Documentation for all projects under the PaperMC umbrella
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This is the repository for all project documentation under the PaperMC umbrella. At this point, only the main Paper Server project is documented here.

This repository publishes to PaperMC's documentation site, currently hosted here; on RTD.

Branching and Content

The published public documentation for the currently supported PaperMC implementation will live on the stable branch.

master will be used as a staging area for changes to our documentation before being published, at which point it will be merged into the stable branch.

Documentation for old versions that are out-of-support will live at ver/$version similar to how the main PaperMC server repo handles legacy versions.

Our legacy documentation will continue to live at Paper/$version at least for the short term.


PaperMC has a small team of active developers that focus most of their time on the main server implementation (Paper) itself. In order to keep this documents up-to-date and in good quality, we rely on your contributions. In a perfect world we'd have an individual or team dedicated to documentation, but we currently do not.

We appreciate any and all contributions we receieve and hope that if you see something that needs changing, you'll help us out. Thanks.


Environment Setup

You can setup an environment so you can instantly see the changes that make to the docs.

  1. Install Python 3
  2. Install the needed sphinx packages

After installing Python 3 (as well as python-pip), run the following commnads to install the sphinx packages:

$ pip install sphinx sphinx-autobuild sphinx-rtd-theme


To build the source into a proper HTML site, run the following command on Linux/macOS/WSL

$ make html

To build the source on Windows without WSL, open CMD and execute the make.bat script:

make.bat html

Building Automatically On Change

To automatically rebuild the HTML files as you edit the .rst source files, execute the following command:

$ sphinx-autobuild source _build/html

Open your browser and connect to the address provided by the command. When you make a change to the documentation, the docs should refresh in the browser (possibly after a few seconds).


If you need anything else not covered above, you can contact us directly via IRC

Special Thanks

This project is based on the awesome work done by the SpongePowered team and all those who helped them with their SpongeDocs platform. Therefore it is only appropriate we thank them for all their hardwork that allowed us to build our own based on the structures they created for their own platform.