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Job Logs

Stream the logs for the job with the given id, while the job is running or after it has stopped.

Example Use

$ paperspace jobs logs --jobId "j123abc"

Example Output

Hello Paperspace
Creating file /artifacts/myoutput1.txt
Creating file /artifacts/myoutput2.txt
Finished; returning exit code 0


Name Type Attributes Description
jobId string Id of the job to logs
tail boolean <optional> Optional; if tail is specified logs will be streamed until the job stops.
line number <optional> Optional; if line is specified logs only logs after that line will be returned (up to limit).
limit number <optional> Optional; number of log lines to retrieve on each request; default limit is 2000.
json boolean <optional> Optional; return JSON object instead of writing to standard out. '--json' with no value is equivalent to true.