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Participatory Orgs Project

Opinionated Free Cultural Works documents supporting participatory organizations, including legal, governance and best practices.

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  1. Forked from ChristopherA/Participatory-Organizations-Overview-and-Taxonomy

    This document shares my opinionated explorations so far into discovering patterns in a participatory organization practices, starting mostly with a taxonomy and inventory of existing practices.

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  2. Forked from ChristopherA/

    Public website for, sharing a definition of what qualities are required to have a Participatory Ecosystem. STATUS: Release


  3. In spirit of transparency—our own organizational documents about the vision, governance and rules for participating in this community. STATUS: Work in Progress


  4. This is a repository for simple governing documents for a Delaware LLC, used as root for more sophisticated forks. STATUS: Work in Progress.

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  5. A variety of Dynamic Governance (aka Sociocracy, Holacracy, etc) documents available under Free Cultural Work licenses (CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, etc.) STATUS: Reference

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