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Setting this up with Slack is simple.

In your "Integration Settings" add an Outgoing WebHooks entry with these parameters:

  • Channel : Up to your discretion. It is highly recommended you limit to a specific channel. If you are not quite sure just choose '#random'.
  • Trigger Word(s) : In this version the only words that will be recognized are 'bible','gospel,'scripture'. Based on recommendations (Pull Requests) there may be more added later.
  • URL(s) : this must be ''. This, again, is likely to change in future releases but I expect to maintain backward-compatibility.
  • Token : This should be unchanged and can be ignored
  • Descriptive Label : This is also up to your discretion but I recommend 'Bible Verse Expert'
  • Customize Name : 'god'
  • Customize Icon : I really like the 'church' icon

Click "Save Settings" and you are ready to go.

Integration Settings

Chuch Emoji

In Slack you simply type something like bible verse John 3:16 and will get a response like this

John 3:16

Some supported alternatives are bible gospel 1 Peter 2:2 and bible scripture Matthew 5:9

In addition, you can simply supply a topic and get a random related verse: bible money It also supports phrases (multiple words). For example: bible heaven and earth

Acknowledgement and thanks to for their API that provides the scripture. I have built this in a modular fashion, though, in order to allow other sources if desired.


A 'bot' for SLACK that provides inspiration by supplying bible verses on demand







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