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Configuration Manager for Pardus
C Python
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Fix a segfault within the Python interpreter. The segfault happens on…

… some rare

_({}) usages for error messages in COMAR scripts. Incrementing reference on the
returned dictionary value fixed the problem at least on my setup.
latest commit d823222275
Ozan Çağlayan authored


Çomar (pronounced chow-mar), is the COnfiguration MAnageR that helps
the installed software operate flawlessly. Çomar knows the tasks 
that can be provided by each application, together with the 
functionality they depend on and other information. Different
applications may adapt themselves according to the presence and 
capability of their peers.


api:       ComarAPI Python package for generic configuration operations
belgeler:  Documentation
betikler:  Work-in-progress scripts
comar:     Çomar system service, core part of the Çomar framework

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