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TAU Commander

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The TAU Commander performance engineering solution consists of an intuitive, client-side application and cloud-hosted data analysis, storage, and visualization services.

TAU Commander from ParaTools, Inc. is a production-grade performance engineering solution that makes The TAU Performance System users more productive. It presents a simple, intuitive, and systemized interface that guides users through performance engineering workflows and offers constructive feedback in case of error. TAU Commander also enhances the performance engineer's ability to mine actionable information from the application performance data by connecting to a suite of cloud-based data analysis, storage, visualization, and reporting services.

TAU Commander is especially useful for porting, developing, modernizing, benchmarking, and purchasing efforts where the intricacies of multi-layered software parallelism are difficult to intuit. The principal components of TAU Commander are:

  • An intuitive user interface for the TAU Performance System that simplifies the process of acquiring and displaying software performance data on a variety of computer systems.
  • A suite of cloud-based performance data analysis, storage, visualization, and reporting services that enhances the performance engineer's ability to mine actionable information from software application performance data.

Getting Started

Install TAU Commander to the default location:

  • make install

Or, to install to a different location:

  • make install INSTALLDIR=/path/to/installation

Add TAU Commander to your PATH:

  • bash-like shells (nearly everyone):
    • export PATH=/path/to/taucmdr/bin:$PATH
  • csh-like shells (nearly everyone else):
    • set path=(/path/to/taucmdr/bin $path)

Initialize a new TAU project:

  • cd /path/to/your/code
  • tau initialize

Need help?

  • Add --help to any TAU Commander command line to see command line usage.
  • Use tau help to view online documentation. (Very incomplete at the moment.)
  • Contact with questions or feedback.


TAU Commander developers should visit the developer documentation.


This work is supported by the United States Department of Energy under DoE SBIR grant DE-SC0009593.

The work on extending TAU Commander for OpenSHMEM was supported by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and used resources of the Computational Research and Development Programs and the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.