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The synapse TUI client


Note: Currently termion (the underlying TUI library) does not respect terminfo and uses ANSI color codes (#106).


  • hjkl movement, HJKL switch focus
  • C-q disconnects from the current server, or closes axon when in the login panel
  • e display errors of the currently selected torrent

Torrent panel:

  • C-f opens the filter input
  • \n focuses the filter input
  • d opens the selected torrents' details
  • t toggles displayal of the list of trackers
  • PgUp/Down scrolls by one panel height

Filter input:

  • esc defocuses
  • C-f closes
  • C-s cycles filtering mode (case sensitive, case insentive)

Filter specifiers: Every word starting with a specifier [name][sign][content] refines the criteria, take care not to accidentally include them in the free text! Any other word refines the torrent name criteria in the order of occurence.

  • t:<%s> tracker host name
  • s[<>]<%f> torrent size in MB
  • s:[i s l e p pe h m] torrent status (idle, seeding, leeching, error, paused, pending, hashing, magnet)
  • p[:<>]<%f> torrent completion percent (0-100)

Torrent details:

  • q closes the current details panel


The config file is searched for at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/axon/conf.toml and ~/.config/axon/conf.toml. For options, see example_conf.toml.

Compilation dependencies

Rust minimum version of 1.26, pkg-config, a cc, openssl/security-framework/schannel.


Termion currently does not support windows, but might in the future (#103).