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Twitter Bootstrap Compile Error #33

escalate opened this Issue Feb 14, 2012 · 31 comments


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Hi guys!

With the version 1.3 of SimpLESS I'm getting compile errors on the newest version of Twitters Bootstrap CSS Framework.

Error message when I'm compiling the bootstrap.less: Syntax Error in progress-bars.less on line 21
I found a similar issue for that twitter/bootstrap#952.

Could you please fix this compiler problem?

Best regards
Felix (Germany)

It's failing with the CSS @Keyframes declaration. I suspect it thinks @Keyframes is a variable.

Yes that might be true.

But a variable declaration looks like this:
@color: #4D926F;

The colon is missing for a real variable declaration.
@Keyframes progress-bar-stripes {

So it looks like an interpreter error.
Is this problem fixable?

I am having the same issue. Looking at the link mentioned in the OP, this problem may be fixed in a new version of LESS (1.2). Can Simpless be updated to use this new version of LESS?

I have the same issue, let's wait for some fix...

Any update on this issue? Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon.

Would like to see this fixed too.

rupe commented Feb 27, 2012

The developer mentioned in the comments, on another issue (Support for Less 1.2.0), that he would be updating to the latest version of LESS. He said he would be finished a few weeks ago, but hasn't yet, so I'm assuming he's busy doing other work. He also mentioned he was going to try an implement an auto-update of the LESS compiler, which would be nice.

fix it! fix it! fix it! fix it! fix it! fix it! fix it! fix it! fix it! fix it! fix it! fix it! fix it! fix it!

chrism commented Mar 1, 2012

same issue for me - would also love to see this fixed.

jfbosch commented Mar 2, 2012

Also stuck on this. Very frustrating. :) Hope it can be resolved soon.
Any other simple LESS compilers for windows?

Chandu commented Mar 2, 2012

@quigrim : If you don't mind CLI checkout https://github.com/dotless/dotless

Crunch app works on the latest bootstrap (http://crunchapp.net/). I am using this temporarily until SimpLess can be updated.

jfbosch commented Mar 2, 2012

Ok, thanx. Will try it. Although not so keen on installing Air. :)

rupe commented Mar 6, 2012

Just had a thought, I wonder if could be as simple as replacing the file "less.js" in the Resources folder of the SimpLESS package? Will give it a try ...

rupe commented Mar 6, 2012

Nope, not that simple. If I just replace less.js with the latest one from the LESS github repository, I end up with a "NETWORK_ERR:XMLHttpRequest Exception 101" error in SimpLESS. So there is more to it than just that file being updated... will leave it to the developer to update :)

This is a month old and still not fixed? I would have thought most people on windows are using SimpLESS to compile the twitter bootstrap =/

@gmhenderson Crunch app doesn't seem to work for me either, failes at a different line in the same file, 15 =[

Edit: If you replace less.js the latest less.js from lesscss.org, it works, however as previously stated this is not so for SimpLess

Hy. If you are still looking for a solution, here it is:


@paptamas Thanks for the info. Moved to winless which works fine.

Helped :)

Thanks guys!

You can try the experimental version of Crunch with version 1.3 of LESS here: https://github.com/matthewdl/Crunch/blob/master/Crunch.1.1.2.air

LESS 1.3 has a current bug with file includes in sub-directories, so there's not a final release, but see if it works for you.

Crunch is even worse, crashes.. SimpLESS statred to compile finally, update of less.js helped

1.1.2 crashes for you? Can you file an issue with a more detailed description here: https://github.com/matthewdl/Crunch/issues

Yap, it was crushing...

As I understood it was because file access violation - it was opened by SimpLESS..

Oh, I see. I'll check that out in regards to file locking.

rezen commented May 16, 2012

Newer .less functions like

spanX (@index) when (@index > 0) {

also don't work.

bibig commented Jun 4, 2012

the error is still alive with simpless 1.3

I have the same issue with simpless 1.3 :(


Paratron commented Jun 25, 2012

Fixed in 1.4

@Paratron Paratron closed this Jun 25, 2012

rupe commented Jun 25, 2012

1.4? Where do I download that? :)


Paratron commented Jun 25, 2012

We are currently fixing the last bugs in 1.4. You can already see a screenshot on our twitter channel or facebook page ;)

@gmhenderson gmhenderson referenced this issue in marklagendijk/WinLess Nov 27, 2012


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