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Quick Start


  1. Create a Paperspace account
  2. Install the Paperspace CLI
  3. Connecting your account

Submit a job

You are now ready to run a job (even without any code!). You can run:

$ paperspace jobs create --container Test-Container --command "nvidia-smi"

Your job will get uploaded to our cluster of machines. Behind the scenes, we are zipping the current working directory, creating a Docker container, and running the command you provided.

There are several optional Job parameters. See the full list here.

Monitor your Job progress

Job states go from Queued > Pending > Running

Once the Job is in a Running state, you can watch your Job run in the CLI and web UI. For example, you should see the output of nvidia-smi by running paperspace jobs logs --tail.

A Job can complete with the following states: Success, Cancelled, or Error.

Congratulations! You ran your first job on Gradient 🚀

Jobs have a ton of functionality that this quick example doesn't cover. To learn more, view the Jobs section.

{% hint style="info" %} The full Paperspace API documentation is available here: {% endhint %}

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