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Maconv is a Linux software that can convert all kinds of old Macintosh formats, including MacBinary, Stuffit archives and HFS disk files.


Maconv has three sub-commands:

  • maconv c [options] input-file [output-file]
  • maconv e [options] input-file [output-folder]
  • maconv d [options] input-folder [output-file]

The c sub-commamd converts a file from a format to another. The e sub-commamd extracts a Stuffit archive (versions 1 and 5) or a HFS disk image. The d sub-commamd creates an HFS disk image from a folder (like a file archiver).

You can get more information about these commands with maconv -h or man maconv.

Supported formats

You can get more information on these format in docs folder.

Maconv supports the following container formats: MacBinary, AppleSingle.

Also, Maconv can extract old Stuffit archives (encoded with compression method 0, 1, 2, 13 or 15).


This project is under the GPLv3 license.
See LICENSE file at the root of this project for more information.


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