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Sudoers plugin for Lider Ahenk project which can manage sudo group for users.

user-oriented machine-oriented
task plugin
policy plugin x

How to Build

We use Eclipse for Lider and Lider Console related development. See these documentation here and here to setup Eclipse IDE with Lider and Lider Console projects imported.

  1. Clone the plugin project by running git clone
  2. Open Eclipse and import the plugin project into Eclipse as 'Existing Maven Projects'.
  3. Navigate to lider-ahenk-sudoers-plugin/scripts directory and run

How to Run

Make sure you have Lider, Lider Console and Ahenk running. See these documentation: [1], [2] and [3].


  1. Type feature:repo-add on Karaf shell. This will add plugin repository to the Karaf instance.
  2. Again on Karaf shell, run feature:install lider-sudoers to install and run plugin bundles.
  3. Use log:tail and plugin:list commands to ensure the plugin is installed and working properly.

Lider Console

  1. Open Eclipse, go to 'Run --> Debug Configurations' menu and on 'Plugins' tab, select lider-console-sudoers
  2. Click 'Add Required Plugins' button to add any plugins the project depend on.
  3. Finally you can run Lider Console as explained in its documentation.


  1. Create a soft link for ahenk-sudoers/sudoers directory via sudo ln -s lider-ahenk-sudoers-plugin/ahenk-sudoers/sudoers/ /usr/share/ahenk/plugins


We encourage contributions to the project. To contribute:

  • Fork the project and create a new bug or feature branch.
  • Make your commits with clean, understandable comments
  • Perform a pull request

Other Lider Ahenk Projects


Lider Ahenk and its sub projects are licensed under the LGPL v3.