Client / server with UDP in Go
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UDP client / server in Go

The client.go, gateway.goand server.go programs perform following actions:

  • client.go (the client) sends a 5-byte packet to gateway.go (the gateway) every 5 seconds
  • last byte of the client packet contains a counter which starts from 0 and is incremented after each transmission
  • the gateway forwards every received packet to server.go (the server)
  • the server adds two bytes to every received packet, and echoes it back to the gateway
  • the gateway forwards every packet received from the server to the client
  • the client displays every packet received from the gateway

Following ports are used:

+--------+                    +---------+                    +--------+
|        |------------------->|         |------------------->|        |
| client |20001          20000| gateway |ephemeral      30000| server |
|        |<-------------------|         |<-------------------|        |
+--------+                    +---------+                    +--------+