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Removed sqlite from /lib since we're now using the nuget version

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1 parent 7ad0f54 commit b05df1d4b73134900ff30d2e964b186d8a28c78c @andreasohlund andreasohlund committed Dec 16, 2011
2 default.ps1
@@ -183,8 +183,6 @@ task Init -depends Clean, InitEnvironment, InstallDependentPackages, DetectOpera
$currentDirectory = Resolve-Path .
echo "Current Directory: $currentDirectory"
- Copy-Item "$libDir\sqlite\*.*" "$libDir\sqlite\$script:architecture" -Force
task CompileMain -depends Init, GeneateCommonAssemblyInfo {
BIN lib/sqlite/x64/System.Data.SQLite.dll
Binary file not shown.
BIN lib/sqlite/x86/System.Data.SQLite.DLL
Binary file not shown.

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