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Latest commit 3df3372 Feb 2, 2015 @rdblue rdblue PARQUET-111: Updates for apache release
Updates for first Apache release of parquet-mr.

Author: Ryan Blue <>

Closes #109 from rdblue/PARQUET-111-update-for-apache-release and squashes the following commits:

bf19849 [Ryan Blue] PARQUET-111: Add ARRIS copyright header to parquet-tools.
f1a5c28 [Ryan Blue] PARQUET-111: Update headers in parquet-protobuf.
ee4ea88 [Ryan Blue] PARQUET-111: Remove leaked LICENSE and NOTICE files.
5bf178b [Ryan Blue] PARQUET-111: Update module names, urls, and binary LICENSE files.
6736320 [Ryan Blue] PARQUET-111: Add RAT exclusion for auto-generated POM files.
7db4553 [Ryan Blue] PARQUET-111: Add attribution for Spark dev script to LICENSE.
45e29f2 [Ryan Blue] PARQUET-111: Update LICENSE and NOTICE.
516c058 [Ryan Blue] PARQUET-111: Update license headers to pass RAT check.
da688e3 [Ryan Blue] PARQUET-111: Update NOTICE with Apache boilerplate.
234715d [Ryan Blue] PARQUET-111: Add DISCLAIMER and KEYS.
f1d3601 [Ryan Blue] PARQUET-111: Update to use Apache parent POM.
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