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boot2docker Vagrant Box

This repository contains the scripts necessary to create a boot2docker Vagrant box compatible with Parallels provider. If you work solely with Docker, this box lets you keep your Vagrant workflow and work in the most minimal Docker environment possible.

Docker installation

Docker client should be installed on your Mac. It is bundled to Docker Toolbox


The box is available on Atlas, making it very easy to use it:

vagrant init parallels/boot2docker
vagrant up

Then you need to prepare your environment for Docker client

If TLS is enabled (by default):

# Copy TLS certificates from the VM to `./tls/` directory on your Mac host:
vagrant ssh -c "sudo cp -r /var/lib/boot2docker/tls `pwd`/"

export DOCKER_CERT_PATH="`pwd`/tls"
export DOCKER_HOST="tcp://`vagrant ssh-config | sed -n "s/[ ]*HostName[ ]*//gp"`:2376"

If TLS is disabled:

Use these commands to disable TLS for Docker daemon (you should do it only once, after the initial vagrant up):

vagrant ssh -c "sudo sh -c 'echo \"export DOCKER_TLS=no\" > /var/lib/boot2docker/profile'"
vagrant reload

Now you just need to set DOCKER_HOST variable:

export DOCKER_HOST="tcp://`vagrant ssh-config | sed -n "s/[ ]*HostName[ ]*//gp"`:2375"

That's it! Now your VM can be used as Docker host, check it:

docker version

Shared Folders

/Users path on you Mac is shared with boot2docker VM by default. It means that you can mount any directory placed in /Users on your Mac into the container, for example:

docker run -v /Users/bob/myapp/src:/src [...]

If you want to mount any directory outside of /Users, then you should set it (or its parent dir) as a synced folder in your Vagrantfile at first:

config.vm.synced_folder "/tmp/dir_to_share", "/tmp/dir_to_share"

Refer to "Synced Folders - Basic Usage" to get more details about synced folders in Vagrant.

Tips & tricks

  • Vagrant synced folders has been tested with :

    • Parallels Shared Folders : This is default sharing system for Parallels provider

    • NFS : Set B2D_NFS_SYNC environment variable to use NFS for sharing folders:

      $ export B2D_NFS_SYNC=1
      $ vagrant up
  • If you want to tune contents (custom profile, install tools inside the VM), just place a script alongside your Vagrantfile. It will be run in the VM automatically each time after vagrant up. Refer to boot2docker FAQ to get more details.

Building the Box

If you want to recreate the box, rather than using the binary, then you can use the scripts and Packer template within this repository to do so in seconds.

To build the box, first install the following prerequisites:

Then run this command to build the box for Parallels provider:


Execute this to run integration tests:

make test-parallels