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.PHONY : compile console typecheck typer clean tutorial
all: compile
@./rebar clean
@rm -f doc/skel.aux doc/skel.bbl doc/skel.blg doc/skel.fdb_latexmk doc/skel.fls
@rm -f doc/skel.out doc/skel.synctex.gz doc/skel.pdf doc/skel.log
@rm -f ./.skel.plt ./.otp.plt skel.tar.gz
@rm -f ifl.verbose.10.log
@rm -f doc/*.html doc/*.css doc/edoc-info doc/erlang.png
@rm -f tutorial/bin/*.html tutorial/bin/*.png
compile: src/*.erl
@./rebar compile
console: compile
@exec erl -args_file ./priv/default.args
examples: compile
@echo "==> skel (examples)"
@erlc +debug_info -I include -o ebin examples/*.erl
typecheck: compile .skel.plt
@echo "==> skel (typecheck)"
@dialyzer --no_check_plt --plt ./.skel.plt -c ebin -Wrace_conditions
typer: compile .skel.plt
@echo "==> skel (typer)"
@typer --plt ./.skel.plt --show -I include -pa ebin -r src
pdf: doc/skel.pdf
@echo "==> skel (pdf)"
package: skel.tar.gz
@echo "==> skel (package)"
@echo "==> skel (todo)"
@grep -ir "TODO" --exclude Makefile --exclude \
--exclude-dir .git -- .
skel.tar.gz: compile
@tar -czf skel.tar.gz -C .. --exclude "skel.tar.gz" skel
@echo "==> otp (plt) # This takes a while, go grab a coffee"
@dialyzer --build_plt --output_plt ./.otp.plt --apps erts kernel stdlib debugger et tools
.skel.plt: .otp.plt compile
@echo "==> skel (plt)"
@dialyzer --add_to_plt --plt ./.otp.plt --output_plt ./.skel.plt -c ebin
docs: compile
@rm -f doc/*.html doc/*.css doc/edoc-info doc/erlang.png
@./rebar doc
doc/skel.pdf: doc/skel.tex
@pdflatex -interaction=batchmode -output-directory=./doc skel.tex
@pdflatex -interaction=batchmode -output-directory=./doc skel.tex
md: docs
@echo "==> Compiling Tutorial"
@multimarkdown -b -f ./tutorial/src/*.md
@mv ./tutorial/src/*.html ./tutorial/bin
@cp ./tutorial/src/*.png ./tutorial/bin
@echo "Documentation may be found in tutorial/bin"
@rm -f tutorial/bin/*.html
# Linux variant? (xdg-open)
tutorial: md
@open -a /Applications/ tutorial/bin/index.html