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Welcome to the YouTube Plus wiki

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YouTube + (codename Particle) is focused on providing an extended YouTube experience.

Current support is being provided for:
Firefox 48+ Greasemonkey 3.2+
Chrome  42+ Opera  42+ Tampermonkey 3.10+

At the moment no support will be provided outside these platforms. YT+ supports only YouTube's HTML5 player, some features will not work when using YouTube's flash player.

Due to time and framework limitations I am unable to accept any more feature requests.

Thank you to the people that have contributed to the translations:

Language Translators
Arabic Ahmad Mysra
Bulgarian AdmiralAnimE
Chinese Chi Lei , 細細粒 , Shevchenko, YFdyh000
Chinese (Taiwan) aee1027, fireattack
Dutch Nhoise, Nils
English (US) YFdyh000
French Nathan
German dhet, Christian Heinrichs
Hungarian Hallgató Zádor
Italian Patrick Gazzola
Japanese tomo11425
Polish Piotr Żółtowski
Portuguese (Brazil) mauriciocolli, Gandin
Russian Habetdin
Spanish (Latin America) Freddy Morán Jr.
Turkish Ömer Faruk Menlik, Bekir Uzun
Ukrainian perdolka
Vietnamese Quang Doan Dinh
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