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+schemato progress, jan 28 2013
+today I focused on fixing up the old broken Flask service that should run
+schemato in a browser. I decided the best course of action was to code it to
+work entirely separately from the module itself, such that a simple import
+could handle it.
+To this end, I figured out how to *manually* install the module in my
+virtualenv. Steps are reproduced here for posterity.
+- symlink the top-level module directory from [venv]/src
+ like [venv]/src/schemato -> /home/emmett/git/CT/schemato/
+- add a line to [venv]/lib/pythonx.x/site-packages/easy_install.pth
+referencing that link
+ like [venv]/src/schemato
+Once I had done that, there were a few relative imports that had to be changed
+with the assumption that the module would now be run from the current python
+instance (virtualenv). See this commit for an example of this.
+At this point, I have the celery service and web server working properly. It
+seems that the next step should be to adjust the web frontend to accept the
+new ouput format from the validator

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