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There is a new Part-DB version available!

The version you can find in this repository is deprecated and will not get new features anymore. There is a newer and highly improved version of Part-DB (1.0.0+) available, which you can find in this repository. If you want to start with Part-DB, please use the new version. For existing installations of Part-DB 0.5.* it is recommended to update to the 1.0 version. You can find some more details on the new features here and the upgrade guide here.

Hier gibt es eine deutsche Version dieser README

Part-DB 0.6 requires now PHP7 (PHP7.0 or higher)! Use Part-DB 0.5, if you need a version for PHP5.6.


Part-DB is a web-based database for managing electronic components. Since access is via the Web browser, you must install Part-DB on a Web server. Afterwards, the software can be used with any standard browser and operating system without the need to install any additional software.


  • Indication of storage locations, footprints, categories, suppliers, data sheets, prices, order numbers,...
  • Assembly management
  • Upload of component images
  • Automatic display of footprint images
  • Statistics on the entire warehouse
  • Parts to be ordered, parts without price and parts no longer available.
  • List of manufacturer logos
  • Information on SMD marking of resistors, capacitors and coils
  • Resistance calculator
  • Barcode generator for Part and storelocations and scan function for barcodes
  • Various included themes
  • 3D Footprints
  • Support of BBCode, in the part's description and comment
  • Search by regular expressions
  • List of all parts in a storage location, with a specific footprint or manufacturer
  • Automatic generation of a table with part properties from the description field.
  • uses HTML5, mobile view
  • User system with fine permission system
  • Statistics system with graphes


  • Web server with approx. 20MB space (without footprint images or 3D models)
  • PHP >= 5.4.0, with PDO, mbstring and gettext (intl and curl recommended)
  • MySQL/MariaDB database


Part-DB is available under the General Public License Version 2. In addition, Part-DB uses some libraries that use other licenses. For detailed information see EXTERNAL_LIBSs

Installation instructions & documentation

All documentation including installation instructions can be found here:

Online demo

A test database can be found at


Part-DB is also available in German: For this purpose, the setting Language must be selected in the settings or during the Installation on [de_DE] Deutsch (Deutschland).

If you want to participate in the translation (especially for languages other than English), then this can be done here.