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Paragon Firewall for Mac Community Edition

While built-in macOS firewall efficiently blocks unwanted incoming connections, Paragon Firewall for Mac helps you control programs and services that send information to the Internet, making sure not a single bit of data leaves your computer without your permission.

Project page:


Date Event
2019 Create
February, 2020 Publication

Key Features

  • Silent mode: Sometimes, it’s convenient to work in silence. You can turn off all notifications and temporarily allow or block all outgoing connections.
  • Alert mode: Whenever a new app tries to go online, you’re prompted whether you want to allow it to communicate over the Internet, and your choice is remembered.
  • Block separate app: Block single app allowing others to work freely. Blocked apps won't be able to set outgoing connections with remote servers and to send data.
  • Activate/deactive through one click: To stop the app you need to click a button and all connections will be recovered. Your settings and rules will be preserved.

Build instructions:

> Firewall - Network Monitor <

  1. Open FirewallApp Xcode Project
  2. Set DEVELOPMENT_TEAM and ORG_IDENTIFIER in Config.xcconfig file
  3. Build and run FirewallApp scheme


  1. macOS Catalina only
  2. Apple Developer account


If you have any questions, concerns, or other feedback, please let us know on Github issues or contact us through:


This project is licensed under the GPL License - see the file for details.