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import logging
import sys
import concurrent.futures as cf
from parsl.executors.base import ParslExecutor
from parsl.dataflow.error import ConfigurationError
from parsl.utils import RepresentationMixin
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class ThreadPoolExecutor(ParslExecutor, RepresentationMixin):
"""A thread-based executor.
max_threads : int
Number of threads. Default is 2.
thread_name_prefix : string
Thread name prefix (only supported in python v3.6+).
storage_access : list of :class:`~parsl.data_provider.scheme.Scheme`
Specifications for accessing data this executor remotely. Multiple `Scheme`s are not yet supported.
managed : bool
If True, parsl will control dynamic scaling of this executor, and be responsible. Otherwise,
this is managed by the user.
def __init__(self, label='threads', max_threads=2, thread_name_prefix='', storage_access=None, working_dir=None, managed=True):
self.label = label
self._scaling_enabled = False
self.max_threads = max_threads
self.thread_name_prefix = thread_name_prefix
self.storage_access = storage_access if storage_access is not None else []
if len(self.storage_access) > 1:
raise ConfigurationError('Multiple storage access schemes are not yet supported')
self.working_dir = working_dir
self.managed = managed
def start(self):
if sys.version_info > (3, 6):
self.executor = cf.ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=self.max_threads,
self.executor = cf.ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=self.max_threads)
def scaling_enabled(self):
return self._scaling_enabled
def submit(self, *args, **kwargs):
"""Submits work to the thread pool.
This method is simply pass through and behaves like a submit call as described
here `Python docs: <>`_
return self.executor.submit(*args, **kwargs)
def scale_out(self, workers=1):
"""Scales out the number of active workers by 1.
This method is notImplemented for threads and will raise the error if called.
NotImplemented exception
raise NotImplementedError
def scale_in(self, blocks):
"""Scale in the number of active blocks by specified amount.
This method is not implemented for threads and will raise the error if called.
NotImplemented exception
raise NotImplementedError
def shutdown(self, block=False):
"""Shutdown the ThreadPool.
- block (Bool): To block for confirmations or not
x = self.executor.shutdown(wait=block)
logger.debug("Done with executor shutdown")
return x