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I am a software developer coder.

  • I like solving problems
  • I love writing code
  • I live for opportunities to write code that solves problems

An insatiable ParaHacker, I have experience teaching technology, am comfortable presenting to a large group of people, have proven skills as a technical writer and I am willing to travel worldwide.


In a career that spans multiple decades I have written and rewritten a Resume dozens of times. Always the "Format du Jour" is simply a modification of the presentation but in the same form: a 'page' of text, like a sales letter, describing your most valued attributes as an employee and your past experience as a history.

That device - the Resume - is as old and inflexible as the Facsimile Machine. I find it quite anachronistic each time I use my computer to write up a document that will be ultimately printed on paper describing my skills and experience in using a computer to write something far more useful and impactful (e.g. software applications)!

It simply makes sense that my Resume should exist in a format like this.

If you need an experienced, skilled and highly-creative developer (one who regularly thinks out-of-the-box; but hesitates to use an overworked cliche like 'out-of-the-box') don't hesitate to submit a Pull Request to this repository.

If you prefer to keep one foot in the 20th century you can also send me an email message.

For the more traditional (i.e. old fashioned) way to review my skills and work history - the way recruiters still do it - visit and download a resume.


As a software developer, it seems logical that my Resume should be in the form with which I am most familiar; Markdown file in a Git repository.


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