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This is an app created, as part of a thesis, that tries to develop a sentiment analysis system, by using natural language processing methods. The aim of this thesis, is to apply sentiment analysis in order to evaluate points of interest (or venues) in the city of Thessaloniki, by evaluating users’ comments. These comments are categorized as positive or negative by a classifier that was developed and trained using a relevant dataset. By using the classifier to evaluate each venue’s comments, we then decide if each venue offers a positive or negative experience to the visitor.

The results of this NLP system are presented in this web application, named Venuetrack. Venuetrack is a smart and easy-to-use search engine for venues in the city of Thessaloniki, in which users can search for points of interest on the map of Thessaloniki, and check out their information as well as the classification of the NLP classifier created.

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