Source code of an Android app which controls Parrot drones with an Android wear device.
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##Purpose DronesWear is an Android app which lets you control some of the Parrot drones with your Android wear device (and its handheld device).

It is available on the Play Store.

##Supported Parrot drones You can control these drones:

  • Bebop
  • Bebop 2
  • Jumping Sumo
  • Jumping Race
  • Jumping Night
  • Rolling Spider
  • Airborne Night
  • Airborne Cargo
  • Mambo


###Flying drones On the flying drones, you can take off and land, and also control the drone on pitch and roll (make them fly forward, backward, on left and right).

You can also use the joystick to control the drone orientation and altitude (up and down for altitude, left and right for orientation).

On the handheld device, you can at any time stop the propellers in case of emergency.

###Jumping drones You can pilot the jumping drones with the watch. You can also make them jump.

##Security At any time, you can stop piloting the drone with the pilot from wear switch button on your phone. Switching it off will make the flying drones hover and the jumping ones stop moving.


  1. Connect your phone to the drone's Wifi.
    If an Android notification asks you if you want to stay connected even if there is no internet connection, please answer yes.
  2. Open the app on your phone and on your watch (no precise order required).
  3. Wait for the app to connect to your drone (a message will inform you about the status)
  4. Now that you're connected, the action button is displayed on the watch.
  5. Just move your wrist gently and see how the drone moves :)

If disconnections appears to often, be sure that your drone is on a 5ghz Wifi (if your country laws authorize it). You can change the Wifi band of your drone with the official Parrot app FreeFlight3.

##SDK The app uses the latest Parrot Drone SDK release. It gets the SDK libs from JCenter.

You can find the SDK documentation here:

If you need to ask questions about the SDK:

##Credit This project has been created and is maintained by Djavan Bertrand.

Parrot is assuming no responsibility on this code.