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TIE - A 2D Tile Engine Prototype

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This is a prototype of a 2D tile engine based on JSIso, which both reduces the headaches of JSIso and adds useful features. Simple games can be created by supplying map files, complete with layers, z-order, collision detection, path-finding, lighting, and extensible scripting.



Have a look at the sample directory for tutorials.


The engine is based on ES6 modules, so if that's your thing, import it directly!

You can also use Webpack to bundle it. Have a look at the Webpack config file or the official Webpack Getting Started Guide for how this works and install the dev-dependencies.

Please open an issue on Github for suggestions or bugs. If you would like to contribute, please send a pull-request.

I would appreciate a short message if you do something cool with this engine in your own project. Please keep in mind that JSIso (i.e. everything in the src/jsiso directory) is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0.


Run npm test for tests and coverage. Use npm run report for a html report on coverage.

During development, it is useful to use ava -w directly, as it will watch the code and execute all relevant tests automatically. You might want to install AVA globally for this.

PRs will automatically be checked for test failures and coverage drops.


Some images in the examples are provided with permission of the original artists. Please have a look at the included license files and check out their other work! Keep these licenses in mind if you plan to re-use parts of the examples.