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Great article on Medium by Tim Pettersen
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Mastering Git

![Gitter]( Chat.svg)

Thom Parkin

ISBN: 978-1-78355-413-3 from Packt Publishing

Video Tutorial Course - 100+ minutes

Featured on Git Minutes

Course Outline

Complete this course and become a


  • Section 1: Keeping Software under [Source] Control

  • Section 2: Let's git Started YouTube Preview

  • Section 3: The git Workflow under a Microscope YouTube Preview

  • Section 4: When Your Development Takes a Detour YouTube Preview

  • Section 5: Communicating with Developers of the Future YouTube Preview

  • Section 6: Changing Managing History YouTube Preview

  • Section 7: git-ting More Efficient YouTube Preview

  • Section 8: Leaving the Nest YouTube Preview

  • Section 9: Final Thoughts

  • Section 10: References & Resources

References & Resources

A comparison of protocols offered by GitHub

Better Understanding of Diff

ProGit - The Ultimate Guide to Git

Merging - from ProGit - The Ultimate Guide to Git

git Submodules

"Feature Branch" Workflow

Git from the Bottom Up

Great, clean, well-formatted git reference

Eric Sink 'Version Control by Example'

Tim Pettersen's Lesser Known Git Commands is a fantastic, short-read, of some very useful advanced tricks

#####From the git source

Some details, tips and tricks

Text used to construct the Man Pages


Look in the branch 'addendum'


Look in the branch 'errata'


Look in the branch 'updates'

The Gititudes

  • Git never forgets
  • Git remembers only changes in files and not simply files
  • Git will only commit changes in the index and not changes in the working directory
  • Git tries really hard to protect you from horrible mistakes
  • Git provides the means to craft a History as YOU WANT IT TO BE

'Mastering Git' was written entirely with BeeGit.

This entire presentation was developed, tested and validated using Nitrous.IO.


Mastering Git is 'Nitrous Charged'

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