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This app showcases dynamic websites using Parse Hosting. It's a classic meme generator that lets users create memes and share them with the world. There's no need for user authentication, as memes are readonly.

You can check out the official hosted version at


  1. Created a new app on Parse, and make sure you go through our getting started guide for Cloud Code.

  2. Create a new Facebook app.

  3. Install compass:

  4. Type parse new . in the directory where this README resides, authenticate with your Parse credentials, and choose the app name you created.

  5. Delete public/index.html

  6. Edit cloud/app.js and put in your Parse Application ID, Parse JavaScript Key, and Facebook Application ID in the key setup section. You can find your app keys in your app settings page under "Application Keys".

  7. Type parse deploy. This deploys your app to Parse.

  8. Now, we'll need to configure the url where you can reach your app. Go to your app's setting page and set a unique subdomain for your Web Hosting url.

  9. Go to and view your copy of Anymeme!

  10. Optional: If you want to change the CSS, make sure to run "compass watch" so that the .scss files will get compiled into css files in the public folder.

Signed up for Parse, made a meme platform

Adding Your Own Memes

This project contains some pictures of Parse employees. You can switch out with your own memes by:

  1. Adding a JPG to public/images.
  2. Specifying the name and image name in public/js/templates.js.
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