QGIS Extension which provide toolbox to easily apply the PaPRIKa method (vulnerability mapping of karstic hydrosystem)
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PaPRIKa Toolbox

The PaPRIKa toolbox is develop after vulnerability mapping PaPRIKa method. This method is dedicated to karst aquifers and it is the last released French method update from EPIK and RISKE methods develop by Dörfliger and Plagnes in 2009.

Due to their high degree of heterogeneity, Karst vulnerability mapping is a challenging task. It’s need hydrogeological expertise, and this is not providing by the plugin! Fortunately, the PaPRIKa method guide provides advice and rules to help you. The PaPRIKa toolbox help you to follow a clear workflow for create the four thematic maps: protection, infiltration, karst development and reservoir, used to calculate the vulnerability index. You can use the toolbox for both source or intrinsic vulnerability mapping, because that depend on your analyses !

Last but not the least, this toolbox has been create and developed by C. Ollivier from EMMAH, Avignon University (France), Y. Lecomte from SMBS, with the help of N. Mazzilli and K. Chalikakis. The scientific article hasn't been publishing yet. We still develop it, correct bug, and enhanced tools. Please, give us your feedback (paprika-plugin(at)univ-avignon.fr) !

Creating your thematics maps and cross it

  1. Prepare your data in vector and raster format
  2. Use P map, I map, Ka map and R map, to generate thematic maps.
  3. Use Final map to compute the vulnerability index.