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  • GISA - Gestão Integrada de Sistemas de Arquivo

    C# 4 5 Updated Nov 30, 2016
  • CKAN theme and extensions for the dadosabertos.cm-porto.pt data portal.

    HTML 1 1 Updated Oct 13, 2016
  • Reverse proxy for SOAP over a RabbitMQ message broker.

    C# 1 Updated Nov 3, 2015
  • ckan

    Forked from ckan/ckan

    CKAN is an open-source DMS (data management system) for powering data hubs and data portals. CKAN makes it easy to publish, share and use data. It powers datahub.io, catalog.data.gov and data.gov.uk among many other sites.

    Python 805 Updated Sep 8, 2015
  • Remote harvesting extension for CKAN

    Python 109 Updated Jul 14, 2015
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