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from rdflib.term import URIRef
from six import with_metaclass, iteritems
class Distill(object):
def __init__(self, *precedence, **kwargs):
self.precedence = precedence
def __repr__(self):
return "Distill(name={0}, precedence={1})".format(, self.precedence)
class DistillerMeta(type):
def __new__(meta, classname, bases, class_dict):
distill_fields = []
for name, value in iteritems(class_dict):
if isinstance(value, Distill):
if getattr(value, "name", None) is None: = name
class_dict["distill_fields"] = distill_fields
return type.__new__(meta, classname, bases, class_dict)
class Distiller(with_metaclass(DistillerMeta, object)):
def __init__(self, schemato):
self.schemato = schemato
self.distilled = {}
self.sources = {}
# self.distill_fields provided by DistillerMeta
def distill(self):
for field in self.distill_fields:
value, path = self.get_field(field)
self.distilled[] = value
self.sources[] = path
return self.distilled
def get_field(self, field):
for path in field.precedence:
value = self.get_value(path)
if value is not None:
return value, path
return (None, None)
"pp": "get_parsely_page",
"s": "get_schema_org",
"og": "get_open_graph"
def parse_path(self, path):
prefix, field = path.split(":")
segments = field.split(".")
return prefix, segments
def get_parsely_page(self, segments):
# for pp, we don't support nesting, so there will always
# be a single segment
assert len(segments) == 1
key = segments[0]
pp = self.schemato.parsely_page
if pp is not None and key in pp:
return pp[key]
def get_open_graph(self, segments):
# for opengraph, no nesting
assert len(segments) == 1
key = segments[0]
graph = self.schemato.graph.rdfa_graph
matches = graph.triples(
(None, URIRef("{key}".format(key=key)), None)
for match in matches:
subj, pred, obj = match
return ''.join((obj,)).encode('utf-8')
def get_schema_org(self, segments):
graph = self.schemato.graph.microdata_graph
if len(segments) == 1:
segment = segments[0]
matches = graph.triples(
match = next(matches, None)
if match is None:
subj, pred, obj = match
return ''.join((obj,)).encode('utf-8')
elif len(segments) == 2:
root, nested = segments
discriminator, field = nested.split("/")
typematches = graph.triples(
if field == "url":
for match in typematches:
subj, pred, obj = match
if isinstance(subj, URIRef):
return ''.join((subj,)).encode('utf-8')
typematch = next(typematches, (None, None, None))
subj, pred, obj = typematch
if subj is None:
valmatches = graph.triples(
valmatch = next(valmatches, (None, None, None))
subj, pred, obj = valmatch
if obj is None:
return ''.join((obj,)).encode('utf-8')
raise NotImplementedError(
"Only 1 or 2 path segments currently supported")
def get_value(self, path):
prefix, segments = self.parse_path(path)
method_name = self.PATH_PREFIX[prefix]
method = getattr(self, method_name)
ret = method(segments)
return ret