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Feel free to use PSWM in a Modpack, a Youtube video, or anything else with proper credit.

Proper credit means a mention of Parzi's Star Wars Mod, and a link to our Minecraft Forum page or our website.

We appreciate your cooperation, support, and for using our mod in the first place.


Parzi's Star Wars Mod

Code and assets Copyleft 2015-2016 Colby Newman and Weston Miller

Star Wars references and information Copyright (C) Lucasfilm LTD.

License can also be found on it's own page in this repository

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This page is an overview for all of the weapons. If you would like more information about one specific type please visit the page links below.

Sequel weapons are not covered here and will not be until the associated guns are 3D and the Sequel Trilogy has a place in the mod besides just the Creative Inventory.

From Blasters to Melee Weapons to the all-powerful Lightsabers, the weapons of Star Wars are an integral part of the universe. We've tried to include a wide variety of weapons for the player to use in PSWM.