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Getting started


Partoo APIs are currently available for partners and clients only. There are 2 of them:
  • a REST API maint for querying and updating data in our database using JSON format
  • a JS API maint to ease the integration of part of our application in third party solutions


For both APIs, authentication is achieved thanks to an API key.

For the REST API, you should provide an API key to any request you make. Provide your key directly in the request URL with the api_key parameter as follow:


For the JS API, you should provide an API key authenticating a user to the login function.

var partooPage = Partoo.init('the-id-of-the-container-where-you-want-to-insert-partoo');


API Endpoints

We support the following API endpoints, all over HTTPS. HTTP request will be redirected (301) to HTTPS.

Sandbox Environments

We have a sandbox environment maint for technical teams to help them integrate our APIs. The API sandbox endpoints are:
This environment is ISO to production with 2 major differences:
  • Notifications (mainly emails) have been deactivated
  • Data push to our partners have been deactivated
warning:The following environments are now deprecated:

The test environments will be removed in April 2019. To gain access to sandbox environements ask your account manager.

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