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2010-04-01 Ozan Çağlayan <>
* (buildfarm/ Remove reverseDependencyUpdate checking as
maintainers *should* always write strict dependencies to the new library
for forcing a re-compile.
2009-11-17 Ozan Çağlayan <>
* (data/buildfarm.conf): Add sandboxBlacklist option,
* (buildfarm/ Set ignore_sandbox for blacklisted
* (buildfarm/ Handle booleans and comma separated lists in
config files,
2009-11-10 Ozan Çağlayan <>
* ( Port to distutils,
* scripts/: Move standalone scripts under scripts/,
* TODO: Update TODO file,
* (buildfarm/ Use pisi.api.ctx.const class instead of hardcoding
constant values.
* (buildfarm/ Add new transparent Twitter class to send buildfarm
* (data/buildfarm.conf): Add INI style configuration file for buildfarm
which will be used instead of importing the config module.
* (buildfarm/*.py): Port to ConfigParser()
2009-11-09 Ozan Çağlayan <>
* ChangeLog: New file
* Add and prepare for 2.0,
* examples/: Rename exampleRepo to examples and README,
* src/: Move all *.py files under src for a cleaner hierarchy.