bus Scalar Sensor Data 1665
Deep Neural Network Approach in Electrical Impedance Tomography-Based Real-Time Soft Tactile Sensor 0574
Deep Neural Network Based Visual Inspection with 3D Metric Measurement of Concrete Defects Using Wall-Climbing Robot 2008
Deep Orientation: Fast and Robust Upper Body Orientation Estimation for Mobile Robotic Applications 1070
DeepPCO: End-To-End Point Cloud Odometry through Deep Parallel Neural Network 1056
Deep Predictive Autonomous Driving Using Multi-Agent Joint Trajectory Prediction and Traffic Rules 2013
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Pushing and Picking in Cluttered Environment 1325
Deep Sensor Fusion for Real-Time Odometry Estimation 0421
Deep Supervised Hashing with Similar Hierarchy for Place Recognition 0365
DeepVIO: Self-Supervised Deep Learning of Monocular Visual Inertial Odometry Using 3D Geometric Constraints 0978
Deep Visual MPC-Policy Learning for Navigation 2120
Degeneracy-Aware Factors with Applications to Underwater SLAM 1187
Degeneracy in Self-Calibration Revisited and a Deep Learning Solution for Uncalibrated SLAM 1031
Delayed Output Feedback Control for Gait Assistance and Resistance Using a Robotic Exoskeleton 2338
Delayed Output Feedback Control for Gait Assistance with a Robotic Hip Exoskeleton 2609
Delivering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Using a Conversational Social Robot 1394
Dempster Shafer Grid-Based Hybrid Fusion of Virtual Lanes for Autonomous Driving 0437
Dense 3D Reconstruction for Visual Tunnel Inspection Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 0336
DensePeds: Pedestrian Tracking in Dense Crowds Using FRVO and Sparse Features 1295
Dense, Sonar-Based Reconstruction of Underwater Scenes 1471
Depth-Image-Based Textureless-Object Picking by DCNN and Visual Servoing 2619
Design a Dexterous Hand for the Logistic Robot in Bin Picking 2730
Design and Analysis of a New 3-DOF Active-Type Constant-Force Compliant Parallel Stage 0545
Design and Analysis of the All-In-One Actuation Module with Multi-Sensors 2670
Design and Characterization of a Fully Autonomous Under-Actuated Soft Batoid-Like Robot 1374
Design and Comparative Analysis of 1D Hopping Robots 1831
Design and Control of Aerial Modules for Inflight Self-disassembly 2389
Design and Control of a High-Torque and Highly-Backdrivable Hybrid Soft Exoskeleton for Knee Injury Prevention during Squatting 2493
Design and Control of a Multifunctional Ankle Exoskeleton Powered by Magnetorheological Actuators to Assist Walking, Jumping and Landing 2227
Design and Development of Compactly Folding Parallel Open-Close Gripper with Wide Stroke 1926
Design and Experiment of Dragonfly Inspired Flexible Blade to Improve Safety of Drones 2331
Design and Implementation of a Contact Aerial Manipulator System for Glass-Wall Inspection Tasks 0740
Design and Take-Off Flight of a Samara-Inspired Revolving-Wing Robot 0797
Design and Verification of a Gravity Compensated Tool Handler for Supporting an Automatic Hair Implanting Device 2367
Design and Verification of a Portable Master Manipulator Based on an Effective Workspace Analysis Framework 2096
Design, Characterization, and Mechanical Programming of Fabric-Reinforced Textile Actuators for a Soft Robotic Hand 1585
Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of an Untethered Amphibious Sea Urchin-Inspired Robot 2276
Design for Cobot-Assisted Manufacturing and Assembly (DFcoMA) 2738
Designing a Mechanical Tool for Robots with 2-Finger Parallel Grippers 2293
Design, Modeling and Control of Fully Actuated 2D Transformable Aerial Robot with 1 DoF Thrust Vectorable Link Module 1461
Design, Modeling and Testing of a Flagellum-Inspired Soft Underwater Propeller Exploiting Passive Elasticity 0641
Design, Modelling and Adaptive Control of a Novel Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Equipped with Vectored Thrusters 2660
Design, modelling and control of a novel agricultural robot with iInterlock drive system 2195
Design of a 3-DOF Linkage-Driven Underactuated Finger for Multiple Grasping 1645
Design of a Ballistically-Launched Foldable Multirotor 0511
Design of a Bipedal Hopping Robot with Morphable Inertial Tail for Agile Locomotion 2717
Design of a Compact SMA-Actuated MRI-Compatible Steerable Neurosurgical Robot 2768
Design of a Fail-Safe Wearable Robot with Novel Extendable Arms for Ergonomic Accommodation During Floor Work 1696
Design of a Growing Robot Inspired by Plant Growth 1653
Design of a Mobile Robot for the Treatment, Reuse and Removal of Manure with Monitoring of Environmental Variables for Poultry Farms 2783
Design of a Modular Continuum-Articulated Laparoscopic Robotic Tool with Decoupled Kinematics 2231
Design of an Adhesion-Aware Façade Cleaning Robot 0151
Design of a Novel Gripper System with 3D and Inkjet-Printed Multimodal Sensors for Automated Grasping of a Forestry Robot 2306
Design of a Novel Leg for a Small Tree Climbing Robot Driven by Shape Memory Alloy 2709
Design of a Semi-Humanoid Telepresence Robot for Plant Disaster Response and Prevention 1936
Design of a Variable Counterbalance Mechanism to Minimize Required Torque of Robot Arm 2622
Design of Compact Variable Gravity Compensator (CVGC) Based on Cam and Variable Pivot of a Lever Mechanism 0541
Design of Robot Leg with Variable Reduction Ratio Crossed Four-bar Linkage Mechanism 1784
Design of Soft Flexible Wire-Driven Finger Mechanism for Contact Pressure Distribution 0909
Design of Wearable Robot Focused on Contact State with Wearer 2756
DESK: A Robotic Activity Dataset for Dexterous Surgical Skills Transfer to Medical Robots 1757
Detecting Layered Structures of Partially Occluded Objects for Bin Picking 1934
Development of 3DoF Manipulators with Cable-Hydraulic Driven Actuation Modules for Large Workspace and High Payload-To-Weight 2771
Development of a Continuous Vertical-Pulling Automatic Doffing Robot for the Ring Spinning 1921
Development of Adjustable Knee Assist Device for Wearable Robot Based on Linkage and Rolling Joint 0387
Development of a Location Finding System for Minute Sound Source by Using Human Acoustic System with Stochastic Resonance 1857
Development of an adaptive hexapod robot based on Follow-the-contact-point gait control and Timekeeper control 0559
Development of an Arm Curl Machine with Variable Resistance Using Pneumatic Artificial Rubber Muscle 1928
Development of an Autonomous Sanding Robot with Structured-Light Technology 0660
Development of a Navigation Algorithm for Optimal Path Planning for Autonomous Electric Vehicles 1110
Development of a Steel Bridge Climbing Robot 1315
Development of Flexible Dual-Type Proximity Sensor with Resonant Frequency for Robotic Applications 0821
Development of Immersive VR Interface of Finger Motion without Restriction of Real Environment 2676
Development of Joint Module with Two-Speed Gear Transmission and Joint Lock Mechanism during Driving for Task Adaptable Robot 0296
Development of Load Weight and Height Classifier in Lifting-Up Task Using Body Motion Metrics 2555
Development of Micro Ultrasonic Actuator and Micro Rotor Blade for Micro Aerial Vehicle 0623
Development of Novel Bevel-Geared 5mm Articulating Wrist for Micro-Laparoscopy Instrument 2238
Did You Miss the Sign? a False Negative Alarm System for Traffic Sign Detectors 1156
Directional TSDF: Modeling Surface Orientation for Coherent Meshes 1151
Disaster Response Robot's Autonomous Manipulation of Valves in Disaster Sites Based on Visual Analyses of RGBD Images 0514
DISC: A Large-Scale Virtual Dataset for Simulating Disaster Scenarios 0018
DISCOMAN: Dataset of Indoor SCenes for Odometry, Mapping and Navigation 1019
Discrete N-Dimensional Entropy of Behavior: DNDEB 1377
DISR: Deep Infrared Spectral Restoration Algorithm for Robot Sensing and Intelligent Visual Tracking Systems 0403
Distance-Based Cooperative Relative Localization for Leader-Following Control of MAVs 2397
Distributed Dynamic Sensor Assignment of Multiple Mobile Targets 0716
Disturbance Estimation and Rejection for High-Precision Multirotor Position Control 2361
DLD: A Deep Learning Based Line Descriptor for Line Feature Matching 0049
Do Intermediate Gaits Matter When Rapidly Accelerating? 2284
Domain-Independent Unsupervised Detection of Grasp Regions to grasp Novel Objects 1689
Dot-to-Dot: Explainable Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Manipulation 0887
Double Refinement Network for Efficient Monocular Depth Estimation 1041
Driving with Style: Inverse Reinforcement Learning in General-Purpose Planning for Automated Driving 1356
Dual-Arm Assembly Planning Considering Gravitational Constraints 1859
Duckiepond: An Open Education and Research Environment for a Fleet of Autonomous Maritime Vehicles 2301
Dynamic Control for Soft Robots with Internal Constraints in the Presence of Obstacles 1384
Dynamic Density Topological Structure Generation for Real-Time Ladder Affordance Detection 0831
Dynamic Flex-And-Flip Manipulation of Deformable Linear Objects 1515
Dynamic Identification of the Franka Emika Panda Robot with Retrieval of Feasible Parameters Using Penalty-based Optimization 2443
Dynamic Input for Deep Reinforcement Learning in Autonomous Driving 1229
Dynamic Locomotion on Slippery Ground 2528
Dynamic Spatiotemporal Pattern Identification and Analysis Using a Fingertip-Based Electro-Tactile Display Array 1716
Dynamic Task Control Method of a Flexible Manipulator Using a Deep Recurrent Neural Network 0566
Dynamic Whole-Body Control of Unstable Wheeled Humanoid Robots 2252
Early Fusion for Goal Directed Robotic Vision 1150
Edge-Preserving Camera Trajectories for Improved Optical Character Recognition on Static Scenes with Text 2280
Effective Estimation of Contact Force and Torque for Vision-based Tactile Sensors with Helmholtz-Hodge Decomposition 2464
Effect of Arm Swinging and Trunk Twisting on Bipedal Locomotion 0557
Effect of Planning Period on MPC-Based Navigation for a Biped Robot in a Crowd 0382
Effect of Vibration on Twisted String Actuation through Conduit at High Bending Angles 1529
Effects of a Bio-mimicked Flapping Path on Propulsion Efficiency of Two-segmental Fish Robots 1034
Effects of a Person-Following Light-Touch Device During Overground Walking with Visual Perturbations in a Virtual Reality Environment 2498
Effects of Limb Morphology on Transient Locomotion in Quadruped Robots 2336
Efficient and Accurate Operational Space Control with Dual-Haptic Interface for Large Workspace Teleoperation 2708
Efficient and Guaranteed Planar Pose Graph Optimization Using the Complex Number Representation 0987
Efficient Autonomous Robotic Exploration with Semantic Road Map in Indoor Environments 2225
Efficient Environment Guided Approach for Exploration of Complex Environments 1085
Efficient Grasp Planning and Execution with Multi-Fingered Hands by Surface Fitting 2424
Efficient Quadrupedal Walking Via Decentralized Coordination Mechanism between Limbs and Neck 0606
Eigen-Factors: Plane Estimation for Multi-Frame and Time-Continuous Point Cloud Alignment 1499
Electrical Bio-Impedance Proximity Sensing for Vitreo-Retinal Micro-Surgery 2320
ElevateNet: A Convolutional Neural Network for Estimating the Missing Dimension in 2D Underwater Sonar Images 1249
Empirical Characterization of a High-Performance Exterior-Rotor Type Brushless DC Motor and Drive 2477
Employing Magnets to Improve the Force Exertion Capabilities of Adaptive Robot Hands in Precision Grasps 0290
Employing Whole-Body Control in Assistive Robotics 1269
Empowered Optical Inspection by Using Robotic Manipulator in Industrial Applications 1004
Enabling human-like task identification from natural conversation 0079
Endoscopic Bi-Manual Robotic Instrument Design Using a Genetic Algorithm 0816
End-To-End Driving Model for Steering Control of Autonomous Vehicles with Future Spatiotemporal Features 1524
End-To-End Sensorimotor Control Problems of AUVs with Deep Reinforcement Learning 0245
Energy-Based Adaptive Control and Learning for Patient-Aware Rehabilitation 1918
Energy-Based Hybrid Control of a Ball-Dribbling Robot 2739
Energy-Efficient Locomotion Strategies and Performance Benchmarks Using Point Mass Tensegrity Dynamics 1919
Energy Harvesting across Temporal Temperature Gradients Using Vaporization 0714
EnsembleDAgger: A Bayesian Approach to Safe Imitation Learning 0294
Enthusiastic Robots Make Better Contact 0924
Entropic Risk Measure in Policy Search 1298
Environmental Sound Segmentation Utilizing Mask U-Net 1814
Episodic Learning with Control Lyapunov Functions for Uncertain Robotic Systems 1943
EPN: Edge-Aware PointNet for Object Recognition from Multi-View 2.5D Point Clouds 1436
Ergodic Flocking 1807
Escaping Local Minima in Search-Based Planning Using Soft Duplicate Detection 1931
ESKO6d - a Binocular and RGB-D Dataset of Stored Kitchen Objects with 6d Poses 1055
Establishing Safer Human-Vehicle Visual Interaction at Night 2659
Estimating Metric Scale Visual Odometry from Videos Using 3D Convolutional Networks 1923
Estimating the Center of Mass and the Angular Momentum Derivative for Legged Locomotion ' a Recursive Approach 2585
Evaluating the Acceptability of Assistive Robots for Early Detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment 0468
Evaluation of a Large-Scale Event-Driven Robot Skin 2181
Evaluation of Hopping Robot Performance with Novel Foot Pad Design on Natural Terrain for Hopper Development 2326
Evaluation System for Hydraulic Excavator Operation Skill Using Remote Controlled Excavator and Virtual Reality 2465
EV-IMO: Motion Segmentation Dataset and Learning Pipeline for Event Cameras 1351
Executing Underspecified Actions in Real World Based on Online Projection 1112
Exo Wrist: A Soft Tendon Driven Wrist Wearable Robot with Active Anchor for Dart Throwing Motion in Hemiplegic Patients 2482
Experience Reuse with Probabilistic Movement Primitives 0485
Experimental Analysis of the Influence of Olfactory Property on Chemical Plume Tracing Performance 2126
Experimental Comparison of Open Source Visual-Inertial-Based State Estimation Algorithms in the Underwater Domain 0500
Experimental Study on Microfluidic Mixing with Trapezoidal Obstacles in a 1000-Fold Span of Reynolds Number 0099
Experimental Study on the Parameters of High-Pressure Water-Jet Cleaning on a Facade 2637
Experimental Validation of Hydraulic Interlocking Drive System for Biped Humanoid Robot 2460
Explainable One-Shot Meta-Learning to Imitate Motion Segments of Unseen Human-Robot Interactions 2765
Exploiting linearity in dynamics solvers for the design of composable robotic manipulation architectures 1717
Exploiting Sparse Semantic HD Maps for Self-Driving Vehicle Localization 0272
Explore, Approach, and Terminate: Evaluating Subtasks in Active Visual Object Search Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning 1123
Exploring Logical Consistency and Viewport Sensitivity in Compositional VQA Models 1250
Exploring Low-Level and High-Level Transfer Learning for Multi-Task Facial Recognition with a Semi-Supervised Neural Network 0765
Extending Monocular Visual Odometry to Stereo Camera Systems by Scale Optimization 1173
External Force Estimation of Human-Cooperative Robot During Object Manipulation Using Recurrent Neural Network 2614
Extrinsic Calibration of Thermal IR Camera and mmWave Radar by Exploiting Depth from RGB-D Camera 2697
FA-Harris: A Fast and Asynchronous Corner Detector for Event Cameras 1843
Fast Adaptation with Meta-Reinforcement Learning for Trust Modelling in Human-Robot Interaction 1576
Fast and Incremental Loop Closure Detection Using Proximity Graphs 0330
Fast and Robust 3-D Sound Source Localization with DSVD-PHAT 0271
Fast and Safe Policy Adaptation via Alignment-based Transfer 0563
FASTER: Fast and Safe Trajectory Planner for Flights in Unknown Environments 1577
Fast Handovers with a Robot Character: Small Sensorimotor Delays Improve Perceived Qualities 1613
Fast Manipulability Maximization Using Continuous-Time Trajectory Optimization 2317
Fast Motion Planning via Free C-space Estimation Based on Deep Neural Network 0832
Fast Perception, Planning, and Execution for a Robotic Butler: Wheeled Humanoid M-Hubo 1637
Fast Run-Time Monitoring, Replanning, and Recovery for Safe Autonomous System Operations 1274
Fast Time-Optimal Avoidance of Moving Obstacles for High-Speed MAV Flight 0030
Fast Trajectory Planning for Multiple Quadrotors Using Relative Safe Flight Corridor 1460
Fault-Tolerant Force Tracking for a Multi-Legged Robot 2672
Feasibility of Gait Entrainment to Hip Mechanical Perturbation for Locomotor Rehabilitation 0462
Feasibility of Wireless Power Transfer for Mobile Robots 2655
Feasibility Test of Exoskeleton Ankle Robot for Gait Training on Stairs for Sub-Acute Stroke Patients 2779
Feedback-Based Fabric Strip Folding 0932
Feedback MPC for Torque-Controlled Legged Robots 1021
Fiber Optic Fabry-Perot Interferometry for a Biopsy Needle with Tip Force Sensing 2710
FIESTA: Fast Incremental Euclidean Distance Fields for Online Quadrotor Motion Planning 1758
Filter Early, Match Late: Improving Network-Based Visual Place Recognition 0618
First Steps towards Full Model Based Motion Planning and Control of Quadrupeds: A Hybrid Zero Dynamics Approach 1761
FLAME: Feature-Likelihood Based Mapping and Localization for Autonomous Vehicles 0770
Flexible Layouts for Fiducial Tags 1503
Flexible Trinocular: Non-rigid Multi-Camera-IMU Dense Reconstruction for UAV Navigation and Mapping 0615
Flexure Mechanisms with Variable Stiffness and Damping Using Layer Jamming 1292
FlightGoggles: Photorealistic Sensor Simulation for Perception-Driven Robotics Using Photogrammetry and Virtual Reality 1834
Flight Recovery of MAVs with Compromised IMU 1352
Flower Interaction Subsystem for a Precision Pollination Robot 1332
Fluid Lubricated Dexterous Finger Mechanism for Human-Like Impact Absorbing Capability 2404
Flying through a Narrow Gap Using Neural Network: An End-To-End Planning and Control Approach 0784
Follow the Robot: Modeling Coupled Human-Robot Dyads During Navigation 0878
Foot with a Core-shell Structural Six-axis Force Sensor for Pedal Depressing and Recovering from Foot Slipping during Pedal Pushing Toward Autonomous Driving by Humanoids 0763
Force-And-Motion Constrained Planning for Tool Use 1619
Force Field-Based Indirect Manipulation Of UAV Flight Trajectories 1531
Force Sensitive Robotic End-Effector Using Embedded Fiber Optics andDeep Learning Characterization for Dexterous Remote Manipulation 2179
Forecasting Time-To-Collision from Monocular Video: Feasibility, Dataset, and Challenges 1358
Forest Tree Detection and Segmentation Using High Resolution Airborne LiDAR 0536
Formation of PVDF Piezoelectric Film on 3D Bellows Surface of Robotic Suction Cup for Providing Force Sensing Ability -Feasibility Study on Two Methods of Dip-Coating and Lamination 1347
Free-Space Features: Global Localization in 2D Laser SLAM Using Distance Function Maps 0438
From Pixels to Buildings: End-To-End Probabilistic Deep Networks for Large-Scale Semantic Mapping 1737
Frustum ConvNet: Sliding Frustums to Aggregate Local Point-Wise Features for Amodal 3D Object Detection 0835
Fusing Body Posture with Facial Expressions for Joint Recognition of Affect in Child-Robot Interaction 2449
Fusing Lidar Data and Aerial Imagery with Perspective Correction for Precise Localization in Urban Canyons 1311
Fusion of Passive Ferromagnetic Sensors with the Navigational Data for the Improvement of the Detection of Underwater Metal-Containing Objects 0918
GAPLE: Generalizable Approaching Policy LEarning for Robotic Object Searching in Indoor Environment 2275
Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) Based Object Detection and Tracking Using Dynamic Patch Estimation 1013
Gaze-Based Intention Anticipation Over Driving Manoeuvres in Semi-Autonomous Vehicles 1667
Gaze Training by Modulated Dropout Improves Imitation Learning 0474
General Hand Guidance Framework Using Microsoft HoloLens 0814
Generalized Contact Constraints of Hybrid Trajectory Optimization for Different Terrains and Analysis of Sensitivity to Randomized Initial Guesses 1704
Generalized Multiple Correlation Coefficient As a Similarity Measurement between Trajectories 1020
Generalized Ray-Based Lattice Generation and Graph Representation of Wrench-Closure Workspace for Arbitrary Cable-Driven Robots 2589
Generate What You Can't See - a View-Dependent Image Generation 1170
Generating a Key Pose Sequence Based on Kinematics and Statics Optimization for Manipulating a Heavy Object by a Humanoid Robot 1048
Generating an Image of an Object's Appearance from Somatosensory Information During Haptic Exploration 1339
Generating Coordinated Reach-Grasp Motions with Neural Networks 2794
Generating Grasp Poses for a High-DOF Gripper Using Neural Networks 0196
Geometric and Physical Constraints for Drone-Based Head Plane Crowd Density Estimation 0262
Geo-Referenced Semantic Point Cloud Map Using the USyd Campus Dataset 2690
GlassLoc: Plenoptic Grasp Pose Detection in Transparent Clutter 1636
GLFP: Global Localization from a Floor Plan 0727
Global Vision-Based Impedance Control for Robotic Wall Polishing 0558
Goal-Directed Behavior under Variational Predictive Coding: Dynamic Organization of Visual Attention and Working Memory 0133
GPU Accelerated Robust Scene Reconstruction 0279
GQ-STN: Optimizing One-Shot Grasp Detection Based on Robustness Classifier 1065
Graph-Based Design of Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Agents 1226
Graph-Based Path Planning for Autonomous Robotic Exploration in Subterranean Environments 1749
Graph Element Networks: A Flexible Model for Robotic Applications 2726
Grasping Unknown Objects Based on Gripper Workspace Spheres 1656
GRIP: Generative Robust Inference and Perception for Semantic Robot Manipulation in Adversarial Environments 1598
Grounding Language Attributes to Objects Using Bayesian Eigenobjects 1368
Guinea Fowl Jumping Robot with Balance Control Mechanism: Modeling, Simulation, and Experiment Results 0309
Hand-eye calibration with a remote centre of motion 2216
Hand Movement Intention Recognition Based on EMG Intensity Map and Convolutional Neural Networks 2728
Handover Process of Autonomous Driver Assist Systems - a Call for Critical Performance Assessment 2693
Haptic Guidance for Robot-Assisted Endovascular Procedures: Implementation and Evaluation on Surgical Simulator 0495
Haptic-Guided Shared Control for Needle Grasping Optimization in Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery 1234
Haptic Perception of Liquids Enclosed in Containers 1169
Haptic Shared-Control Methods for Robotic Cutting under Nonholonomic Constraints 2480
HaptiCube: A Compact 5-DoF Finger-Wearable Tactile Interface 0603
Harmonious Sampling for Mobile Manipulation Planning 1306
Heuristic-Based Multiple Mobile Depots Route Planning for Recharging Persistent Surveillance Robots 1402
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Concurrent Discovery of Compound and Composable Policies 0988
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Quadruped Locomotion 1783
Hierarchical Segmentation of Continuous Motions through sEMG Signal Analysis 2525
High-Dimensional Motion Segmentation by Variational Autoencoder and Gaussian Processes 0297
High-Fidelity Dexterous Tactile Telerobot for Intuitive Teleoperation 2727
High-Speed Humanoid Robot Arm for Badminton Using Pneumatic-Electric Hybrid Actuators 2311
High-Speed On-Chip Mixing by Micro-Vortex Generated by Controlling Local Jet Flow Using Dual Membrane Pumps 2104
High-Speed Sliding Locomotion Generation on Slippery Surface of an Indirectly Controlled Robot With Viscoelastic Body 2251
Homography-Based Deep Visual Servoing Methods for Planar Grasps 1691
Hong Hu - an Efficient and Versatile Tail-Sitter VTOL UAV Platform: Design, Implementation and Control 2678
HouseExpo: A Large-Scale 2D Indoor Layout Dataset for Learning-Based Algorithms 2719
Hovering Control of a TTURT with Thrust Vector Decomposition Technique 2640
How Can Robot's Gaze Ratio and Gaze Type Show an Awareness of Power Dynamics to the People with Whom It Is Interacting? 2506
HTetran ' a Polyabolo Inspired Self Reconfigurable Tiling Robot 1790
Human Intention Inference and On-Line Human Hand Motion Prediction for Human-Robot Collaboration 1604
Human Interactive Motion Planning for Shared Teleoperation 2703
Humanoid Robot's Force-Based Heavy Manipulation Tasks with Torque-Controlled Arms and Wrist Force Sensors 0776
Humanoid Robot Next Best View Planning under Occlusions Using Body Movement Primitives 2250
Human Robot Visual Interface for 3D Steering of a Flexible, Bio-Inspired Needle for Brain Surgery 0392
Hybrid Visual Servoing for Autonomous Robotic Laser Tattoo Removal 1208
Hysteresis Compensator with Learning-Based Pose Estimation for a Flexible Endoscopic Surgery Robot 0934
'Why Don't You Have a Wife?!' Free Format Dialogue in CRI* 2753
Identification of Rat Ultrasonic Vocalizations from Mix Sounds of a Robotic Rat in Non-Silent Environments 0746
Identification of Time-Varying and Time-Scalable Synergies from Continuous Electromyographic Patterns 2237
Identifying Opportunities for Relationship-Focused Robotic Interventions in Strained Hierarchical Relationships 0139
Ignorance Is Not Bliss: An Analysis of Central-Place Foraging Algorithms 1591
Implementation of a Natural Dynamic Controller on an Under-Actuated Compass-Biped Robot 1259
Implementing Regularized Predictive Control for Simultaneous Real-Time Footstep and Ground Reaction Force Optimization 0946
Improved Energy Efficiency Via Parallel Elastic Elements for theStraight-Legged Vertically-Compliant Robot SLIDER 2734
Improved Exploration through Latent Trajectory Optimization in Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient 1584
Improved Learning Accuracy for Learning Stable Control from Human Demonstrations 0589
Improved Mechanical Design and Simplified Motion Planning of Hybrid Active and Passive Cable-Driven Segmented Manipulator with Coupled Motion 0760
Improved Planetary Rover Inertial Navigation and Wheel Odometry Performance through Periodic Use of Zero-Type Constraints 0886
Improving 3D Object Detection for Pedestrians with Virtual Multi-View Synthesis Orientation Estimation 1574
Improving Learning-Based Ego-Motion Estimation with Homomorphism-Based Losses and Drift Correction 1310
Improving Local Trajectory Optimization by Probabilistic Movement Primitives 1128
Improving Robot Success Detection Using Static Object Data 0143
Improving Task-Parameterised Movement Learning Generalisation with Frame-Weighted Trajectory Generation 1448
IMU-Based Spectrogram Approach with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Gait Classification 2775
Inchworm-Inspired Soft Climbing Robot Using Microspine Arrays 0327
Inertial-Based Motion Capturing and Smart Training System 0587
Inference of User-Intention in Remote Robot Wheelchair Assistance Using Multimodal Interfaces 1710
INFER: INtermediate representations for FuturE pRediction 1417
Inferring Distributions Over Depth from a Single Image 0118
Influence of Parameters Uncertainties on the Positioning of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots 1005
Information Filter Occupancy Mapping Using Decomposable Radial Kernels 0695
Information-Guided Robotic Maximum Seek-And-Sample in Partially Observable Continuous Environments 2385
Informed Region Selection for Efficient UAV-Based Object Detectors: Altitude-Aware Vehicle Detection with CyCAR Dataset 1463
Infrastructure-Free NLoS Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Cars 0031
Integer Programming As a General Solution Methodology for Path-Based Optimization in Robotics: Principles, Best Practices, and Applications 0849
Intention-Driven Shoulder Rehabilitation for Targeted Neuro-Muscular Training Using an Exo-Musculoskeletal Robot 2777
Interaction-Aware Decision Making with Adaptive Strategies under Merging Scenarios 1650
Interactions with an Empathetic Agent: Regulating Emotions and Improving Engagement in Autism 2606
Interaction Templates for Multi-Robot Systems 2292
Interactive Trajectory Adaptation through Force-Guided Bayesian Optimization 0811
Introducing a Scalable and Modular Control Framework for Low-Cost Monocular Robots in Hazardous Environments 0983
Intuitive Control of a Robotic Arm and Hand System with Pneumatic Haptic Feedback 2587
Inverse Dynamics Modeling of Robotic Manipulator with Hierarchical Recurrent Network 1999
Inverse Kinematics and Sensitivity Minimization of an N-Stack Stewart Platform 1063
Inverse Optimal Planning for Air Traffic Control 1258
IRonCub: Towards Aerial Humanoid Robotics 2733
Iterative Learning Control for Fast and Accurate Position Tracking with an Articulated Soft Robotic Arm 0235
IVOA: Introspective Vision for Obstacle Avoidance 1560
JISAP: Joint Inference for Surgeon Attributes Prediction During Robot-Assisted Surgery 0540
Jointly Learnable Behavior and Trajectory Planning for Self-Driving Vehicles 1301
Joint Offset Optimization of Hip Joints in Humanoid Robots 2701
Joint Torque Estimation Toward Dynamic and Compliant Control for Gear-Driven Torque Sensorless Quadruped Robot 0201
Joint Velocity and Acceleration Estimation in Serial Chain Rigid Body and Flexible Joint Manipulators 1959
Kinematically Redundant Hybrid Robots with Simple Singularity Conditions and Analytical Inverse Kinematic Solutions 2402
Kinematic Modeling of a Soft Pneumatic Actuator Using Cubic Hermite Splines 0717
Kinematics, Design and Experimental Validation of a Novel Parallel Robot for Two-Fingered Dexterous Manipulation 0900
Kinematic Synthesis of a Serial Robotic Manipulator by Using Generalized Differential Inverse Kinematics 2579
Lambda-Field: A Continuous Counterpart of the Bayesian Occupancy Grid for Risk Assessment 0423
Laminated Foam-Based Soft Actuator for Actuatable Flexible Structure 0089
Landing of a Multirotor Aerial Vehicle on an Uneven Surface Using Multiple On-Board Manipulators 0804
Lane Marking Learning Based on Crowdsourced Data 1148
Large-Scale 6D Object Pose Estimation Dataset for Industrial Bin-Picking 0857
Lazy Compilation of Variants of Multi-Robot Path Planning with Satisfiability Modulo Theory (SMT) Approach 1422
LDLS: 3-D Object Segmentation through Label Diffusion from 2-D Images 2164
Learning 2D to 3D Lifting for Object Detection in 3D for Autonomous Vehicles 1917
Learning Actions from Human Demonstration Video for Robotic Manipulation 0994
Learning Barrier Functions for Constrained Motion Planning with Dynamical Systems 2374
Learning-Based Model Predictive Control for Autonomous Racing 2310
Learning-Based Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Reconfigurable Autonomous Robotic Boats: Roboats 0476
Learning Based Robotic Bin-Picking for Potentially Tangled Objects 2408
Learning by Demonstration and Robust Control of Dexterous In-Hand Robotic Manipulation Skills 1966
Learning Continuous Time Control Policies by Minimizing the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Residual 2685
Learning Event-Based Height from Plane and Parallax 1144
Learning Footstep Planning on Irregular Surfaces with Partial Placements 0597
Learning from Demonstration Based on a Mechanism to Utilize an Object's Invisibility 2516
Learning Generalisable Coupling Terms for Obstacle Avoidance Via Low-Dimensional Geometric Descriptors 2418
Learning Generative Socially-Aware Models of Pedestrian Motion 2395
Learning Grasp Affordance Reasoning through Semantic Relations 2527
Learning Intention Aware Online Adaptation of Movement Primitives 2468
Learning Interactive Behaviors for Musculoskeletal Robots Using Bayesian Interaction Primitives 0481
Learning Local Feature Descriptor with Motion Attribute for Vision-based Localization 0823
Learning Multimodal Representations for Sample-Efficient Recognition of Human Actions 0975
Learning Multiple Sensorimotor Units to Complete Compound Tasks Using an RNN with Multiple Attractors 2092
Learning Object Models for Non-Prehensile Manipulation 1178
Learning Physics-Based Manipulation in Clutter: Combining Image-Based Generalization and Look-Ahead Planning 1536
Learning Q-Network for Active Information Acquisition 1810
Learning Real-Time Closed Loop Robotic Reaching from Monocular Vision by Exploiting a Control Lyapunov Function Structure 0583
Learning Real-World Robot Policies by Dreaming 1155
Learning Residual Flow as Dynamic Motion from Stereo Videos 1898
Learning Safe Unlabeled Multi-Robot Planning with Motion Constraints 2531
Learning Singularity Avoidance 1516
Learning State-Dependent Sensor Measurement Models for Localization 1870
Learning the Scope of Applicability for Task Planning Knowledge in Experience-Based Planning Domains 0230
Learning to Augment Synthetic Images for Sim2Real Policy Transfer 0729
Learning to Estimate Centers of Mass of Arbitrary Objects 1592
Learning to Estimate Pose and Shape of Hand-Held Objects from RGB Images 0937
Learning to Explore in Motion and Interaction Tasks 1281
Learning to Generate Unambiguous Spatial Referring Expressions for Real-World Environments 1082
Learning to Grasp Arbitrary Household Objects from a Single Demonstration 1051
Learning Topometric Semantic Maps from Occupancy Grids 1776
Learning to Sequence Multiple Tasks with Competing Constraints 1238
Learning Via-Point Movement Primitives with Inter and Extrapolation Capabilities 1076
Learning Virtual Borders through Semantic Scene Understanding and Augmented Reality 0253
Learning Virtual Grasp with Failed Demonstrations via Bayesian Inverse Reinforcement Learning 0490
Learn to Adapt to Human Walking: A Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Approach for a Robotic Assistant Rollator 2489
LEGO: Leveraging Experience in Roadmap Generation for Sampling-Based Planning 1481
LIC-Fusion: LiDAR-Inertial-Camera Odometry 2005
LiDAR Based Navigable Region Detection for Unmanned Surface Vehicles 0582
LiDAR-Flow: Dense Scene Flow Estimation from Sparse LiDAR and Stereo Images 0972
Lifelong Federated Reinforcement Learning: A Learning Architecture for Navigation in Cloud Robotic Systems 2090
Line-Based Absolute and Relative Camera Pose Estimation in Structured Environments 0898
Loam_livox: A Robust LiDAR Odemetry and Mapping (LOAM) Package for Livox LiDAR 2663
Localization and Mapping Using Instance-Specific Mesh Models 0572
Local Online Motor Babbling: Learning Motor Abundance of a Musculoskeletal Robot Arm 0351
Local Pose Optimization with an Attention-Based Neural Network 1439
Locomotion Planning of a Variable Geometry Robot Based on Polygon-Shaped Ground Contacts 2639
Long Range Neural Navigation Policies for the Real World 2264
Long-Term Community Social Robots to Promote Social Connectedness among Older Adults 2580
Long-Term Prediction of Motion Trajectories Using Path Homology Clusters 0667
Long-Term Visual Inertial SLAM Based on Time Series Map Prediction 0893
Long-Time Self-Body Image Acquisition and Its Application to the Control of Musculoskeletal Structures 2344
Look Further to Recognize Better: Learning Shared Topics and Category-Specific Dictionaries for Open-Ended 3D Object Recognition 0127
Low-Cost Sonar Navigation System 1459
Low Level Control of a Quadrotor with Deep Model-Based Reinforcement Learning 2530
LSwarm: Efficient Collision Avoidance for Large Swarms with Coverage Constraints in Complex Urban Scenes 2370
Macro-Micro Multi-Arm Robot for Single-Port Access Surgery 2456
Magnetic-Needle-Assisted Micromanipulation of Dynamically Self-Assembled Magnetic Droplets for Cargo Transportation 2205
Magnetic Needle Steering Model Identification Using Expectation-Maximization 1099
Magnetic Sensor Based Probe for Microrobot Detection and Localization 2784
Making Sense of Audio Vibration for Liquid Height Estimation in Robotic Pouring 1118
Manipulation Motion Taxonomy and Coding for Robots 1733
Manipulation Planning with Soft Orientation Constraints Based on Composite Configuration Space 2788
Manipulation Purpose Underwater Agent Vehicle for Ghost Net Recovery Mission 1625
Map-Aware SLAM with Sparse Map Features 0178
Map Based Human Motion Prediction for People Tracking 0167
Mapping for Planetary Rovers from Terramechanics Perspective 1168
Mathematic Modeling and Optimal Design of a Magneto-Rheological Clutch for the Compliant Actuator in Physical Robot Interactions 2478
MAVNet: An Effective Semantic Segmentation Micro-Network for MAV-Based Tasks 2330
Maximum Information Bounds for Planning Active Sensing Trajectories 1273
Maximum Likelihood Path Planning for Fast Aerial Maneuvers and Collision Avoidance 0106
Measuring Engagement Elicited by Eye Contact in Human-Robot Interaction 0949
Meta-Learning for Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning 0929
Meta-World: A Benchmark and Evaluation for Multi-Task and Meta Reinforcement Learning 2686
Metric Monocular Localization Using Signed Distance Fields 0840
Miniaturization of MR Safe Pneumatic Rotational Stepper Motors 0892
Minimal Sensor Setup in Lower Limb Exoskeletons for Motion Classification Based on Multi-Modal Sensor Data 0722
Minimum $k$-Connectivity Maintenance for Robust Multi-Robot Systems 1935
Misalignment Recognition Using Markov Random Fields with Fully Connected Latent Variables for Detecting Localization Failures 2263
Mixed Reality Control of the Humanoid Robot Eve 2735
Mobile Robot Learning from Human Demonstrations with Nonlinear Model Predictive Control 1451
Mobile Robot Localization with Reinforcement Learning Map Update Decision Aided by an Absolute Indoor Positioning System 1223
Model Free Calibration of Wheeled Robots Using Gaussian Process 1795
Modeling and Force Control of a Terramechanical Wheel-Soil Contact for a Robotic Manipulator Used in the Planetary Rover Design Process 0754
Modeling and Identification for the Design of a Rotary Soft Actuator Based on Wren Mechanism 0652
Modeling, Learning and Prediction of Longitudinal Behaviors of Human-Driven Vehicles by Incorporating Internal Human Decision-Making Process Using Inverse Model Predictive Control 1284
Modeling Novel Soft Mechanosensors based on Air-Flow Measurements 2568
Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Validation of Tendon-Driven Soft-Arm Robot Configuration - a Continuum Mechanics Approach 1091
Model-Less Active Compliance for Continuum Robots Using Recurrent Neural Networks 2319
Modelling and Dynamic Tracking Control of Industrial Vehicles with Tractor-trailer Structure 1947
Modelling of Uniaxial EGaIn-Based Strain Sensors for Proprioceptive Sensing of Soft Robots 1933
Model Predictive Contouring Control for Collision Avoidance in Unstructured Dynamic Environments 2387
Model Predictive Control Based Dynamic Path Tracking of a Four-Wheel Steering Mobile Robot 1060
Model Simplification for Dynamic Control of Series-Parallel Hybrid Robots - a Representative Study on the Effects of Neglected Dynamics 1049
Modular Volumetric Actuators Using Motorized Auxetics 1643
Monocular Depth Estimation in New Environments with Absolute Scale 0759
Monocular Object and Plane SLAM in Structured Environments 2277
Monocular Outdoor Semantic Mapping with a Multi-Task Network 0174
Monocular Plan View Networks for Autonomous Driving 1829
Morphing Structure for Changing Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Soft Underwater Walking Robot 2540
Motion Decoupling and Composition Via Reduced Order Model Optimization for Dynamic Humanoid Walking with CLF-QP Based Active Force Control 0625
Motion Direction Decoding of Upper Limb from EEG Signals with a Cognitive Distraction Task 2675
Motion Planning for a Continuum Robotic Mobile Lamp: Defining and Navigating the Configuration Space 1370
Motor-Propeller Matching of Aerial Propulsion Systems for Direct Aerial-Aquatic Operation 0416
Moving Onto High Steps for a Four-Limbed Robot with Torso Contact 1965
MPERL : Hardware and Software Co-Design for Robotic Manipulators 1211
MRLift: A Semi-Active Lower Back Support Exoskeleton Based on MR Fluid and Force Retention Technology 1388
MT-RRT: A General Purpose Multithreading Library for Path Planning 0806
Multi-Agent Image Classification Via Reinforcement Learning 2003
Multicamera 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Surgical Cavities: Non-Rigid Registration and Point Classification 0585
Multi-Contact Stabilization of a Humanoid Robot for Realizing Dynamic Contact Transitions on Non-Coplanar Surfaces 1098
Multi-Controller Multi-Objective Locomotion Planning for Legged Robots 0701
Multi-DoF Force Characterization of Soft Actuators 2554
Multi-Hand Direct Manipulation of Complex Constrained Virtual Objects 0687
Multi-Layer Environmental Affordance Map for Robust Indoor Localization, Event Detection and Social Friendly Navigation 1075
Multilevel Incremental Roadmap Spanners for Reactive Motion Planning 1878
Multimodal Uncertainty Reduction for Intention Recognition in Human-Robot Interaction 0432
Multiple Hypothesis Semantic Mapping for Robust Data Association 2279
Multi-Robot Assembly Sequencing Via Discrete Optimization 1747
Multirobot Charging Strategies: A Game-Theoretic Approach 2125
Multi-Robot Distributed Digital Printing System 2795
Multi Robot Route Planning (MRRP): Extended Spatial-Temporal Prioritized Planning 0163
Multi-Sensor 6-DoF Localization for Aerial Robots in Complex GNSS-Denied Environments 1328
Multi-step Pick-And-Place Tasks Using Object-centric Dense Correspondences 1421
Multi-Vehicle Cooperative Local Mapping Using Split Covariance Intersection Filter 0869
MuSe: Multi-Sensor Integration Strategies Applied to Sequential Monte Carlo Methods 0043
Near-Contact Grasping Strategies from Awkward Poses: When Simply Closing Your Fingers Is Not Enough 0637
Neural Control with an Artificial Hormone System for Energy-Efficient Compliant Terrain Locomotion and Adaptation of Walking Robots 2584
Neural-Learning Trajectory Tracking Control of Flexible-Joint Robot Manipulators with Unknown Dynamics 1590
Neural Network Based Heterogeneous Sensor Fusion for Robot Motion Planning 0459
Neural Path Planning: Fixed Time, Near-Optimal Path Generation Via Oracle Imitation 0194
NeuroTrajectory: A Neuroevolutionary Approach to Local State Trajectory Learning for Autonomous Vehicles 2219
n-MeRCI: A New Metric to Evaluate the Correlation between Predictive Uncertainty and True Error 1624
Non-Contact Sensing of Respiratory Signals 2754
Nonlinear Optimization of Step Duration and Step Location 0950
Non-Myopic Planetary Exploration Combining in Situ and Remote Measurements 1367
Non-Parametric Mixed-Manifold Products Using Multiscale Kernel Densities 1893
Non-Uniform Robot Densities in Vibration Driven Swarms Using Phase Separation Theory 1874
Normal Distribution Mixture Matching Based Model Free Object Tracking Using 2D LIDAR 1307
Novel Lockable and Stackable Compliant Actuation Unit for Modular +SPEA Actuators 2600
Object Placement Planning and Optimization for Robot Manipulators 1756
Object Proposal Algorithms in the Wild: Are They Generalizable to Robot Perception? 1538
Object Rearrangement with Nested Nonprehensile Manipulation Actions 1431
Object Singulation Via Nonlinear Pushing for Robotic Grasping 0428
Observability Analysis of Position Estimation for Quadrotors with Modified Dynamics and Range Measurements 1690
Obstacle Avoidance Using a Capacitive Skin for Safe Human-Robot Interaction 0903
Obstacle Climbing by a Humanoid Robot Using Standing Jump Motion 2702
Obstacle Overcoming on a Façade: Novel Design of a Rotating Leg Mechanism 2634
Occlusion-Robust Deformable Object Tracking without Physics Simulation 1309
Older People Prefrontal Cortex Activation Estimates Their Perceived Difficulty of a Humanoid-Mediated Conversation 2281
Omnipush: Accurate, Diverse, Real-World Dataset of Pushing Dynamics with RGB-D Video 1101
Onboard Marker-Less Detection and Localization of Non-Cooperating Drones for Their Safe Interception by an Autonomous Aerial System 2327
On-Chip Three-Dimension Cell Rotation Using Whirling Flows Generated by Oscillating Asymmetrical Microstructures 0313
On Data Sharing Strategy for Decentralized Collaborative Visual-Inertial Simultaneous Localization and Mapping 0465
On Enhancing Ground Surface Detection from Sparse Lidar Point Cloud 0013
One-Shot Composition of Vision-Based Skills from Demonstration 0561
One-Shot Object Localization Using Learnt Visual Cues Via Siamese Networks 0353
On Flying Backwards: Preventing Run-Away of Small, Low-Speed Fixed-Wing UAVs in Strong Winds 1693
Online Active Safety for Robotic Manipulators 1732
Online and Consistent Occupancy Grid Mapping for Planning in Unknown Environments 1487
Online Motion Planning Over Multiple Homotopy Classes with Gaussian Process Inference 1340
Online Optimal Impedance Planning for Legged Robots 1763
Online Performance Prediction and Profiling of Human Activities by Observation 1033
Online Planning for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Performing Information Gathering Tasks in Large Subsea Environments 0997
Online Relative Footstep Optimization for Legged Robots Dynamic Walking Using Discrete-Time Model Predictive Control 1001
Online System Identification Algorithm without Persistent Excitation for Robotic Systems: Application to Reconfigurable Autonomous Vessels 1069
Online Trajectory Generation of a MAV for Chasing a Moving Target in 3D Dense Environments 1511
Online Trajectory Generation: Reactive Control with Return Inside an Admissible Kinematic Domain 0877
On Model-Based Adhesion Control of a Vortex Climbing Robot 1401
On Modeling the Effects of Auditory Annoyance on Driving Style and Passenger Comfort 1415
On the Bayes Filter for Shared Autonomy 2304
On the Covariance of X in AX = XB 2597
On the Effect of Semielliptical Foot Shape on the Energetic Efficiency of Passive Bipedal Gait 0873
On the Feasibility of Multi-Degree-Of-Freedom Haptic Devices Using Passive Actuators 1453
On the Tunable Sparse Graph Solver for Pose Graph Optimization in Visual SLAM Problems 1595
On Training Flexible Robots Using Deep Reinforcement Learning 1855
Operational Space Control Framework for Torque Controlled Humanoid Robots with Joint Elasticity 2529
Operation of a Pneumatic Soft Manipulator Using a Wearable Interface with Flexible Strain Sensors 2132
Opposite Treatments on Null Space: Null Space Projection vs Null Space Avoidance 2711
Optical Coherence Tomography Guided Robotic Device for Autonomous Needle Insertion in Cornea Transplant Surgery 1539
Optimal Solving of Constrained Path-Planning Problems with Graph Convolutional Networks and Optimized Tree Search 1095
Optimal Temporal Logic Planning for Multi-Robot Systems in Uncertain Semantic Maps 1083
Optimal Temporal Logic Planning with Cascading Soft Constraints 1824
Optimization Based Motion Planning for Multi-Limbed Vertical Climbing Robots 0601
Optimization Based Trajectory Planning of Mobile Cable-Driven Parallel Robots 1137
Optimization Model for Planning Precision Grasps with Multi-Fingered Hands 1892
Optimized Locomotion for Energy-Efficient Quadrupedal Robot Over Rough Terrain 2646
Optimizing Motion-Planning Problem Setup Via Bounded Evaluation with Application to Following Surgical Trajectories 1635
Orbit Characterization, Stabilization and Composition of 3D Underactuated Bipedal Walking Via Hybrid Passive Linear Inverted Pendulum Model 0624
ORBSLAM-Atlas: A Robust and Accurate Multi-Map System 0830
OREOS: Oriented Recognition of 3D Point Clouds in Outdoor Scenarios 1242
Outlier-Robust Spatial Perception: Hardness, General-Purpose Algorithms, and Guarantees 1688
Outlier-Robust State Estimation for Humanoid Robots 0433
PanopticFusion: Online Volumetric Semantic Mapping at the Level of Stuff and Things 0278
Paper-Based Modular Origami Gripper 0282
Partial Caging: A Clearance-Based Definition and Deep Learning 2217
PASS3D: Precise and Accelerated Semantic Segmentation for 3D Point Cloud 1842
Passive Inverted Ultra-Short Baseline (piUSBL) Localization: An Experimental Evaluation of Accuracy 1268
Passive Model Reduction and Switching for Fast Soft Object Simulation with Intermittent Contacts 1953
Path Planning Algorithm for a Transformation of a Shape-Morphing Wheel for a Step-Climbing 2642
Path Planning for Surgery Robot with Bidirectional Continuous Tree Search and Neural Network 0812
Path Planning with Incremental Roadmap Update for Visibility-Based Target Tracking 0673
PD based Robust Quadratic Programs for Robotic Systems 1039
Pedestrian Density Prediction for Efficient Mobile Robot Exploration 0166
People's V-Formation and Side-by-Side Model Adapted to Accompany Groups of People by Social Robots 0472
Perception As Prediction Using General Value Functions in Autonomous Driving Applications 1442
Perception of Pedestrian Avoidance Strategies of a Self-Balancing Mobile Robot 2510
Perception System Design for Low-Cost Commercial Ground Robots: Sensor Configurations, Calibration, Localization, and Mapping 2209
Performance Guarantees for Receding Horizon Search with Terminal Cost 1438
Periodic Trajectory Planning and Robust Output Zeroing Control for Underactuated Bipedal Robots with Predicted Disturbances 1623
Permanent Magnets Based Actuator for Microrobots Navigation 0839
Person-Following for Telepresence Robots Using Web Cameras 0396
Physical Fatigue Analysis of Assistive Robot Teleoperation Via Whole-Body Motion Mapping 1567
Physical Orienteering Problem for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data Collection Planning in Environments with Obstacles 2146
Piecewise Rigid Scene Flow with Implicit Motion Segmentation 1418
Pixel-Attentive Policy Gradient for Multi-Fingered Grasping in Cluttered Scenes 0252
Pixels to Plans: Learning Non-Prehensile Manipulation by Imitating a Planner 1386
Planning Beyond the Sensing Horizon Using a Learned Context 1586
Planning High-Quality Motions for Concentric Tube Robots in Point Clouds via Parallel Sampling and Optimization 1365
Planning in Stochastic Environments with Goal Uncertainty 0943
Planning Reactive Manipulation in Dynamic Environments 0643
Plant Phenotyping by Deep-Learning Based Planner for Multi-Robots 2176
Plasticity in Collective Decision-Making for Robots: Creating Global Reference Frames, Detecting Dynamic Environments, and Preventing Lock-Ins 1968
PnS: A Perspective-n-Spheres Algorithm for Laparoscope Calibration in Minimally Invasive Surgery 0752
PointAtrousNet: Point Atrous Convolution for Point Cloud Analysis 2290
Policy Distillation and Value Matching in Multiagent Reinforcement Learning 1867
Port-Hamiltonian Passivity-Based Control on SE(3) of a Fully-Actuated UAV for Aerial Physical Interaction Near-Hovering 2434
Pose-Aware Placing with Semantic Labels - Brandname-Based Affordance Prediction and Cooperative Dual-Arm Active Manipulation 0208
Pose Estimation for Omni-Directional Cameras Using Sinusoid Fitting 1527
Pose-Graph Based Indoor Navigation Test for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Navigation 2760
Position-Based Control of Under-Constrained Haptics: A System for the Dexmo Glove 2496
Position-Based Monocular Visual Servoing of an Unknown Target Using Online Self-Supervised Learning 1902
Position Control of Wire-Suspended Hand for Long-Reach Aerial Manipulation 2674
PPRNet: Point-Wise Pose Regression Network for Instance Segmentation and 6D Pose Estimation in Bin-Picking Scenarios 0342
Precise Correntropy-Based 3D Object Modelling with Geometrical Traffic Prior 1593
Precision Modeling and Optimally-Safe Design of Quadcopters for Controlled Crash Landing in Case of Rotor Failure 1618
Precision Pouring into Unknown Containers by Service Robots 0756
Predicting Grasp Success with a Soft Sensing Skin and Shape-Memory Actuated Gripper 2309
Prediction of Human Arm Target for Robot Reaching Movements 0219
Predictive and Adaptive Maps for Long-Term Visual Navigation in Changing Environments 0005
Predictive Inverse Kinematics for Redundant Manipulators with Task Scaling and Kinematic Constraints 2601
Predictive Inverse Kinematics: Optimizing Future Trajectory through Implicit Time Integration and Future Jacobian Estimation 0519
Predictive Optimization of Assistive Force on Admittance Control-Based Mobile Walking Support System 2487
Preliminary Evaluation of an Orbital Camera for Teleoperation of Remote Manipulators 1088
Preliminary Investigation about Relationship between Perceived Intimacy and Touch Characteristics 2671
Preliminary Results of Active Compression Sleeve Using Wire and Fabric Mechanism 2700
Preliminary Study for Developing a Vision-Based Detection System of Unmanned Surface Vessels 2705
Pressure-Driven Body Compliance Using Robot Skin 2425
Printing-While-Moving: A New Paradigm for Large-Scale Robotic 3D Printing 0347
Privacy-Preserving Robot Vision with Anonymized Faces by Extreme Low Resolution 1845
Probabilistic Risk Metrics for Navigating Occluded Intersections 2394
Proposal of a Peristaltic Motion Type Duct Cleaning Robot for Traveling in a Flexible Pipe 2533
Proto-Object Based Saliency for Event-Driven Cameras 1195
qpSWIFT : A Real-Time Sparse Quadratic Program Solver for Robotic Applications 2157
Quaternion-based Smooth Trajectory Generator for Via Poses in SE(3) Considering Kinematic Limits in Cartesian Space 2386
Quickly Inserting Pegs into Uncertain Holes Using Multi-View Images and Deep Network Trained on Synthetic Data 2308
Radar SLAM for Indoor Disaster Environments Via Multi-Modal Registration to Prior LiDAR Map 0355
Randomized Sensor Selection for Nonlinear Systems with Application to Target Localization 2504
Range-Limited, Distributed Algorithms on Higher-Order Voronoi Partitions in Multi-Robot Systems 0509
RangeNet++: Fast and Accurate LiDAR Semantic Segmentation 0346
Rapid and Robust Monocular Visual-Inertial Initialization with Gravity Estimation via Vertical Edges 1687
Rapid Collision Detection for Multicopter Trajectories 1449
Rapid Design of Mechanical Logic Based on Quasi-Static Electromechanical Modeling 1304
Rapid Estimation of Optical Properties for Simulation-Based Evaluation of Pose Estimation Performance 0671
Rapid Trajectory Optimization Using C-FROST with Illustration on a Cassie-Series Dynamic Walking Biped 1651
Reactive Interaction through Body Motion and the Phase-State-Machine 0427
Real-Time 6D Object Pose Estimation on CPU 0189
Real-Time Biped Walking-Pattern Generation by Spline Collocation 2706
Realtime Contact Dynamics for Continuum Arms Using Physics Engines 2776
Real-Time Dense Depth Estimation Using Semantically-Guided LIDAR Data Propagation and Motion Stereo 2260
Real-Time Detection of Distracted Driving Using Dual Cameras 2668
Real-Time Global Registration for Globally Consistent RGB-D SLAM 2577
Real-Time Model-Based Image Color Correction for Underwater Robots 1775
Real-Time Monitoring of Human Task Advancement 0888
Real-Time Quad-Rotor Path Planning Using Convex Optimization and Compound State-Triggered Constraints 2315
Real-Time Sampling-Based Optimization on FPGA for Accurate Grid Map Merging in Embedded Robotic Systems 2714
Rebellion and Obedience: The Effects of Intention Prediction in Cooperative Handheld Robots 0968
Recalling Candidates of Grasping Method from an Object Image Using Neural Network 0875
Reconfiguration Motion Planning for Variable Topology Truss 1830
Reconstructing Endovascular Catheter Interaction Forces in 3D Using Multicore Optical Shape Sensors 2136
Recurrent Convolutional Fusion for RGB-D Object Recognition 2138
Redundant Resolution Method of an Underwater Manipulation for Disturbance Rejection 2641
ReFusion: 3D Reconstruction in Dynamic Environments for RGB-D Cameras Exploiting Residuals 0135
Region-Wise Polynomial Regression for 3D Mobile Gaze Estimation 0223
Regressing Noisy Joint States from Visual Data Using CNN 2665
Reinforcement Learning Boat Autopilot: A Sample-Efficient and Model Predictive Control Based Approach 2313
Reinforcement Learning of Trajectory Distributions: Applications in Assisted Teleoperation and Motion Planning 2550
Relaxing the Conservatism of Passivity Condition for Impedance Controlled Series Elastic Actuators 2312
Remote Center Motion of a Surgical Assisted Robot for In-Situ Collaboration 2654
Representation Learning via Parallel Subset Reconstruction for 3D Point Cloud Generation 0053
Representing Robot Task Plans As Robust Logical-Dynamical Systems 1703
Research on Finite Ground Effect of a Rotor 1709
ResFlow: Multi-Tasking of Sequentially Pooling Spatiotemporal Features for Action Recognition and Optical Flow Estimation 0410
Resilience by Reconfiguration: Exploiting Heterogeneity in Robot Teams 2108
Resolving Elevation Ambiguity in 1-D Radar Array Measurements Using Deep Learning 2086
Responsive Joint Attention in Human-Robot Interaction 0028
ResQbot 2.0: A Mobile Stretcher Bed Robot with Neck Securing Device for Safe Casualty Extraction 2716
Retrieval-Based Localization Based on Domain-Invariant Feature Learning under Changing Environments 1695
RGB-To-TSDF: Direct TSDF Prediction from a Single RGB Image for Dense 3D Reconstruction 0378
Right of Way, Assertiveness and Social Recognition in Human-Robot Doorway Interaction 1564
RINS-W: Robust Inertial Navigation System on Wheels 0067
RISE-SLAM: A Resource-Aware Inverse Schmidt Estimator for SLAM 0283
Risk-Aware Motion Planning and Control Using CVaR-Constrained Optimization 2316
Riverine Coverage with an Autonomous Surface Vehicle Over Known Environments 0502
Roboat: An Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Urban Waterways 0188
Robot-Assisted Composite Manufacturing Using Deep Learning and Multi-View Computer Vision 2732
Robot Audition Approaches to Field Observation of Bird Songs 2682
Robot-Based Machining of Unmodeled Objects via Feature Detection in Dense Point Clouds 0960
Robot-Based Strategy for Objective Assessment of Motor Impairments 2649
Robot-Enhanced Therapy: Development and Validation of a Supervised Autonomous Robotic System for Autism Spectrum Disorders Therapy 2500
Robot Finger with Remote Center of Motion Mechanism for Covering Joints with Thick Skin 2151
Robot'Robot Gesturing for Anchoring Representations 2605
Robotic Cutting of Solids Based on Fracture Mechanics and FEM 1501
Robotic Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Surgery Platform on dVRK 2772
Robotic Tracking Control with Kernel Trick-Based Reinforcement Learning 0381
Robotic Ultrasound for Catheter Navigation in Endovascular Procedures 0487
Robot Learning of Shifting Objects for Grasping in Cluttered Environments 0482
Robot Learning Via Human Adversarial Games 1400
Robot Localization in Floor Plans Using a Room Layout Edge Extraction Network 1403
Robot Localization Via Odometry-Assisted Ultra-Wideband Ranging with Stochastic Guarantees 1037
Robots That Take Advantage of Human Trust 1277
Robust and Adaptive Lower Limb Prosthesis Control Via Extended Kalman Filter-Based Phase Estimation 2097
Robust and Efficient Quadrotor Trajectory Generation for Fast Autonomous Flight 2377
Robust and Efficient Vehicles Motion Estimation with Low-Cost Multi-Camera and Odometer-Gyroscope 1803
Robust, Compliant Assembly with Elastic Parts and Model Uncertainty 1059
Robust Deformation Model Approximation for Robotic Cable Manipulation 1626
Robust Grasp Planning Over Uncertain Shape Completions 0761
Robust Hand-Eye Calibration via Iteratively Re-weighted Rank-Constrained Semi-Definite Programming 2026
Robust High Accuracy Visual-Inertial-Laser SLAM System 0971
Robust Impedance Shaping of Redundant Teleoperators with Time-Delay Via Sliding Mode Control 1203
Robust Legged Robot State Estimation Using Factor Graph Optimization 2582
Robust Loop Closure Detection Based on Bag of SuperPoints and Graph Verification 1544
Robust Moving Path Following Control for Robotic Vehicles: Theory and Experiments 2295
Robust Non-Rigid Point Set Registration Algorithm Considering Anisotropic Uncertainties Based on Coherent Point Drift 1673
Robust Outdoor Self-Localization in Changing Environments 1163
Robust Real-Time RGB-D Visual Odometry in Dynamic Environments Via Rigid Motion Model 1254
Robust Trajectory Planning for a Multirotor against Disturbance based on Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability Analysis 1801
Robust UAV Localization Around the Large Scale Facilities with Multiple Subsidiary UAVs 2757
Robust UAV Position and Attitude Estimation Using Multiple GNSS Receivers for Laser-Based 3D Mapping 0577
RoFICoM -- First Open-Hardware Connector for Metamorphic Robots 0354
ROI-Based Robotic Grasp Detection for Object Overlapping Scenes 0190
Rolling-Shutter Modelling for Direct Visual-Inertial Odometry 0350
RONet: Real-Time Range-Only Indoor Localization Via Stacked Bidirectional LSTM with Residual Attention 2267
Routing a Fleet of Automated Vehicles in a Capacitated Transportation Network 0931
Safe Path Planning with Gaussian Process Regulated Risk Map 0706
Safe Physical HRI: Toward a Unified Treatment of Speed and Separation Monitoring Together with Power and Force Limiting 2490
SailMAV: Design and Implementation of a Novel Multi-Modal Flying Sailing Robot 2599
Sample-Efficient Deep Reinforcement Learning with Imaginary Rollouts for Human-Robot Interaction 0933
Sample Efficient Interactive End-To-End Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars with Selective Multi-Class Safe Dataset Aggregation 1303
Sampling-Based Motion Planning for Aerial Pick-And-Place 1504
Sampling-Based Motion Planning of 3D Solid Objects Guided by Multiple Approximate Solutions 1108
Sampling-Based Path Planning for Cooperative Autonomous Maritime Vehicles to Reduce Uncertainty in Range-Only Localisation 2223
Scaffold-Based Asynchronous Distributed Self-Reconfiguration by Continuous Module Flow 0990
Scaling Robot Supervision to Hundreds of Hours with RoboTurk: Robotic Manipulation Dataset through Human Reasoning and Dexterity 1251
Scheduling of Mobile Workstations for Overlapping Production Time and Delivery Time 0586
Seeing behind Things: Extending Semantic Segmentation to Occluded Regions 1433
Seeing Beyond Appearance ' Mapping Real Images into Geometrical Domains for Unsupervised CAD-Based Recognition 1124
Seeking the Analytical Approximation of the Stance Dynamics of the 3D Spring-Loaded Inverted Pendulum Model by Using Perturbation Approach 0633
Segregation and Flow of Modules in a Robot Swarm Utilising the Brazil Nut Effect 0622
Self-Calibration and Learning on Chip: Towards Neuromorphic Robots 2752
Self-Collision Detection and Avoidance for Dual-Arm Concentric Tube Robots 2523
Self-Modeling Tracking Control of Crawler Fire Fighting Robot Based on Causal Network 0419
Self-Organised Flocking in Robotic Swarm Based on Active Elastic Sheet 2625
Self-Organized Adaptive Paths in Multi-Robot Manufacturing: Reconfigurable and Pattern-Independent Fibre Deployment 1952
Self-Specialization of General Robot Plans Based on Experience 2508
Self-Supervised 3D Shape and Viewpoint Estimation from Single Images for Robotics 0758
Self-Supervised Transfer Learning for Instance Segmentation through Physical Interaction 1890
Semantically Assisted Loop Closure in SLAM Using NDT Histograms 0879
Semantic Mates: Intuitive Geometric Constraints for Efficient Assembly Specifications 0478
Semantic Segmentation Using GAN and Weakly Supervised Based on Deep Transfer Learning 2618
Semi-Autonomous Interventional Manipulation Using Pneumatically Attachable Flexible Rails 0871
Sensitivity of Legged Balance Control to Uncertainties and Sampling Period 2349
Sensor Installation and Retrieval Operations Using an Unmanned Aerial Manipulator 2558
Sensorless Estimation of the Planar Distal Shape of a Tip-Actuated Endoscope 2497
SeqLPD: Sequence Matching Enhanced Loop-Closure Detection Based on Large-Scale Point Cloud Description for Self-Driving Vehicles 1907
Sequential Clustering for Tactile Image Compression to Enable Direct Adaptive Feedback 1971
Setup and Method for Remote Center of Motion Positioning Guidance During Robot-Assisted Surgery 2447
SGANVO: Unsupervised Deep Visual Odometry and Depth Estimation with Stacked Generative Adversarial Networks 2427
Shared Autonomy of a Flexible Manipulator in Constrained Endoluminal Surgical Tasks 2232
Shared Controller for Obstacle Avoidance of Manipulator for Teleopeartion System 2662
Sharing Is Caring: Socially-Compliant Autonomous Intersection Negotiation 1136
Siamese Convolutional Neural Network for Sub-Millimeter-Accurate Camera Pose Estimation and Visual Servoing 1514
SilhoNet: An RGB Method for 6D Object Pose Estimation 2334
SIMDop: SIMD Optimized Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Collision Detection 0940
Simitate: A Hybrid Imitation Learning Benchmark 0497
Sim-To-(Multi)-Real: Transfer of Low-Level Robust Control Policies to Multiple Quadrotors 1589
Sim-To-Real Learning for Casualty Detection from Ground Projected Point Cloud Data 1239
Sim-To-Real Transfer for Biped Locomotion 1040
Simulation-Based Physics Reasoning for Consistent Scene Estimation in an HRI Context 1050
Simultaneous Drone Localisation and Wind Turbine Model Fitting During Autonomous Surface Inspection 0648
Simultaneous Transparent and Non-Transparent Objects Segmentation with Multispectral Scenes 0694
Single-Hand Movement Direction Decoding from EEG Signals under Opposite-Hand Movement Distraction 2627
Single Motor-Based Bidirectional Twisted String Actuation with Variable Radius Pulleys 2412
Situation Awareness for Proactive Robots in HRI 0967
Six DoF Pose Estimation for a Tendon-Driven Continuum Mechanism without a Deformation Model 2347
Skill Interaction Categories for Communication in Flexible Human-Robot Teams 0338
Small-Scale Compliant Dual Arm with Tail for Winged Aerial Robots 1409
Soft Action Particle Deep Reinforcement Learning for a Continuous Action Space 0588
Soft Pneumatic Helical Actuator with High Contraction Ratio 2538
Soft Polymer-Electrolyte-Fuel-Cell Tube Realizing Air-Hose-Free Thin McKibben Muscles 2520
SP2 (spherically-Stratified-Points Projection): Generating Novel Images for 3D Point Cloud Segmentation 2696
Sparse-3D Lidar Outdoor Map-Based Autonomous Vehicle Localization 0595
Sparse Depth Enhanced Direct Thermal-Infrared SLAM Beyond the Visible Spectrum 2278
Spatiotemporal Learning of Directional Uncertainty in Urban Environments with Kernel Recurrent Mixture Density Networks 2197
Spatiotemporal Representation of Dynamic Scenes 1228
Specification-Based Maneuvering of Quadcopters through Hoops 1297
Specifying and Synthesizing Human-Robot Handovers 1397
Spiking Neural Network on Neuromorphic Hardware for Energy-Efficient Unidimensional SLAM 1452
SpineBot: Pneumatically Actuated Muscle 2620
Spine-Inspired Continuum Soft Exoskeleton for Stoop Lifting Assistance 2588
Spiral Zipper Manipulator for Aerial Grasping and Manipulation 1937
Stability and Gait Switching of Underactuated Biped Walkers 0520
Stair Environment Mapping and Walk-Able Plane Detecting Algorithm for Quadrupedal Robot's Locomotion 2712
StarNet: Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Using Deep Neural Network in Star Topology 0199
State Representation Learning with Robotic Priors for Partially Observable Environments 1302
Static Analysis on the Modular Detachable Climbing Robot for All Wall-To-Wall Transitions 2633
Statistical Coverage Control of Mobile Sensor Networks 2604
Stereo Visual Inertial LiDAR Simultaneous Localization and Mapping 2562
Stereo Visual-Inertial SLAM Using Graph-Based Optimization 2621
Stiffness Bounds for Resilient and Stable Physical Interaction of Articulated Soft Robots 2429
Stochastic Path Planning for Autonomous Underwater Gliders with Safety Constraints 1317
Stochastic Sampling Simulation for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction 2419
Structured Classification of Locomotion Modes for Wearable Robot Control 2653
Structured Reward Shaping Using Signal Temporal Logic Specifications 1818
Study on Elastic Elements Allocation for Energy-Efficient Robotic Cheetah Leg 0928
Study on Performance of Marker Detection Via Training Data Augmentation of Partial Distortion in Underwater Sonar Image 2687
Study on Stumbles of the Elderly from a Depth Perception Dependency Test 1812
Submodular Optimization for Coupled Task Allocation and Intermittent Deployment Problems 2134
Subspace-Based Direct Visual Servoing 2161
SuMa++: Efficient LiDAR-Based Semantic SLAM 0228
SVIn2: An Underwater SLAM System Using Sonar, Visual, Inertial, and Depth Sensor 0269
Synchronizing Virtual Constraints and Preview Controller: A Walking Pattern Generator for the Humanoid Robot COMAN+ 1061
Synergy-Based Control for Multi-Fingered Hands Using Selected Joint Spaces 2688
Synthesizing Robot Manipulation Programs from a Single Observed Human Demonstration 0328
Systematic Benchmarking for Reproducibility of Computer Vision Algorithms for Real-Time Systems: The Example of Optic Flow Estimation 0506
Tactile-Based Insertion for Dense Box-Packing 1881
Tactile Localization for Unknown and Known Objects 2628
Talk to the Vehicle: Language Conditioned Autonomous Navigation of Self Driving Cars 1765
Target Classification and Prediction of Unguided Rocket Trajectories Using Deep Neural Networks 2723
Target Tracking of Moving and Rotating Object by High-Speed Monocular Active Vision 2692
Task-Motion Planning with Reinforcement Learning for Adaptable Mobile Service Robots 1443
Task-Oriented Grasping in Object Stacking Scenes with CRF-Based Semantic Model 0663
Task-Specific Self-Body Controller Acquisition by Musculoskeletal Humanoids: Application to Pedal Control in Autonomous Driving 0109
Teaching a Drone to Accompany a Person from Demonstrations Using Non-Linear ASFM 1107
Teleoperating Robots from the International Space Station: Microgravity Effects on Performance with Force Feedback 0370
TendencyRL: Multi-Stage Discriminative Hints for Efficient Goal-Oriented Reverse Curriculum Learning 0532
TerrainFusion: Real-Time Digital Surface Model Reconstruction Based on Monocular SLAM 0786
The ANBOT: An Intelligent Robotic Co-Worker for Industrial Abrasive Blasting 1497
The ARMM System: Demonstrating Clinical Feasibility in Steering Magnetically Actuated Catheters in Endovascular Applications 2648
The Combination Function for Multi-Leg Modular Robot, Bio-Mimicked from Ant's Behavior 2657
The Compliant Joint Toolbox for MATLAB: An Introduction with Examples 2574
The CoSTAR Block Stacking Dataset: Learning with Workspace Constraints 1236
The Impact of Domain Randomization on Object Detection: Case Study on Parametric Shapes and Synthetic Textures 1333
The MaSTr1325 Dataset for Training Deep USV Obstacle Detection Models 1480
Theoretical Foundation for Design of Friction-Tunable Soft Finger with Wrinkle's Morphology 2518
The RGB-D Triathlon: Towards Agile Visual Toolboxes for Robots 2357
Thermal-Inertial Odometry for Autonomous Flight Throughout the Night 1819
The Road is Enough! Extrinsic Calibration of Non-overlapping Stereo Camera and LiDAR using Road Information 2213
The Robot Show Must Go On: Effective Responses to Robot Failures 1280
The Role of Robot Payload in the Safety Map Framework 1984
The "Smellicopter, " a Bio-Hybrid Odor Localizing Nano Air Vehicle 2245
The Stability of Human Supervisory Control Operator Behavioral Models Using Hidden Markov Models 1015
Three-Degrees-Of-Freedom Passive Gravity Compensation Mechanism Applicable to Robotic Arm with Remote Center of Motion for Minimally Invasive Surgery 2239
Timed-Elastic Bands for Manipulation Motion Planning 2371
Timed-Elastic Smooth Curve Optimization for Mobile-Base Motion Planning 1549
Time-Delay Compensation Using Energy Tank for Satellite Dynamics Robotic Simulators 1116
Time-Optimal Path Tracking for Jerk Controlled Robots 2375
Time-Optimal Trajectory Generation for Dynamic Vehicles: A Bilevel Optimization Approach 1850
Timepix Radiation Detector for Autonomous Radiation Localization and Mapping by Micro Unmanned Vehicles 2593
Time Series Motion Generation Considering Long Short-Term Motion 1608
Time-Varying Graph Patrolling against Attackers with Locally Limited and Imperfect Observation Models 0553
TIMTAM: Tunnel-Image Texturally-Accorded Mosaic for Location Refinement of Underground Vehicles with a Single Camera 2561
TIP Model: A Combination of Unstable Subsystems for Lateral Balance in Walking 1354
Torso-Mounted Vibrotactile Interface to Experimentally Induce Illusory Own-Body Perceptions 0367
Toward a Ballbot for Physically Leading People: A Human-Centered Approach 0920
Toward a Bipedal Robot with Variable Gait Styles: Sagittal Forces Analysis in a Planar Simulation and a Prototype Ball-Tray Mechanism 1446
Toward Achieving Formal Guarantees for Human-Aware Controllers in Human-Robot Interaction 1096
Toward Affordance Detection and Ranking on Novel Objects for Real-World Robotic Manipulation 2318
Toward a Human-Machine Interface Based on Electrical Impedance Tomography for Robotic Manipulator Control 0596
Toward an Efficient Hybrid Interaction Paradigm for Object Manipulation in Optical See-Through Mixed Reality 0084
Toward a Versatile Robotic Platform for Fluoroscopy and MRI-Guided Endovascular Interventions: A Pre-Clinical Study 1894
Toward Controllable Morphogenesis in Large Robot Swarms 2193
Toward Improving Patient Safety and Surgeon Comfort in a Synergic Robot-Assisted Eye Surgery: A Comparative Study 2256
Toward Model-Based Benchmarking of Robot Components 1224
Towards Active Stabilization of Probe-Based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy Using a Handheld Micromanipulator 2680
Towards a General Framework for Generating Stable and Flexible Locomotion Skills 2736
Towards a Generic in Vivo in Situ Camera Lens Cleaning Module for Laparoscopic Surgery 0073
Towards an Assisted Robotic Platform for Soft Neural Tissue Interaction 2770
Towards a Natural Motion Generator: A Pipeline to Control a Humanoid Based on Motion Data 1573
Towards an Autonomous Unwrapping System for Intralogistics 2444
Towards an Open-Source Micro Robot Oceanarium: A Low-Cost, Modular, and Mobile Underwater Motion-Capture System 1925
Towards a Robot Architecture for Situated Lifelong Object Learning 1429
Towards a Robust Aerial Cinematography Platform: Localizing and Tracking Moving Targets in Unstructured Environments 1607
Towards Autonomous Industrial-Scale Bathymetric Surveying 1353
Towards Ergonomic Control of Collaborative Effort in Multi-Human Mobile-Robot Teams 0899
Towards Explainable Shared Control Using Augmented Reality 0448
Towards Generalizing Sensorimotor Control Across Weather Conditions 0954
Towards Jumping Locomotion for Quadruped Robots on the Moon 0801
Towards Learning Trajectory Segmentation through Semi-Supervised Learning 2767
Towards More Realistic Human-Robot Conversation: A Seq2Seq-Based Body Gesture Interaction System 1420
Towards Reversible Dynamic Movement Primitives 0753
Towards the Design and Development of a Pediatric Neuroendoscope Tool 1125
T-PFC: A Trajectory-Optimized Perturbation Feedback Control Approach 2388
Tracking Control of Fully-Constrained Cable-Driven Parallel Robots Using Adaptive Dynamic Programming 0777
Training in Task Space to Speed Up and Guide Reinforcement Learning 0186
Trajectory Estimation for Geo-Fencing Applications on Small-Size Fixed-Wing UAVs 1209
Trajectory Optimization for Legged Robots with Slipping Motions 2145
Trajectory Optimization for Unknown Constrained Systems Using Reinforcement Learning 1077
Trajectory Planning for a Bat-Like Flapping Wing Robot 0863
Transferable Trial-Minimizing Progressive Peg-In-Hole Model 0232
Transfer learning for vision-based tactile sensing 0248
Trust but Verify: A Distributed Algorithm for Multi-Robot Wireframe Exploration and Mapping 0720
Tunable Contact Conditions and Grasp Hydrodynamics Using Gentle Fingertip Suction 2575
Twin Kinematics Approach for Robotic-Assisted Tele-Echography 1979
Two-View Fusion Based Convolutional Neural Network for Urban Road Detection 0198
TZC: Efficient Inter-Process Communication for Robotics Middleware with Partial Serialization 0386
UAV Landing at an Unknown Location Marked by a Radio Beacon 1512
Uncertainty-Aware Imitation Learning Using Kernelized Movement Primitives 0255
Underactuated Gripper with Forearm Roll Estimation for Human Limbs Manipulation in Rescue Robotics 1320
Understanding Multi-Robot Systems: On the Concept of Legibility 0435
Understanding Natural Language Instructions for Fetching Daily Objects Using GAN-Based Multimodal Target-Source Classification 2288
Unified Balance Control for Biped Robots Including Modification of Footsteps with Angular Momentum and Falling Detection Based on Capturability 0126
Unified Human-Robot Shared Control with Application to Haptic Telemanipulation 1748
Unstructured Terrain Navigation and Topographic Mapping with a Low-Cost Mobile Cuboid Robot 0164
Unsupervised Task Segmentation Approach for Bimanual Surgical Tasks Using Spatiotemporal and Variance Properties 1244
Unsupervised Traffic Accident Detection in First-Person Videos 1278
Untethered Quadrupedal Hopping on a Trampoline 2677
Upper-Limb Joint Angle Estimation Method with Commercial Depth Sensor for Planar Robot-Aided Reaching Movement 2766
Upper Limb Motion Simulation Algorithm for Prosthesis Prescription and Training 1052
Urban Street Trajectory Prediction with Multi-Class LSTM Networks 2691
Use of Deep Learning Based on Recurrent Neural Network for Modeling of Characteristics of a Pneumatic Artificial Muscle 2617
Variable Configuration Planner for Legged-Rolling Obstacle Negotiation Locomotion: Application on the CENTAURO Robot 0134
Variable Impedance in End-Effector Space: An Action Space for Reinforcement Learning in Contact-Rich Tasks 1610
Various Sized Obstacle and Stair Climbing Robot by Wheel Transformation: Prototype and Experimental Results 2644
Vehicular Multi-Camera Sensor System for Automated Visual Inspection of Electric Power Distribution Equipment 1736
View Management for Lifelong Visual Maps 0649
View Sharing to Enhance Driving Safety through Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication 2667
ViLiVO: Virtual LiDAR-Visual Odometry for an Autonomous Vehicle with a Multi-Camera System 2025
Virtual Lane Boundary Generation for Human-Compatible Autonomous Driving: A Tight Coupling between Perception and Planning 1364
Virtual Maps for Autonomous Exploration with Pose SLAM 1215
Virtual-Mass-Ellipsoid Inverted Pendulum Model and Its Applications to 3D Bipedal Locomotion on Uneven Terrains 0739
Virtual Region Based Multi-Robot Path Planning in an Unknown Occluded Environment 2127
Vision-Aided Localization for Ground Robots 0314
Vision-Based Automatic Control of a 5-Fingered Simulated Assistive Robotic Manipulator for Activities of Daily Living 0805
Vision-Based Estimation of Driving Energy for Planetary Rovers Using Deep Learning and Terramechanics 2329
Vision-Based Magnetic Platform for Actuator Positioning and Wireless Control of Microrobots 0479
Vision-Based Virtual Fixtures Generation for Robotic-Assisted Polyp Dissection Procedures 1167
Visual-Based Autonomous Driving Deployment from a Stochastic and Uncertainty-Aware Perspective 0055
Visual Domain Adaptation Exploiting Confidence-Samples 0222
Visual-Inertial Localization with Prior LiDAR Map Constraints 2271
Visual-Inertial Odometry Tightly Coupled with Wheel Encoder Adopting Robust Initialization and Online Extrinsic Calibration 0614
Visual-Inertial Odometry with Point and Line Features 1809
Visual-Inertial On-Board Throw-And-Go Initialization for Micro Air Vehicles 1957
Visual Servo Control of a Novel Magnetic Actuated Endoscope for Uniportal Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery 2228
Visual Servoing of Miniature Magnetic Film Swimming Robots for 3D Arbitrary Path Following 2521
Voice-Controlled Flexible Exotendon (FLEXotendon) Glove for Hand Rehabilitation 1130
Volumetric Instance-Aware Semantic Mapping and 3D Object Discovery 2118
Volumetric Tree*: Adaptive Sparse Graph for Effective Exploration of Homotopy Classes 1616
Walking with Augmented Reality Real-Time Visual Feedback Wearing a Cable-Driven Active Leg Exoskeleton (C-ALEX) 2485
Walking with Confidence: Safety Regulation for Full Order Biped Models 2526
Wall-Mounted Robot Arm Equipped with 3-DOF Roll-Pitch-Pitch Counterbalance Mechanism 2411
Warped Hypertime Representations for Long-Term Autonomy of Mobile Robots 2131
Wearable Activity Recognition for Robust Human-Robot Teaming in Safety-Critical Environments Via Hybrid Neural Networks 1950
Whole-Body Control of Humanoid Robot in 3D Multi-Contact under Contact Wrench Constraints Including Joint Load Reduction with Self-Collision and Internal Wrench Distribution 0670
Whole-Body Control with (Self) Collision Avoidance Using Vector Field Inequalities 2432
Whole-Body Locomotion and Posture Control on a Torque-Controlled Hydraulic Rover 2175
Whole-Body Motion and Landing Force Control for Quadrupedal Stair Climbing 1470
Whole-Body Motion Planning for Walking Excavators 0991
Whole-Body MPC for a Dynamically Stable Mobile Manipulator 2422
Whole-Body Postural Control Approach Based on Multiple ZMP Evaluation in Humanoid Robots 2638
Wide Aperture Imaging Sonar Reconstruction Using Generative Models 0138
With Proximity Servoing towards Safe Human-Robot-Interaction 1369
WLR-II, a Hose-Less Hydraulic Wheel-Legged Robot 0226
Word2vec to Behavior: Morphology Facilitates the Grounding of Language in Machines 1517
WSRender: A Workspace Analysis and Visualization Toolbox for Robotic System Design and Verification 2499
YouWasps: Towards Autonomous Multi-Robot Mobile Deposition for Construction 1282


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