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Anything That Flies, On Anything That Moves


The US covertly launched over two million bombing missions over Southeast Asian countries in the 1960s and 70s. Dig into the data behind the assault.

References and Appreciation

Thank you to the editors of the Parametric Press for the opportunity. Special thanks to Victoria Uren for editing and Matthew Conlen for guidance and help with the visualization and editing. Lastly, thank you to Noelle Vo and Kateka Seth for the support during the late hours of the night.

References by Headline

Operation Rolling Thunder Underway in North Vietnam

Operation Tiger Hound Begins in Laos

  • Shaplen, Robert. "Our Involvement in Laos." Foreign Affairs 48, no. 3 (1970): 478-93. doi:10.2307/20039458.

  • Porter, Melvin F. 1966. Project CHECO Report: Tiger Hound. Project CHECO Report: Tiger Hound. Declassified

President Johnson Halts Air Strikes Against North Vietnam (12/25)

Johnson Resumes Bombings of North Vietnam

US Bombs Hanoi and Hai Phong For the First Time

Martin Luther King Delivers “Beyond Vietnam” Speech

Muhammad Ali Refuses Induction Into US Forces

Demonstrators March on the Pentagon

November Records Missing Due to Damage

The Tet Offensive Begins

President Johnson Calls for Halt to Bombings in Address (3/31)

The May Offensive Hits South Vietnam

Johnson Calls for Complete Halt of North Vietnam Bombings; Operation Rolling Thunder Ends

Nixon Orders Secret Carpet Bombings Over Cambodia

Demonstrators March on Washington in Nationwide Moratorium

Prince Sihanouk Falls, Lon Nol Rises

Nixon Orders a Joint US and South Vietnamese Attack in Cambodia; Four Kent State Students Slain During Protest

Operation Menu Ends; Operation Freedom Deal Begins

Anything that Flies, On Anything that Moves

Pentagon Papers Are Released By The New York Times

Nixon Resumes Bombing in North Vietnam; Laos Bombing Decreases

FBI Launches Investigation of Watergate Break-Ins

US Carpet Bombs North Vietnam in “Christmas Bombings”

Paris Peace Accords Signed; Ceasefire Agreed

Operation Barrel Roll Ends

Most Intensive Phase of Cambodia Bombings Begins

Operation Freedom Deal in Cambodia Ends

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