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Publications, slides and manuals for Telemeta

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List of Publications / Communications


  • FMA 2014 "An open web audio platform for ethnomusicological sound archives management and automatic analysis", Thomas Fillon, Guillaume Pellerin, Paul Brossier and Joséphine Simonnot, in the proceeding of the 4th International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis, June 12-13, 2014, Istanbul, Turkey. Article ; Poster

  • EcoAcoustics 2014 "Telemeta, an open and collaborative web audio platform for digital sound archives management", Guillaume Pellerin, Thomas Fillon, presented at the Ecology and acoustics meeting : emergent properties from community to landscape 16-18 Jun 2014 Paris (France). Abstract ; slides

  • DLFM 2014 "Telemeta: An open-source web framework for ethnomusicological audio archives management and automatic analysis", Thomas Fillon, Joséphine Simonnot, Marie-France Mifune, Stéphanie Khoury, Guillaume Pellerin, Estelle Amy de La Bretèque, David Doukhan, Dominique Fourer, Jean-Luc Rouas, Julien Pinquier, Claude Barras, In the proceeding of the the 1st International Digital Libraries for Musicology workshop (DLfM 2014) Article ; Slides


  • CMMR 2013 - Marseilles "TELEMETA, audio web Content Management System for ethnomusicological sound archives", Thomas Fillon, Guillaume Pellerin, Paul Brossier et Joséphine Simonnot, In Proc. of the 10th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research, Marseille, France, October 15-18, 2013 Poster

  • AES 2014 - London "Telemeta: Open Web Audio Platform for Sound Archives in the Use Case of Ethnomusicology", Thomas Fillon, Guillaume Pellerin, Paul Brossier et Joséphine Simonnot, Presented at the Audio Engineering Society 53rd conference on Semantic Audio London, UK, January 27-29, 2014 Poster


  • Digital Music Lab 2014 "Telemeta, Open Web Audio Content Management System", Guillaume Pellerin, Presented at Digital Music Lab 1st Workshop on Analysing Big Music Data, 19 March 2014, London, UK Slides ; Video

  • SoundSoftware 2014 "TimeSide, An open web audio processing framework", Guillaume Pellerin , Thomas Fillon and Paul Brossier, presented at SoundSoftware 2014: Third Workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Research, July 8, 2014, London, UK slides ; Video

  • GIS SPADON (Groupement d'Interêt Scientifique sur les Supports Pérennes d'Archivage des DOnnées Numériques) "Le projet Telemeta", Guillaume Pellerin, Presented at the GIS SPADON Scientific Council, september 24, 2014 Slides

  • Journées des ressources numériques IRCAM, Paris "Analyse et édition collaboratives des données multimedia", Guillaume Pellerin, Presented at the "2ème rencontre sur les bases de données et les ressources numériques : la visualisation des données numériques", september 26, 2014, Paris, France Slides

  • First Monday - Volume 19, Number 10 - 6 October 2014 Applications and implications of digital audio databases for the field of ethnomusicology: A discussion of the CNRS — Musée de l’Homme sound archives Special issue: Napster, 15 years on, Rethinking digital music distribution Link


Publications, slides and manuals for Telemeta







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