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October 9, 2019 00:43

WARNING! Thanos showed up out of nowhere and nuked most of the extension.

Actually no, it was just me doing what I do best; horrible big version transition that upsets almost everyone... again. First and foremost I am sorry that I upset so many of you, but please understand I am under limited time, this isn't something I can dedicate as much time as I could before and for that reason this migration is everything but smooth.

With that said, let's get down to it:

Again, I am sorry for everyone that is upset with this abrupt transition, if I could've done it in any other way that would not require more time that I don't have I would've.

Do remember: This was created to improve my experience on YouTube and shared to improve yours, there is no obligation. You should always find anything that helps make your experience better, if this extension no longer helps with that then finding another that does is not only a suggestion but a must!

Iridium current version

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Iridium (former YouTube Plus) is an extension built to improve the user experience on the new YouTube Material layout.

Before opening a new issue read the rules.

Current bug support is being provided only for:

Firefox 57+


Find out what others had to say about Iridium; the good and the bad! · Iridium gives you more control on YouTube

Iridium - Extenda as funções do seu Youtube!

Une nouvelle EXTENSION que j'utilise AU QUOTIDIEN !