Flying Vehicles

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#Flying Vehicles#

All flying vehicles fire lasers, have Hover Mode, and fly at roughly the same speed save for the exception of the Interceptors


The only vehicles will special weapons besides the standard lasers are the X-Wing (Proton Torpedoes), the Y-Wing (Bombs), and the TIE Bomber (Bombs)

Yes, we know that the only Hyperdrive equipped TIE in Canon was the Advanced x1. However, for the sake of play-ability, we have made all TIE Fighters able to change dimensions/use Hyperdrives.

Flying Vehicles are an integral part of PSWM. They are used in all of the Questlines and are the means by which you travel to different planets. They are flown using the standard forward and backward movement keys and are steered using the mouse. They will remain flying at the speed last registered (think of a throttle with cruise control forever on).

Ships are tied to Factions (Rebel and Imperial), and their usage is dependent on your progression through their respective Questlines. Once the player reaches and completes the 8th Quest, the first ship of that faction is unlocked. Once unlocked, you must buy the license for that ship from the Quartermaster. Once you have bought the license, that type of ship is forever usable and flyable by you with no limitations. The other 3 flying ships are unlocked with the progression through the rest of the Questline. Again, each ship license must be bought in order to use it.

Ship licenses are kept even through faction changes. That means that even if you switch factions after purchasing licenses for ships, you will still be able to use those original ships.

You may not fly ships of the other faction while still in your faction. However, if you 100% complete the Questline of one faction, you are then allowed to fly all the ships of the other faction. Consider it a perk of being well trained.

The T-16 Skyhopper is not tied to a faction, does not require a license, and is found (not bought) in Large Tatooine Homesteads. It is the ship the player must use for dimension changes until they progress through a Questline and unlock others.

Hover Mode is a way to take off and land safely in ships by limiting speed. It defaults to on when entering a ship and is easily turned on and off with the default changeable keybind "U".

Special Weapons are available on the X-Wing, Y-Wing, and TIE Bomber. They are used with the default changeable keybind "I". There is a cooldown between uses and no number limit to usage.

Ship List


T-65 X-Wing Starfighter: Standard Starfighter of the Rebellion. Equipped with 4 Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes, and S-Foils. Astromech Droids are required for Target Lock to work (Shift-Right-Click on the ship with an Astromech to put it in the ship)

BTL Y-Wing Bomber: A Bomber with a long history of service. Equipped with dual forward-mounted Laser Cannons and Bombs. (Astromechs required for Target Lock)

RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor: A small, nimble, deadly attack ship that dominates dogfights. Equipped with dual Laser Cannons and built-in Target Lock. Is also faster than all other standard ships.

T-47 Snowspeeder: A Modified Civilian Speeder outfitted with dual Laser Cannons and armor for military use.


TIE LN Starfighter: The mass produced standard Starfighter of the Empire. Equppied with dual Laser Cannons, but with less armor than Rebellion ships.

TIE IN Interceptor: The rival of the A-Wing and the dogfighter of the Empire. Equipped with dual Laser Cannons and has a greater top speed than the other TIEs.

TIE SA Bomber: The largest of the TIEs. Equipped with dual Laser Cannons and bombs.

TIE Advanced x1: An experimental prototype TIE with more armor than standard TIEs. Equipped with dual Laser Cannons.


T-16 Skyhopper: A favorite in the Outer Rim, the T-16 is fast and agile and equipped with a single Laser Cannon.