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Wait for State


Wait for the job with the given id to enter a certain job state. This action polls the server and returns only when we detect that the job has transitioned into the given state, or to the 'Error' state.


States available to query for are:

  • Pending- the job has not started setting up on a machine yet
  • Running - the job is setting up on a machine, running, or tearing down
  • Stopped - the job finished with a job command exit code of 0
  • Error - the job was unable to setup or run to normal completion
  • Failed - the job finished but the job command exit code was non-zero
  • Cancelled - the job was manual stopped before completion

When the callback is called, the returned object will be information about the job.

Example Use

$ paperspace jobs waitfor \
    --jobId "j123abc" \
    --state "Stopped"


Name Type Description
jobId string Id of the job to wait for
state string Name of the state to wait for