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Formation Editor For SSL


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Formation Editor For Small Size League.

(this project is a fork of fedit2 that developed by Hidehisa AKIYAMA under GNU GPL for Robocup Soccer Simulation 2D)


SSL-Fedit is a formation editor for RoboCup Small size League It is.

Request library

SSL-fedit requires the following libraries:

Before you start installing ssl-fedit, install these libraries first Please keep it.


Execute the following command inside the directory where you unpacked the package:

make install

This procedure generates the necessary binaries and they go to /usr/local or below It will be installed. /usr/local/bin/fedit2 is the executable file.

If you do not have librcsc installed in your system's directory, Installing librcsc with --with-librcsc option of configure You must specify a path.

./configure --with-librcsc=/path/to/librcsc/prefix

In this case, you may also need to set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Installation settings

Before building SSL-fedit, the configure script included in the package The setting can be changed by the option of.

By default, SSL-fedit is installed in the following location.

/usr/local/bin executable file

/usr/local/share data

In order to install ssl-fedit to the default position, you need administrator privileges. The installation location depends on --prefix option of configure script You can change it. For details on the options that can be specified in configure, see configure You can reference it by executing --help.


Run make uninstall on the package compiled directory You can easily uninstall ssl-fedit with. This operation is installed Delete all files, but the directories created during installation It will not be deleted.

how to use

To execute ssl-fedit, execute the following command.


However, in this case, the executable file exists in the directory contained in the environment variable PATH You must be present.