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TODO for buildfarm 3.0
(+) Install buildfarm modules into python' sitearch and make them importable
(+) Use configuration file instead of which is imported
(+) Move standalone scripts under scripts/
(+) Grab Pardus version from pisi.conf to be more flexible
(+) Support for sandbox blacklist
(+) Make repomanager a separate executable buildfarm-up
(+) Consolidate buildfarm directories to not conflict with pisi
(+) Twit status updates ;)
(+) Port to the new delta and build-no-less pisi
(+) Use pisi.api for creating the indexes
(+) Use pisi methods if available to avoid redundancy
(+) Add hooks.d for running a number of hooks after each run
(+) Support for the removal of obsoleted packages
(-) Drop waitqueue
(-) A Web status page for current status
(-) Implement locking correctly