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Build custom TensorFlow images!
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Build custom TensorFlow images!

This repository contains a Dockerfile that contains all the dependencies needed to run a TensorFlow model on a GPU including things like Python and CUDA. The contains an example script that runs a basic TensorFlow model for five epochs. Feel free to edit the script to run your own custom models.

Building and Running in Paperspace

Building this container image and running in on a GPU is easy using Paperspace. Below is a Paperspace CLI command to run this TensorFlow model. Be sure to be using the latest version of the CLI for your OS.

paperspace jobs create --useDockerfile true --buildOnly false  --command 'python /home/' --apiKey XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX --workspace --machineType K80

You can also view a sample public job and even clone it in your account. Cloning will run the same CLI command included above.

Additional job options

See the docs for more options including pushing the built image to your own image repository.

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