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Serverside rendering

Setting the path

Use the setPath() function before you start rendering the application to manually define a routing path beforehand.

const React = require('react');
const {renderToString} = require('react-dom/server');
const hookrouter = require('../../dist');

const path = '/product';


import App from './App';

const result = renderToString(<App/>);

console.log(`Rendering with path "${path}"`);

Setting query parameters

If you want to communicate query parameters to the app, call the setQueryParams() function, passing an object of query parameters into the app. Call this before or after setPath() but also before rendering the actual application.

If your app might modify the query parameters during rendering, you can retrieve them afterwards using getQueryParams(), which returns an object, or getQueryParamsString() which returns the serialized string.

Handling redirects

If your app might perform any redirects during rendering, you can retrieve the updated path after rendering by calling getPath().

Handling window title updates

If your app might have set a window title during rendering, you can retrieve it by calling getTitle().

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