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List your Jobs


List information about all jobs available to either the current authenticated user or the team, if the user belongs to a team. The list method takes an optional first argument to limit the returned job objects.

Example Use

$ paperspace jobs list --project "MyProject" --state Running --summary


Name Type Attributes Description
project string <optional> Optional project to match on. If neither project nor projectId are provided, this is taken from the .ps_project/config.json file, or the current directory name. Specify 'all' to list jobs for all projects associated with the user or team if the user is on a team.
projectId string <optional> Optional projectId to match on
name string <optional> Optional job name to match on
machineType string <optional> Optional machineType to match on
state string <optional> Optional state value to match on
container string <optional> Optional container to match on
command string <optional> Optional command to match on
workspace string <optional> Optional workspace path to match on. Note: the original workspace path will be modified on upload to point to a temporary location.
dataset string <optional> Optional dataset to match on
dataset string <optional> Optional dataset to match on