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TeleForma : open web e-learning platform

Key features

  • User management and registration
  • School data model (trainings, courses, course types, professors, etc...)
  • Video and audio LIVE conferencing (with TeleCaster devices)
  • Media streaming and document management of various types
  • Live chat room auto-creation for every conference created
  • Embedded messaging system
  • Media analyzing and indexing (thanks to Telemeta)

It is based on Django and fully written in Python, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

keywords: social e-learning, live conferencing, hypermedia private access



  • Add Exam module to have online script correction service (need Box / Crocodoc API token key)


  • Add


  • First release! see the features ;)




Teleforma is exclusively based on open-source modules.

The best way to get in run and test is to install it in a virtualenv with pip:

sudo apt-get install python-pip python-gst0.10
sudo pip install virtualenv
virtualenv --system-site-packages teleforma
bin/pip install teleforma

Bugs and feedback

You are welcome to freely use this application in accordance with its licence. If you find some bugs, PLEASE leave a ticket on this page:

You can also leave a ticket to request some new interesting features for the next versions. And even if Telemeta suits you, please give us some feedback !

Related projects


Homepage :

E-mail : Guillaume Pellerin <>

Twitter :

Google+ : +Parisson


You are welcome to participate to the development of the TeleForma project.

To get the lastest development version, you need git and run:

git clone git://


CeCILL v2, compatible with GPL v2 (see LICENSE)