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Pardus Terminal Server Project
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Pardus Terminal Server Project

What is PTSP?

PTSP aims to create an easy to setup and use thin-client Pardus servers
with management scripts and graphical user interfaces. 

With pisi, mudur, coolplug, zorg and comar tools Pardus has all the 
infrastructure to create an automatically bootable rootfs with its 
own packages. The management of these packages are all done by Pardus 

Why not LTSP?

LTSP is another distribution that is used on the thin-client machines. 
It has its own packaging system with a perl based management tool. The 
created rootfs by ltsp admin tool is not Pardus. Updating the packages,
and keeping up with the distribution is not an easy task. The management
and configuration scripts are hacky.

Why not MueKow?

MueKow is just an idea right now. As stated at the wiki of the project:

An important point I want to make is that what we're outlining below is just an 
experiment at this point. We're going to try it to see if it works. If it works 
as we hope, it will likely become the basis for the next major release of LTSP. 
If it doesn't work, well... at least we'll have learned something.

Python where possible

Pardus also mostly uses Python where possible. LTSP uses mostly hackish bash 
scripts. With zorg, mudur and Comar configurations can be done mostly automatically
on the clients with standart distribution packages. Comar is also a ready advantage 
for thin client management, configuration and information gathering needs, which is 
also an important part of Pardus.

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