streamparse 3.4.0

@dan-blanchard dan-blanchard released this Jan 26, 2017

This release fixes a few bugs and adds a few new features that require pystorm 3.1.0 or greater.


  • Added a ReliableSpout implementation that can be used to have spouts that will automatically replay failed tuples up to a specified number of times before giving up on them. (pystorm/pystorm#39)
  • Added Spout.activate and Spout.deactivate methods that will be called in Storm 1.1.0 and above when a spout is activated or deactivated. This is handy if you want to close database connections on deactivation and reconnect on activation. (Issue #351, PR pystorm/pystorm#42)
  • Can now override config.json Nimbus host and port with the STREAMPARSE_NIMBUS environment variable (PR #347)
  • Original topology name will now be sent to Storm as topology.original_name even when you're using sparse --override_name. (PR #354)


  • Fixed an issue where batching bolts would fail all batches they had received when they encountered an exception, even when exit_on_exception was False. Now they will only fail the current batch when exit_on_exception is False; if it is True, all batches are still failed. (PR pystorm/pystorm#43)
  • No longer call lein jar twice when creating jars. (PR #348)
  • We now use yaml.safe_load instead of yaml.load when parsing command line options. (commit 6e8c4d8)