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Feel free to use PSWM in a Modpack, a Youtube video, or anything else with proper credit.

Proper credit means a mention of Parzi's Star Wars Mod, and a link to our Minecraft Forum page or our website.

We appreciate your cooperation, support, and for using our mod in the first place.


Parzi's Star Wars Mod

Code and assets Copyleft 2015-2016 Colby Newman and Weston Miller

Star Wars references and information Copyright (C) Lucasfilm LTD.

License can also be found on it's own page in this repository

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Sequel Trilogy content is not explained yet, we are waiting until we have more extensive and reliable information before covering it. We also do not feel we have enough Sequel Trilogy content currently in the mod to merit explanation.

Welcome to the Parzi's Star Wars Mod wiki!

(Mostly fully updated for 1.3.0)

We try to keep this as updated and as clear as possible, but if you feel like this isn't updated or clear please let us know and we will make changes accordingly. All information is separated and defined under the overall headings in the table of contents.

The information in this Wiki is split into blocks by the gray lines you can see above and below this paragraph. The first block of every page is dedicated to special notes and F.A.Q. All other blocks are arranged in order of increasing depth and any pages referenced that contain similar or relevant information can be seen highlighted in blue.

Please see the Recommended Play Settings, Useful Information, and Other Useful Mods page for important information that will optimize and/or improve your use of PSWM.

Recipes are found as blue highlighted links throughout the wiki.

Table of Contents:

  1. Hyperdrives and Intergalactic Travel

  2. Planets

  3. Blocks
    A.) Ores

  4. Mobs

  5. Structures

  6. Questing
    A.) The Quest Log
    B.) Holocrons
    C.) Quest Giving NPC's
    D.) Quartermasters

  7. NPC Interactions (Non-Questing NPC's)
    A.) Merchants

  8. Weapons
    A.) Blasters
    B.) Melee Weapons (Not Lightsabers)
    B.) Lightsabers

  9. Force Powers

  10. Armors
    A.) Rebel Armors
    B.) Imperial Armors
    C.) Jedi Robes

  11. Vehicles
    A.) Flying Vehicles
    B.) Land Vehicles